Lin, Wu win opening events of Macau Poker Cup festival

The Macau Poker Cup is underway at the City of Dreams Casino, and Team PokerStars Pros are racking up the titles.

On Saturday evening, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin won the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) opener after defeating a 205-player field in the HK $2,000 Deepstack NLH event.

Lin was awarded HK $85,800 for her victory. While the prize money has little affect on her total career earnings, the two-time Red Dragon champion did achieve another milestone.

Lin became the first player to reach 20 final tables in Official Asia Player of the Year (APOY) events -- which extends her own all-time lead.

Event 1 - 2000 Deepstack Winner - Celina Lin from China - CROP.jpg

Celina Lin

"Those 20 final tables are an impressive number and doesn't even count the final tables she's made before the APOY scoring system was introduced in 2009. It's a credit to her consistency and hard work." said Dom Choi, Team PokerStars Manager for Asia.

Event 1 - Final Table Results
(in HKD)

Celina Lin (China) -- $85,800
Hazel Chui (Hong Kong) -- $59,000
Ming Leung Ip (Hong Kong) -- $35,800
Ye Liu (China) -- $26,800
Xin Yin (China) -- $21,400
Daniel Sing (New Zealand) -- $17,900
William Hsu (Hong Kong) -- $14,300
Tsung Hui Lee (Chinese Taipei) -- $10,700
Georgiy Belyanin (Russia) -- $8,900
Lok Wang Chun (Chinese Taipei) -- $7,130

Lin overcame a 3-to-1 chip deficit over Hong Kong's Hazel Chui in heads up play. The roles were reversed entering the final hand as it would be Lin with a 3-to-1 chip lead.

On a flop of 3♠5♥8♠, it was checked to Lin who moved all-in. Chui would then make a quick call with 6h-8h for a pair of eights and looked in good shape against her Shanghai opponent who turned over 5c-6d for smaller pair of fives.

But the 5♦ would spike the turn to give Lin the lead and the 3♥ completed the full house giving the Team PokerStars Pro her first title of the season.

"The milestone is nice and it's always very gratifying to win a tournament." said Lin. "But everyone comes to Macau Poker Cup for one reason and that's to win the Red Dragon. I want to continue to play well and take that momentum heading into the main event."

Russia's Georgiy Belyanin made his fourth final table of the season to move up to No. 20 on the APOY rankings. Lin's victory improves her to No. 30.

Event #2, the HK $5,500 NLH tournament, went to Korean Ji Woon Kim -- who beat the 152-player field in Event 2, and was awarded HK $180,600 in prize money.

Kim had some familiar faces on his final table in Shaq Lin and Raiden Kan but they would fall in 7th and 6th place respectively.

Kim would eventually play Hong Kong's Daniel Chan for the winners trophy and both would enter heads up play with nearly identical chip stacks.

However, the duel only lasted ten hands before Chan made an ill-advised all-in move holding A♥5♣. Kim called and turned over pocket aces A♣A♦.

Kim celebrated as the board blanked out K♠7♣5♦T♣Q♥, giving him the MPC Event 2 title with a pair of aces.

"I've played poker for 3 years and this is my first tournament win." said Kim, a 36-year old chess instructor. "My friend Vivian Im has influenced me to play live tournaments."

MPC Event 2 - 5500 NLH winner - Ji Woon Kim from Korea - CROP.jpg

Ji Woon Kim

1. Ji Woon Kim (Korea) -- HK $180,600
2. Daniel Chan (Hong Kong) -- HK $121,600
3. Jun Sha (China) -- HK $77,400
4. Yeow Chung Chong (Singapore) -- HK $62,700
5. Alexander Wagner (Netherlands) -- HK $49,800
6. Raiden Kan (Hong Kong) -- HK $40,500
7. Shaq Lin (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $33,200
8. Yen Han Chen (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $25,800
9. Tony Man (UK) -- HK $22,100
10. Chuan Hong Li (Hong Kong) -- HK $18,500

After that, it was time for another Team Pro to do his damage.

Raymond Wu won Event 3, the HK $2,000 Deepstack Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

Wu beat the 66-player field in the MPC's first ever PLO event. The former Red Dragon winner was awarded HK $37,500 for his victory. In total, seven players shared in the prize pool that weighed in at HK $113,490.

In the final hand, Wu called a re-raised pot bet from Taiwanese countryman Pipi Huang.

The flop was an all-heart board of 5♥J♥3♥ and Huang moved all-in.

Wu quickly made the call and turned over the nut flush A♥A♦K♠Q♥ while his opponent showed a lower 9-high flush K♦K♣9♥2♥.

The turn and river 8♥3♦ improved neither player's hands and secured the victory for Wu.

"Feels great." said Wu. He added that his next goal is to win his second Red Dragon trophy, "so I can first tie Celina (Lin) and then eventually pass her as the first one with three Red Dragon titles."

2013 08 MPC Event 3 - 2000 Deepstack PLO winner - Raymond Wu from Chinese Taipei.JPG

Raymond Wu


Raymond Wu (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $37,500
Pipi Huang (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $23,800
King Chung Wang (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $15,900
Neo Chen (Chinese Taipei) -- HK $12,500
Man Ho Tse (Hong Kong) -- HK $9,100
Billy "The Croc" Argyros (Australia) -- HK $7,900
Kosei Ichinose (Japan) -- HK $6,790

Billy "The Croc" Argyros made the final table and finished in 6th place while three Top 20 players also scored some valuable Asia Player of the Year (APOY) points. Those included Kosei Ichinose (7th place), Neo Chen (4th) and runner-up Pipi Huang.

Chen passes Tetsuya Tsuchikawa at the No. 4 spot while Ichinose and Huang move to No. 11 and 14 on the rankings respectively.