MPC Red Dragon Day 2 updates

12:30am: That's it

Day 2 has come to an end. The chips are being bagged up and Fanny Li will be our chip leader. A full wrap of today's events will be popping up on the PokerStars Blog shortly.

12:30am: Close call

Yufei Zhen raised to 50,000 and Phil Lau made it 120,000. Action folded back to Zhen who moved all-in for 800,000.

All eyes went on Lau. A call would put him at risk and the action was narrated over the loudspeakers.

Lau was guessing that Zhen had ace-king.

"Will you show me?" Lau asked. Zhen nodded.

Lau folded and Zhen turned over A♦K♠.

"Yes," Lau celebrated. Someone asked Lau what he had and Lau said ace-queen. Zhen is now close to 1 million.

12:20am: Final two

We've gotten down to our final two tables. Players have made the jump to HK $61,200 and are seated in the following order.

Table 1

Seat 1: Chulwoo Park -- 670,000
Seat 2: Phil Lau -- 780,000
Seat 3: Artem Lobus -- 530,000
Seat 4: Terry Fan -- 920,000
Seat 5: Qiwei Zhu -- 255,000
Seat 6: Fanny Li -- 2,200,000
Seat 7: Ryan Yu -- 870,000
Seat 8: Yufei Zhen -- 720,000
Seat 9: Bill Argyros -- 410,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Weikang Wang -- 560,000
Seat 2: Fei Xie -- 850,000
Seat 3: Andy Asihwardji -- 876,000
Seat 4: Yong Hyun Yoo -- 220,000
Seat 5: Vincent Rubianes -- 820,000
Seat 6: Li Han Chen -- 575,000
Seat 7: Levi Dare -- 425,000
Seat 8: Sailesh Lohia -- 350,000
Seat 9: Gie Angelo Reyes -- 1,300,000

12:00am: The teens

Gerardo Lubas became our 20th place finisher and sent the tournament down to its teens. Lubas moved all-in and Phil Lau called from the button.

Lau: A♥7♥
Lubas: A♠Q♥

The 7♠5♥4♥ flop gave Lau top pair and a flush draw and the [10h] on the turn gave him the flush. Lubas was out in 20th and earned HK $52,500.


20th place finisher, Gerardo Lubas

But while Lubas was finishing in 20th, Michael Mariakas finished 19th a few seconds after at another table.


Michael Mariakas, 19th place finisher

Mariakas got the rest of his chips in with pocket sixes and got called by ace-five. There was an ace on the flop and the tournament went down to 18 players and its final two tables.

11:50pm: So long Wong

Kenneth Wong was the dominant chip-leading force for a large portion of the tournament. But after doubling Fanny Li up, Wong was sent to average stack and couldn't regain his momentum.

Wong only lasted a few minutes in Level 21. Wong was short, moved all-in and got called by Chulwoo Park. Park showed jacks to Wong's pocket sevens. Jacks prevailed and Wong became our 21st place finisher, earning HK $52,500.

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 blinds, 3,000 ante

11:30pm: Break

Players are on the final break of the day. We'll be playing until the end of Level 21 or until we hit 18 players.

The way this is going, we're sure to hit two tables. We might even get a winner before the end of this level*.

*Not really.

11:25pm: More ladies, more sets

The ladies in the deck are treating the lady in the tournament fairly well.

Kenneth Wong opened to 33,000 from early position and got a call from the button. Stephen Lai re-raised to 150,000 from the small blind and Li moved all-in for more than 1 million from the big blind. Wong and the button folded while Lai made the call.

Lai showed pocket kings while Li turned over Q♦Q♠. The exact same pocket pair she had a few hands before.

The results would be nearly identical as well.

Once again, Li turned a set on the [10c][10h]A♣Q♣8♦ board.


Fanny Li, ecstatic about her recent chip fortune

Stephen Lai was eliminated in 22nd place, making the jump to HK $52,500. Li, on the other hand, became the massive chip leader with about 2.1 million.

11:15pm: Ladies for the lady

Fanny Li is the last woman standing and is building a monstrous stack. After doubling up through Kenneth Wong, Fanny Li got an elimination and jumped into the lead.

After raising and re-raising, Li had a bet of 100,000 in front of her and Tommy Le called.

The flop came J♠7♦[10s] and Li moved all-in with Q♠Q♦.

Le called instantly. While Li had the overpair, Le had a pair of sevens for the set. He had the best hand until the turn brought a game-changing Q♣. The river was a 9♣ and Li crossed the million threshold, becoming our new chip leader.

Le was out in 23rd place, earning HK $43,700.

11:05: Rapid fire

After Gao's elimination we had three quick fire busts.

26th: Shingo Cho
25th: Feridoun Farboud
24th: Kai Xia

All three players cashed for HK $43,700.

10:55: Leading Fan

Terry Fan is our first tournament millionaire and has taken the tournament lead with 1.1 million.


10:50pm: A quick loss

Right after our fourth table broke, we got our 27th place finisher, courtesy of The Croc. Bill "The Croc" Argyros and Jun Gao got all their chips in preflop. Gao was at risk and showed A♣A♠ to Argyros' Q♥Q♣.

The board came 5♠K♠4♥K♦5♣ and Gao was out in 27th, earning $43,700.

10:40pm: Down to 27

There were lots of double ups and lots of eliminations. Anju Abrol was chipped down and eliminated shortly after Yuguang Li's elimination in 29th place. Li Liu followed in 28th and then Jun Cho became our 27th place finisher.

Before we got down to our final three tables though, Vincent Rubianes managed to double up through Feridoun Farboud.

Rubianes raised to 32,000 and got two callers. Farboud was on the button and thought for a bit before moving all-in.

Rubianes called instantly and showed A♣A♦ to Farboud's 7♥7♠. The board came K♠K♣6♣5♣5♦ and Rubianes doubled up to about average stack

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 blinds, 2,000 ante

10:30pm: Lobus doubles

Fanny Li's stack will still showing strength from her double up through Kenneth Wong, then she returned the favor to Artem Lobus. The players went in preflop and Li showed A♣J♣ to Lobus' Q♠Q♣.

The board came [10c]4♥3♦7♠6♦ and Lobus managed to stay alive.

10:20pm: Jun up, Li out

Gao Jun doubled up against Yuguang Li to stay in the game. The players got it all-in preflop and and Jun showed A♠J♦ to Li's [10c][10s]. The board ran J♠3♠K♠5♠K♣ and Jun got the double up.

Li would be eliminated a few hands later in 31st place for HK $35,000.

10:10pm: Wong dethroned

Fanny Li doubled up through Kenneth Wong and deprived Wong of the lead he held for so long.

When we arrived Li was celebrating and raking in a massive pot. She had 3♦3♥ right in front of her and the board read A♥K♣Q♥K♦3♠.

"What did he have?" Someone on the rail asked.

"Jacks," said Li. "He had jacks."

Li doubled up to about 700,000 while Wong dipped below average and is now at around 300,000.

10:00pm: Down to four

The post dinner busts are in full effect. We've already lost one table and then some. We're down to our final 33 players and they're seated like so:

Table 1

Seat 1: Chulwoo Park
Seat 2: ---------
Seat 3: Artem Lobus
Seat 4: Tommy Le
Seat 5: Stephen Lai
Seat 6: Yonghyun Yoo
Seat 7: Anju Abrol
Seat 8: Kenneth Wong

Table 2

Seat 1: King Xia
Seat 2: Fei Xei
Seat 3: Victor Sheerman
Seat 4: Gerardo Lubas
Seat 5: Vincent Rubianes
Seat 6: Li Han Chen
Seat 7: Levi Dare
Seat 8: Sailesh Lohia
Seat 9: Feridoun Farboud

Table 3

Seat 1: --------
Seat 2: Liu Li
Seat 3: Wei Kang Wang
Seat 4: Bill Argyros
Seat 5: Zhen Yufei
Seat 6: Terry Fan
Seat 7: Gie Angelo Reyes
Seat 8: Johnson Lim
Seat 9: Qieui Zhu

Table 4

Seat 1: Phil Lau
Seat 2: Jiarong Qiu
Seat 3: Shingo Cho
Seat 4: Yuguang Li
Seat 5: --------
Seat 6: Ryan Yu
Seat 7: Michael Mariakas
Seat 8: Gao Jun
Seat 9: Andy Asihwardji

9:35pm: We're back

Players are back and well-fed. Now they're hungry for more poker action. The final 40 players are guaranteed HK $30,700 and we'll make the next pay jump to HK $35,000 when we get down to 36 players.

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 blinds, 2,000 ante

8:50pm: Dinner

We've reached the first dinner break of the tournament.

It only took three and a half days.

Players are released unto the world for 40 minutes to go get their fill of edible objects. Kenneth Wong will go into the break with the most amount of chips, 857,000. A few players are starting to catch up as the average stack is now 334,000.

Forty left.

8:40pm: A Dirty elimination

Dhaval "Dirty" Mudgal had one of those eliminations. It's heart-wrenching for the loser and fist-pump inducing for the victor.

Dirty started the day around average and flirted between short and average throughout most of the day. He survived the bubble and made it fairly deep into the money.

With 41 players left, Dirty was short again and got the short-stacks saving hand: Aces. Dirty managed to get all his chips in good against Terry Fan, who showed A♣Q♣. But the Red Dragon requires sacrifice.

With the mention of aces, a crowd of railbirds immediately descended on the table. The flop came 9♣J♦3♠ and Dirty's aces were in good shape.

Then it came, the runner-runner.

Then the turn brought a 7♣ quickly followed by an 8♣ on the river. Dirty looked away from the harsh board and Fan celebrated. The crowd went wild.

Fan is now up to 280,000 while Dhaval "Dirty" Mudgal became our 41st place finisher.

8:25pm: No more Westerland

Lohia was moved to his next table where Jordan Westmorland was already all-in. Action was onAndy Asihwardji on the cutoff who re-shoved.

The blinds and button folded and players turned over their cards:

Westmorland: A♣[10s]
Asihwardji: J♦J♠

Westmorland Day 2.jpeg

45th place finisher Jordan Westmorland

The board came 2♥Q♣2♣K♥3♥ and Westmorland was out in 45th, just making the payjump to $30,700.

8:15pm: Lots for Lohia

Sailesh Lohia finished Day 1A in the lead but dipped a bit during Day 2. Since then he's been staying strong and recently won a massive pot that put him second in chips with 780,000.

It was one of the largest pots of the tournament and everything went all-in on the turn. Lohia was up against Zong Zhang and they were faced with a [10c]3♦4♠2♥ board. Lohia checked, Zhang bet 75,000, Lohia raised to 165,000 and Zhang moved all-in for 220,000.

Lohia called instantly and showed 6♠5♠ for the straight. Zhang showed J♠4♠ for a lonesome pair of fours and was eliminated in 46th place, bringing the tournament down to its final 5 tables.

7:50pm: Croc attack

Billy "The Croc" Argyros has made the final five tables of the Red Dragon Main Event and is also seated at our chip leaders table. A player in middle position raised to 20,000 and Anju Abrol called from the hijack and Argyros called from the big blind.

The flop came 3♠3♥8♦ and the initial raiser fired off a bet of 30,000. Argyros raised to 70,000 and forced his opponent to fold.

The Croc is now at about average with 270,000.

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 blinds, 1,000 ante

7:35pm: Jump

More have gone and the remaining players have hit a payjump. We have 51 players on six tables and they've made the pay jump to HK $26,300.

Kenneth Wong is still standing strong and has more than 900,000. He's well on track to be the first player at the dragon to break the 1 million mark.

Anju Abrool has also been chipping up. She was recently moved to Wong's table and has taken down a few pots. In one, the cutoff raised to 650 and Abrol called from the button. Hisashi Ogi called from the big blind and the flop came 6♠3♠A♦. Ogi checked and the cutoff fired off 650.

Only Abrool called and a K♠ came on the turn. Both players checked an 8♥ came on the river and players checked again.

Anju Abrol_Day2.jpeg

Anju Abrol

Abrol showed A♣4♣ and took down the pot. Abrol is now up to about 450,000.

7:15pm: Ups and downs

The devastation continues and we haven't even had a case of the post-dinner bustouts. We're down to 64 players and are still almost an hour and a half away from the dinner break.

Some of those to fall in the money include WSOP APAC bracelet winner Jim Collopy, Bharrat Naidu, Mario Mayer, Cheng Fang, Sangeeth Mohan and Jianning Xu.


Sangeeth Mohan

But there are still plenty of players doing fairly well in the tournament. Kenneth Wong is still in the lead with 850,000, far ahead of most of the field.

Liu Li appears to be second in chips with 460,000. He's followed by one of the two remaining women in the field, Anju Abrol, with 425,000. Li Han Chen is currently coming in fourth with 415,000 and Jack Yeung is round off the top five with 400,000.

6:55pm: ITM

We're down to 74 players and they'll be seeing a payday of HK $21,900. The full payout structure looks a bit like this:

108th - 91st: HK $17,500
90th - 63rd HK $21,900
62nd - 46th: HK $26,300
45th - 37th: HK $30,700
36th - 28th: HK $35,000
27th - 23rd: HK $43,700
22nd - 19th: HK $52,500
18th- 16th: HK $61,200
15th - 13th: HK $74,300
12th - 11th: HK $91,800
10th: HK $113,812
9th: HK $153,00
8th: HK $196,00
7th: HK $262,000
6th: HK $328,000
5th: HK $393,000
4th: HK $555,000
3rd: HK $743,000
2nd: HK $1,242,000
1st: HK $1,771,000

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 blinds, 1,000 ante

6:35pm: Break

Players are on their first money break. They can go to the bathroom or chat with their friends knowing that they're at least HK $21,990.

Leading the remaining 74 players is still Kenneth Wong. Wong has managed to build his stack all the way up to 872,000

6:20pm: Picking up speed

It took nearly an hour to lose two players on the button, but the seal has been broken. Action has gone through exponential growth and we're down to 81 players and our final nine players.

We've even made a few pay jumps.

One of our most recent eliminations was our last remaining Team PokerStars Pro, Vivian Im. Im was short-stacked throughout the bubble and managed to hang on till 82nd place. Im only had 24,000 and moved all-in from under-the-gun with jack-nine. The button called and showed ace-king.


82nd place finisher, Vivian Im

There was an ace on the flop and the remaining cards brought no help for Im. Im was out in 82nd and earned HK $21,900.

6:10pm: Bubble report

Play stopped at 110 players and Danny McDonagh announced hand-for-hand play.

We wouldn't go back to normal play for about an hour.

It wasn't for lack of action though, there were several all-ins and calls during that time. The short stacks even had the worst hand plenty of times but they just kept hitting.

On the second hand of hand-for hand play Gie Angelo Reyes got bluffed out of a big hand. The board read J♦[10d]9♣ and there was more than 75,000 in the pot. Reyes' opponent bet out a large stack of T5,000 chips and Reyes folded. Then he was shown 6♣4♥ for a stone-cold bluff.

The third hand brought two all-ins and massive crowds around each table.

One was on an a Q♣3♦3♣ flop and both players showed ace-queen and split the pot.

Over at the other all-in table a short stack doubled up with J♣7♣ against A♥8♦. The rest of the tournament was happy when the flop came 8♠K♥K♣, but then the turn brought a J♦ and moans from the crowd.

The next hand brought hopes to the remaining tournament players as well. A player raised to 8,000 from under-the-gun and the big blind called. The flop came 7♣9♣A♠, the big blind moved shoved and his opponent called all-in.

The big blind showed two pair with A♦7♦ while the at-risk player showed A♣K♠. The turn brought a Q♣ and the at-risk player picked up a flush draw. The crowd gasped. Then they gasped again when the Q♥ came on the river, giving the at-risk player a higher two pair and the double up.

This left the big blind short stacked and he was eliminated the next hand. Another player was all-in as at another table that same hand. Both their eliminations could've brought us down to the money, but that would've been to easy.

Terry Fan raised from early position and former Red Dragon Chammpion Kenneth Leong moved all-in for 38,000.

Fan called and showed Q♠Q♣ to Leong's A♠J♠.

The flop came 3♣[10s]5♠ and Leong picked up a flush draw. The crowd was nervous, they wanted some money already.

The turn brought a Q♦ giving Fan the set, but Leong more outs to a straight. Leong needed a king or a spade and the river gave him both: K♠.


Kenneth Leong celebrates his bubble double

The next hand brought no all-ins but hand #7 brought a flashback of the previous all-in.

All the chips got in preflop and it was A♣J♥ against Q♣Q♠. Again, the at-risk player showed ace-jack to pocket queens.

This time though, we wouldn't have to wait for the river to find out who would win. The flop came J♠A♥A♦ and the short stack hit a full house.

Hand for hand continued.

But if you've been keeping track, then you know this is hand #8. This is where it happens. This is where Hui Zhang meets the end of his Red Dragon road and makes 108 players very happy.

Zhang raised from the cutoff and Hisashi Ogi moved all-in from the small blind. Zhang called and showed K♣K♠ to Ogi's A♥[10d].


The bubble bursts

Zhang was hopping to avoid an ace, but the first card on the flop was an A♣. Hui ended the lengthy bubble and the remaining 108 players were guaranteed HK $17,500.

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 blinds, 500 ante

5:45pm: A burst

After eight hands of hand-for-hand across 13 tables, the bubble finally burst. It took almost a full level of play but the bubble finally burst.

Hui Zhang was the unfortunate bubble boy this event, a summary of the bubble is coming shortly.

4:40pm: Near that time

It only took 10 minutes of play in Level 15 to lose another table and player keep dropping. We're now down to 113 players and almost on the bubble. Ken Wong still leads the tournament with about 520,000.

Level 15: 2,000/4,000 blinds, 500 ante

4:20pm: A calm

Players are on their first scheduled break of the day. Play has been going by fairly quickly and we've nearly halved the field.

We're nearing the money as we've gotten down to 126 players. A total of 108 players will cash for a minimum of HK $17,500 this event.

Only two tables to go.

4:00pm: Sets and sets

With hundreds of players, bad beats and coolers are unavoidable. And now short stacks are getting desperate and making moves all over the place.

In one recent cooler, our start-of-day chip leader, Gie Angelo Reyes, knocked out a short stack and added a bit to his stack. Both players held pocket pairs, Reyes had kings and the at-risk player had deuces

Thumbnail image for Gie_Reyes_Day1C_leader.jpeg

Gie Angelo Reyes

The flop came king-nine-deuce. Both players hit their set, but Reyes and his kings came out on top. Reyes is now up to 360,000.

3:45pm: Even more

Kenneth Wong continues his ascent. Wong has used the influence of his stack to make it grow some more. He's now near 500,000.

3:40pm: Dispersion

The rough table with Raiden Kan, Jordan Westmorland and Vincent Rubianes has been dismantled and disseminated into the rest of the tournament area. All its integrants are still alive, but Kan and Westmorland are a bit below average.

Kan joined his new table with 70,000 while Westmorland has about 50,000. Rubianes has been doing fairly well though. Rubianes is up to 260,000 and has taken up Yousuke Sekiya's recently vacated seat.


Yousuke Sekiya

We're already down to 153 players, 108 will make some Hong Kong dollars.

Level 14: 1,500/3,000 blinds, 500 ante

3:25pm: Wong leads

Kenneth Wong spent a few minutes organizing the chips he won from a massive pot.

Wong raised to 5,000 from middle position and the big blind re-raised to 18,000. Wong four-bet to 33,000 and the big blind moved all-in for 150,000.


Ken Wong

Wong called instantly and showed aces while the big blind turned over king-queen. The flop brought an ace and a pair of fours to give Wong a full house.

When Wong was finished raking in his chips, he took over the tournament chip lead with about 430,000.

3:05pm: Filipino power

Gie Reyes raised to 7,500 from the hijack and Jim Collopy threw in a 3-bet to 20,000 from the small blind.

Action folded back to Reyes who moved his enormous stack all-in. Collopy folded and Reyes is up to 360,000. Reyes' countryman and second in chips to start the day, Gerardo Lubas, has grown also grown, but not as much.

Lubas is up to 195,000.

2:50pm: Korean struggle

Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im raised to 5,200 from early position and fellow Korean, Jiwan Park, called from the big blind.


Vivian Im

The flop came 7♥K♦9♦ and Im led out for 5,500. Park called and a 6♣ came on the turn. Both players checked and checked again when the 2♥ came on the river. Im showed A♥J♦ for ace-high and Park turned over 9♠8♦ for nines. Im is still above average with about 90,000 and Park is up to 170,000.

2:45pm: Still rising

Gie Angelo Reyes still appears to be our tournament chip leader. His stack has continued to rise though as he's broken through the 300,000 mark.

Ken Wong has also had a burst in stack growth. He's now seated with 260,000. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im has almost doubled her Day 2 starting stack, she's at 102,500.

WSOP APAC bracelet winner Jim Collopy also had a recent double up. The board read 4♠Q♦J♠7♥J♥ and Collopy had A♣Q♠ in front of him.

Collopy has now joined the multitude of player with more than 100,000.

2:25pm: Rapid fire

We had a few short stacks to start the day and they've been dropping quick. Tables went nine-handed fairly quickly and the first table has just broke.

We're now down to 207 players.

Level 13 1,200/2,400 blinds, 400 ante

2:15pm: Rocky path

The road to the Red Dragon is never an easy. It includes several all-ins, ever-increasing blinds and tough table draws.

One of these tough tables is Table 11, where Jordan Westmorland, Vincent Rubianes and Raiden Kan. The table is already working its gears of doom as its had two eliminations and Kan has lost about a third of his stack.


Raiden Kan

Bawoo Hyumshik Yun raised to 4,500 from middle position and Kan three-bet to 9,500. Yun called and the flop came 7♣A♥6♠. Both player checked the flop and the 5♣ on the turn. Yun bet out 11,500 when the K♦ came on the river and Kan quickly called.

Yun showed A♣J♥ and Kan mucked, leaving himself with about 40,000.

Level 12: 1,000/2,000 blinds, 300 ante

2:00pm: Go time

Danny McDonagh has taken to the mic and started up Day 2. He reminded players that we'll be finishing the second half of Level 12 and then we'll go on to one-hour levels.

There'll also be a dinner break after Level 18.

There's also no smoking right outside the tournament area. The casino has a strict ban -- except for a few designated smoking areas -- and players could face eviction from the casino and tournament for breaking that rule.

1:44pm: Sleeping dragon

The PokerStars LIVE tournament area is uncharacteristically quiet. Aside from a few cash games, the tables are empty.

The dealers are quietly placing large and small bags of chips across 26 tables. They're preparing for the slaughter that's bound to come. In a few minutes, the remaining 232 players of the Red Dragon Main Event will start trickling in.

They'll take their seats and try to take a piece of the largest prize pool the Red Dragon has ever offered, HK $8,746,412. Slightly less than half these players will cash with 108 players making the money.


The coveted Red Dragon trophy

With the largest prize pool comes the largest prize in Red Dragon history: HK $1,771,000. Everyone's on the hunt.

Leading the Day 2 crowd is Gie Angelo Reyes, who'll start the day with 204,000. Right behind him is his Day 1C tablemate and fellow Filipino, Gerardo Lubas.

Also joining us for Day 2 are Team PokeStars Pro Vivian Im (54,200), Kenneth Wong (137,300), Vincent Rubianes (122,900), Jordan Westmorland (82,300), Raiden Kan (67,900) and Sekiya Yousuke (65,300).

For a full list of the chip counts, click here. If you want to see where all these Day 2 players are seated, check out the seat draw.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau