GDAM Day 2: Who's in for what?

The various poker databases out there all contain a fairly obvious flaw. Although they mostly track tournament poker winnings, there are none that track tournament investment. We now what people take away from the winner's window, but we don't necessarily know how much they deposited at other cages before that.

Some "winning" players may be down on the week, the year, the career.

There's no obvious way to remedy that, and no one is massively concerned. A couple of outlets are now keeping closer tabs on what is being invested in tournament poker, but it is impossible to track historically. And it only grows even more complicated where rebuys are concerned.

Who knows how many rebuys players had in some of those WSOP crapshoots of years hence, for instance? Nobody, that's who.

However, thanks again to the tireless team at PokerStars Live Macau, I was handed a list yesterday of players who rebought into this event, meaning we know for certain the investments of every one of the players here. There were 54 rebuys spread among the 71 players. Some took two, some took only one and some took none at all.


Who used their rebuy tokens?

At time of writing, there are 20 players left in this tournament, whose names are in bold below. I've sorted the list by number of rebuys, so we can track from here on just what the investments have been of the remaining players.

The good news is that anyone cashing will get pretty close to at least doubling their investment, regardless of where they finish tomorrow. A min-cash is close to $750,000 and the maximum investment was $390,000. (A reminder of the full payout structure follows):

Two rebuys (total HKD $3m outlay): Fabian Quoss, Di Dang, Winfred Yu, Daniel Smith, Wei Seng Phua, Isaac Haxton, Stanley Choi, Peter Ping San Chan, Tobias Reinkemeier, Liang Yu, Jonathan Duhamel, Gus Hansen, Ying Wu, Fenglei Qian, Igor Kurganov, Michael McDonald, Chunlei Zhou, Philipp Gruissem, Tony Gregg.

One rebuy (total HKD $2m outlay): Bertrand Grospellier, Richard Yong, JC Alvarado, Feng Wang, Rono Lo, Xinzheng Xu, Niklas Heinecker, Mike Watson, Sorel Mizzi, Mikael Thuritz, Anson Tsang, Yue Tang, Shaun Deeb, Hai San Lin, Max Altergott, Greg Merson.

No rebuy (total HKD $1m outlay): Devan Tang, Leon Hindle, Zheng Tang, Yat Cheng, Jonathan Godfrey, David Steicke, Jeff Rossiter, Tom Hu, Joseph Cheong, John Juanda, Sunny Jung, Brian Powell, Aaron Lim, Ken Wong, Sheng Sun, Lap Chan, Keith Gipson, Yan To Chan, Thomas Hall, Tore Lukashaugen, Raymond Chow, Nick Wong, Kyle Cheong, Kitson Kho, Edmund Lee, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Hoi Cheung, Erik Seidel, Kejing Tang, Xi Hong Zhang, Guanfei Zhu, Yi Cheng, Pratyush Buddiga, Tom McDonald, Yueqing Zhou.

In short, Devan Tang, Zheng Tang, Brian Powell, Keith Gipson, Nick Wong, Pratyush Buddiga and Tom McDonald have the most to win here.

Full payout structure:

1 - $34,600,000 HKD ($4,464,516 USD)
2 - $24,500,000 ($3,161,290)
3 - $16,100,000 ($2,077,419)
4 - $12,525,000 ($1,616,129)
5 - $10,200,000 ($1,316,129)
6 - $8,300,000 ($1,070,968)
7 - $7,150,000 ($922,581)
8 - $6,000,000 ($774,194)


Tournament update: We have just finished level 11 and players have headed off for a dinner break. Since writing the above, Gus Hansen and JC Alvarado have both been eliminated, following Greg Merson out the door. After a period where it seemed to be only the lesser known players getting knocked out, the "notables" are now starting to perish too.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in PokerStars Macau