Ioan Taiz wins Event 1 at ACOP for HK $189,300

On Saturday 32-year-old Romanian Ioan Taizs won the opening tournament of the 2013 Asia Championship of Poker for HK $189,300 after beating a field of 139 in the $2,500 Rebuy Championship.

The Rebuy Championship, which started on Friday night, PokerStars LIVE Macau launched the second annual Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP)


Ioan Tazics

The first of twelve numbered tournaments -- known as 'ACOP Title Events' -- drew a field of 139 players. With 208 re-buys the prize pool swelled to a total of HK $757,328, surpassing the opening tournament's HK $500,000 guarantee. Taizs, as mentioned, took that crown but his victory was no walk in the park.

Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang and Celina Lin both took part in the two-day event but only Huang was among the 17 runners that advanced to Day 2, which played out on Saturday. The action kicked off with the money bubble as only the top 16 players were paid out. Huang made the money but ran ace-king into pocket aces to finish 12th for HK $15,100. The final table included Asian poker circuit veterans Shaq Lin and Raiden Kan but they were eliminated in 8th and 7th place respectively. Mansour Khorramshahi finished in 3rd place which moves the Iranian into 14th on the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) leader board.

Playing for the title
The heads-up was a short-lived battle between Taizs (1.1m) and Aussie Jason Vipulananthan (270k). By the time the final hand came, Vipulananthan's stack was down to 140k. With blinds at 5,000/10,000 he decided to make a move with Qd-8c but it proved to be ill-timed as Taizs made an easy call with pocket kings (Kd-Kh) -- which held as the board ran 4s-9d-Ad-9h-2h.

"I'm happy and hope to carry on," said Taizs, who was modest after his first ever poker title and explained that he while plays poker for a living he didn't consider himself a "poker pro". The 32-year old added, "I also want to thank my girlfriend who has supported me a lot."

Event 1 final table results
1. Ioan Taizs, Romania, HK $189,300
2. Jason Vipulananthan, Australia, HK $128,700
3. Mansour Khorramshahi, Iran, HK $83,300
4. Andrei Kaigorodtcev, Russia, HK $68,200
5. Victor Teng, Australia, $53,000
6. Sergei Sukhonos, Russia, HK $45,400
7. Raiden Kan, Hong Kong, HK $37,900
8. Hung Sheng "Shaq" Lin, Chinese Taipei, HK $30,300
9. Andrew Shanahan, Austral
ia, HK $22,700

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The ACOP runs from October 18 to November 3 and features the HK $100,000 Main Event which comes with a HK $20 million guarantee.
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