GDAM Day 2: The first slow down ever seen in Macau

I genuinely never thought I would say it, but action has slowed a little here in Macau, where ten players remain on two tables and we need to lose one more before we consolidate.

As previously stated, the blinds are extraordinarily high and getting involved pretty much means moving all in. But that said, Sorel Mizzi and Niklas Heinecker, sitting beside one another to Isaac Haxton's left, are having little problem three-betting pre-flop with impunity, usually getting whoever else is in the pot to lay it down.

That has been bad news for Haxton. He has been on the big stack throughout all of today. At one point his chip lead was so dominant that it seemed he would be able to fold to the final without any problem, but ever since Haxton doubled Heinecker in a three-way coup, also including Tony Gregg, it is the German player who has been ruling the roost.


Niklas Heinecker: bossing

Heinecker probably has about 23,000,000 now and Mizzi has about 20,000,000. It means that Haxton's 11,000,000 looks meagre for the first time this week.

Just as the above was being written, Jeff Rossiter sent Nicky Wong to the rail with pocket sixes against king-queen. Wong, who won the warm-up event here, has had a pretty good week already, but will leave this tournament with nothing. It means that the final nine now all move to the table, where they will now contest the stone bubble.


Nicky Wong: warmed up for the bubble

Here's how they line up nine-handed:

1 - Igor Kurganov, Germany, 11,300,000
2 - Pratyush Buddiga, USA, 14,115,000
3 - Jeffrey, Rossiter, Australia, 14,930,000
4 - Anson Yan Shing Tsang, Hong Kong, 5,390,000
5 - Sorel Mizzi, Canada, 21,785,000
6 - Niklas Heinecker, Germany, 19,870,000
7 - Isaac, Haxton, USA, 10,135,000
8 - Zheng, Tang, China, 18,660,000
9 - Rono Shing Fung Lo, Hong Kong, 7,570,000

Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau