MPC Red Dragon Day 3 updates

9:42pm: Terry Fan wins the Red Dragon

Terry Fan has won the largest Red Dragon in history.


Our Red Dragon champion, Terry Fan

It was a speedy heads-up match and the first big pot yielded our victor. Fan raised to 200,000 from the button and Gie Angelo Reyes three-bet to 600,000

Fan asked how much Reyes had and the floor said about 3.9 million. Fan moved all-in and all eyes went on Reyes. Reyes called.

Fan turned over A♠5♠ and Reyes showed K♦8♠ for his tournament life.

The flop came 7♣8♦4♦ and Reyes and his rail exploded. Fan was immobile, with his hand on his mouth. Then the turn brought a 3♠. Reyes' rail kept screaming and Fan still didn't move.


The river was an A♣ and Fan exploded. He jumped over one of our smaller photographers and hugged a person on the rail. It took fan a bit before he sat down and processed what had just happened.

He won the Red Dragon.

Reyes will get HK $1,242,000 for his runner-up finish while Fan will take the grand prize of HK $1,771,000.


Red Dragon runner-up, Gie Angelo Reyes

Stay tuned for a wrap of the day's events.

9:35pm: We got one

We got to our first river and Terry Fan took down the pot.

Gie Angelo Reyes raised to 300,000 and Fan called, bringing a A♣7♥4♣ flop. Both players checked and checked again when the [10c] came on the turn.

The river was a 4♥ and Fan bet 600,000. Reyes called and mucked when Fan showed [10d]7♦.

9:25pm: Heads up

Players are back and the heads-up match is about to start.

Terry Fan -- 8,450,000
Gie Angelo Reyes -- 4,630,000

9:10pm: Chen out

Neil Chen has been eliminated from the Red Dragon Main Event. Gie Angelo Reyes is heads-up against Terry Fan for the title.

It started when Chen raised to 200,000 from the button. Reyes called from the small blind and Fan re-raised to 580,000.

Chen moved all-in, Reyes folded and Fan called instantly.

Chen: 6♦6♠
Fan: Q♠Q♣

The board came 2♥9♠4♦9♥A♦ and Chen became our 3rd place finisher, earning HK $743,000.


3rd place finisher, Neil Chen

Chen's seat has been vacated and a Red Dragon has been placed in the middle of the table. Players are on a 10-minute break and will come back to play for the title.

9:00pm: A double

Terry Fan has doubled up and taken a chunk out of Gie Angelo Reyes' massive stack.

Reyes raised to 120,000 from the small blind and Fan called, bringing a 2♣4♠J♣ flop. Gie bet 230,000 and Fan called. The turn was a 4♣ and Reyes checked. Fan bet 330,000, Reyes raised to 950,000 and Fan moved all-in.

Reyes called and showed K♠4♦ to Fan's A♣5♣. The river brought a [10s] and Fan's flush gave him the double-up.

8:45pm: Counts

Gie Angelo Reyes -- 7,565,000
Neil Chen -- 3,500,000
Terry Fan -- 2,300,000

Level 27: 50,000/100,000 blinds, 10,000 ante

8:35pm: Three-handed

The fury of the Red Dragon continues.

We had a lull when the final table started, but eliminations have been incessant this level.

Fei Xie -- who was short-stacked after Neil Chen cracked his aces -- moved all-in for 1.2 million from the button.

Chen reshoved from the small blind and Gie Angelo Reyes folded from the big blind.

Chen was dominating Xie's A♠4♥ with A♥9♥. The flop came 6♦K♣9♦ and Chen paired his nine. The 4♠ on the turn gave Xie a pair and his supporters started screaming for another four.

The river brought a 6♣ instead.


Fei Xie, 4th place finisher

Xie was out in 4th, earning HK $555,000.

8:20pm: Down to four

Andy Asihwardji was our short stack after Neil Chen's double-up and was searching for a double up of his own. Asihwardji moved all-in from the small blind and Terry Fan called from the big.

Asihwardji: A♥3♠
Fan: 7♥7♦

The board came 5♦2♣6♦8♦3♥ and Fan took down the pot. Both players were nearly even in chips but after a meticulous chip count, we discovered that Fan had Asihwardji covered.


5th place finisher, Andy Asihwardji

Andy Asihwardji became our 5th place finisher and earned HK $393,000.

8:10pm: Aces cracked...again

Aces have not been a good hand this tournament.

Fei Xie opened to 200,000 and Neil Chen moved all-in. Action folded back to Xie who called instantly.

Xie: A♣A♠
Chen: K♥K♦

The flop came 9♦9♣J♦ and both players stood up. The turn was a 4♣ and the crowd peered in. Then the river brought a K♠ and the crowd exploded.

Aces were cracked once again and Chen doubled up to about 2.5 million. Xie on the other hand was left with just over 1 million.

8:00pm: Streak ender

Fanny Li's heater has come to an end. It was one of the first hands back from break and Li and Gie Angelo Reyes were faced with a 6♥A♠6♦ flop.

Li bet 250,000 and Reyes called, bringing a 6♠ on the turn. Li checked, Reyes bet 400,000 and Li moved all-in. Reyes called instantly and showed 6♣4♣ for quads. Li turned over A♥[10d] for a full house.

Fanny Li Day3.jpeg

6th place finisher, Fanny Li

Reyes' quads took the pot and gave him a massive stack of more than 6 million. Fanny Li's streak ended and she became our 6th place finisher, earning HK $328,000.

Level 26: 40,000/80,000 blinds, 10,000 ante

7:40pm: Break

The remaining six players are on another break.

7:30pm: The Li spree continues

Fanny Li has done it again.

Sailesh Lohia moved all-in from middle position and Li called from the cutoff. Lohia turned over A♦A♠ and Li showed [10d][10s].

The board was a very safe 2♥6♥J♦Q♦, but nothing's ever safe with Li. The river was a [10c] and Li hit a set.

This marks the fourth time -- that we've seen -- Li has been behind with a pocket pair in an all-in situation and hit a set.


7th place finisher, Sailesh Lohia

Li is now second in chips with 2.5 million while Sailesh Lohia becomes our 7th place finisher, earning HK $262,000.

7:20pm: Bluffing to the lead

Gie Angelo Reyes is known for being aggressive. He just reinforced that notion and took the tournament chip lead.

The board read K♠K♦5♠Q♦ and there was already a few hundred thousand in the pot. Terry Fan was in the cutoff and Reyes was in middle position. Fan had 330,000 in front of the bet line and Reyes raised to 705,000.

Fan then made it 1.455 million and Reyes thought for a bit. Then he moved all-in.

Fan folded and then Reyes showed it: A♣J♣.

Reyes took the massive pot and is up to 3.5 million while Fan is down to 2 million.

7:10pm: Action

The fury of the Red Dragon had been at rest long enough. First it cracked Yu's aces and then it eliminated another player a few minutes later.

Wesley Zhu moved all-in from the cutoff and Andy Asihwardji called from the big blind. Zhu turned over [10c][10s] and drawing slim against Asihwardji's K♦K♠. The board came 3♦5♦J♠8♦7♦ and Zhu thought he was eliminated.

The floor counted the chips and it turned out Zhu was still left with 40,000.

Zhu put the rest of his chips in the following hand from the hijack. Gie Angelo Reyes called from the button, Asihwardji called from the small blind and Terry Fan checked his option.

The flop came 5♠3♠2♦ and all three players checked, bringing a 4♦ on the turn. Reyes bet 60,000, Asihwardji folded and Fan called.

The river was an 8♥ and Reyes checked. Fan fired off a final bet and Reyes folded. Fan showed 6♠2♥ for bottom pair and Zhu mucked.


8th place finisher, Wesley Zhu

Wesley Zhu became our 8th place finisher and cashed for HK $196,300.

6:55pm: Aces cracked

We have our first final table elimination.

The flop read 8♠[10s]7♣ and Fei Xie and Ryan Yu got all their chips in the middle.

Yu showed A♠A♣ and Xie turned over 9♠9♥. Yu had the overpair but Xie had picked up an open-ended straight draw. A J♠ came on the turn to give Xie the straight, but Yu also picked up a flush draw.


9th place finisher Ryan Yu

The river brought a Q♣ and Yu was eliminated in 9th place, earning HK $153,000.

6:40pm: A river

We had our first showdown over at the final table.

It started when Neil Chen raised to 80,000 from under the gun and Terry Fan called from middle position. The flop came 4♦6♣9♦ and Chen bet 90,000. Fan called and the A♠ came on the turn.

Chen thought for a bit, then put out a bet of 250,000. Fan called again.

Chen thought for even longer when the 5♣ came on the river, then he bet larger, 450,000. Fan quickly called and Chen showed Q♥[10h] for the bluff. Fan showed A♣K♦ for top pair and took down the massive pot.

Fan is now at about 3 million while Chen is down to 925,000.

6:25pm: Slowing

Action has slowed down a bit now that we've reached the final table. The onslaught of all-ins and calls has been traded to small raises and folds.

But the Red Dragon demands 8 more victims.

6:15pm: Lohia's little victories

Sailesh Lohia is the only player left representing a country that hasn't won a Red Dragon: India.

Lohia has moved all-in three times but received no calls. He has gotten a lot of loud cheers from his rail though. Among those cheering for Lohia are fellow Indian pros, Abhishek Goindi and Sangeeth Mohan.

Lohia is now up to 800,000.

6:00pm: The final table

We've redrawn and counted stacks. This is the official Red Dragon Main Event final table:

Final Table Red Dragon.jpeg

Seat 1: Terry Fan -- 2,135,000
Seat 2: Sailesh Lohia -- 555,000
Seat 3: Fei Xie -- 1,475,000
Seat 4: Fanny Li -- 1,050,000
Seat 5: Wesley Zhu -- 1,515,000
Seat 6: Ryan Yu -- 1,350,000
Seat 7: Neil Chen -- 1,815,000
Seat 8: Gie Angelo Reyes -- 1,820,000
Seat 9: Andy Asihwardji --1,080,000

5:40pm: Break

Players are on a short break while we redraw to the final table.

5:35pm: The bubble bursts

After nearly becoming our final table bubble, Qiwei Zhu became the burster. Zhu open-shoved for 870,000 from under the gun and Yufei Zhen called all-in from the small blind.

Neil Chen folded his big blind and we had our last multi-table showdown.

Zhen: J♣J♠
Zhu: A♦J♥

The flop appeared to be a very safe Q♥8♥8♠, but then the turn brought a third heart, the 6♥. Players held their breath, the rail was leaning and the river brought a [10h]. Zhu hit a flush and brought us down to 9 players.


Final table bubble, Yufei Zhen

Yufei Zhen became our 10th place finisher and earned HK $113,812 for his performance.

5:25pm: A river save

We are one player away from the final table. After Rubianes' elimination Qiwei Zhu got moved to Table 1 and was almost our final table bubble.

Fei Xie called from under-the-gun and Zhu moved all-in from the small blind for about 380,000.

Zhu called and was ahead of Xie's A♥7♠ with A♠[10s]. That's until the flop came 6♦5♠7♣. The turn was a 5♦ and players from the other table had come over to watch.

They were one card away from the final table.

Or so they thought.

The river was a [10c] and Zhu doubled up to about 900,000. The bubble continues.

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 blinds, 5,000 ante

5:05pm: A double for Ryan

In between Rubianes' one-two knockout, Ryan Yu doubled-up over at the other table. There was a [10c]7♣8♥ flop and Qiwei Zhu, Gie Angelo Reyes and Ryan Yu were in the hand.

There was about 300,000 in the pot and and Yu had moved all-in from the big blind, Zhu folded and Reyes called from the small blind.

Yu showed J♠[10s] for top pair and Reyes turned over 9♠9♥ for a pocket pair and a straight draw. The last two cards were a 2♣ and a 4♥ and Yu doubled up to about 1.3 million.

5:00pm-5:10pm: Rubianes rolls out

Vincent Rubianes had been a quiet, steady force this tournament. He continuously chipped throughout the past few days but fell after two key hands.

Rubianes raised from the cutoff and Terry Fan moved all-in for about 900,000 from the big blind. Rubianes called and turned over A♣J♥ to Fan's 7♦7♣.

The board came K♥8♣4♦5♦9♣ and Rubianes was crippled.

Rubianes shoved the what remained of his stack a few hands later and called by Neil Chen.

Chen showed 3♠3♣ and Rubianes held A♦7♥ for his tournament life. There was another set on the 4♠6♣3♦J♠Q♥ board and Vincent Rubianes became our 11th place finisher, earning HK $91,800.


11th place finisher, Vincent Rubianes

4:50pm: Xie takes the lead

Fei Xie raised to 80,000 from the button and Vincent Rubianes called from the small blind.

The flop came 3♣6♦8♣ and both players checked, bringing an A♣ on the turn. Rubianes bet 110,000 and Xie called. The river was a 2♠ and Rubianes fired again, 250,000.

Xie thought for some time and then called. Rubianes turned over A♦7♠ for top pair but Xie showed A♠K♠ for the better kicker.

Xie is now up to 2.1 million while Rubianes is down to about 1.2 million.

4:35pm: Sailesh Doubles

Sailesh Lohia was the chip leader of his Day 1, but was absent for a large part of Day 2. Then he came in late, scored a few big pots and made it to Day 3.

He was short-stacked at the beginning of the day but just managed to double up to average.

Sailesh moved all-in from the cutoff and got called by Gie Angelo Reyes in the cutoff.

Reyes: A♦6♦
Lohia: K♦Q♠

The 6♣K♠Q♦Q♣4♥ board gave Lohia a full house and a double up to 1.2 million.

4:25pm: Dare exits

Levi Dare didn't last too long after doubling up Terry Fan. Dare moved all-in with 3♥3♣ and Vincent Rubianes called with K♣Q♥.


12th place finisher, Levi Dare

The board came J♦J♥Q♠8♠A♠ and Dare became our 12th place finisher, making the jump to HK $91,800.

4:20pm: Fan doubles

Levi Dare raised to 100,000 and Terry Fan moved all-in for about 650,000 to his immediate left. Action folded back to the initial raiser and Dare called.

Dare: A♣Q♦
Fan: A♥5♠

The flop came3♥J♣4♦ and Fan hit an inside-straight draw. The turn brought a 7♣, adding 6s to Fans list of outs.

Then the river brought a 2♦ and Fan doubled up to about 1.3 million. Dare went to about 330,000.

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 blinds, 5,000 ante

3:55pm: Break action

Players were sent on their first break of the day but action was still going down at Table 2. Fanny Li raised to 125,000 from early position and Ryan Yu moved all-in for about 450,000.

Li called and showed A♠Q♣ to Yu's J♠J♦.

As is tournament fashion, there was a set on the 4♠J♣4♦ flop. The river brought a [10d] to give Li a straight draw but the river was a 7♦.

Yu doubled up to 925,000 while Li dipped to about 1.35 million.

3:40pm: No Park zone

The tournament is now devoid of Koreans. We started the day with two but they fell one after another.

James Yoo fell in 14th and his countryman, Chulwoo Park, followed.

Park was shortstacked with just over 200,000 and moved all-in from the hijack. Levi Dare called and showed 9♦9♣ to Park's 6♠7♠.

The 6♣9♠4♣ flop paired Park's 6, but gave Dare a set. We've seen a lot of sets this tournament. The turn was a Q♦ and the river brought a 2♣.


13th place finisher, Chulwoo Park

Park was out in 13th place, earning HK $74,300. Dare's stack grew to 900,000.

3:25: One-two KO for Yoo

James Yoo was crippled after doubling Qiwei Zhu up. The chips went all-in preflop and both players showed powerful pocket pairs.

Zhu showed K♠K♥ and Yoo turned over Q♠Q♣. Zhu doubled up to just over 1 million and Yoo was left with about 90,000.

Yoo was all-in a few hands later.

Yoo moved all-in and Gie Angelo Reyes reshoved. Ryan Yu called and we had a three-way showdown.

Yoo: [10c]5♦
Reyes: A♣7♣
Yu: Q♠Q♥

The 7♥K♠Q♦ flop gave Yu the set, but then a J♣ came on the turn to give Reyes hopes of a straight. Reyes' fans started screaming for a 10 and the river complied: [10h].


14th place finisher James Yoo

Yoo was out in 14th, earning HK $74,300 and Reyes doubled up to 1,250,000. Yu on the other hand was down to 700,000.

3:10pm: Weikang weakened

The two tables have been trading double ups and eliminations. Table 1 had the first elimination, then Table 2 got the second. Our 16th place finisher was another Table 1 member and now Table 2 was home to our fourth elimination.

Neil Chen open-shoved from middle position and Weikang Wang called from the hijack.

Chen showed A♥J♠ and Wang turned over 9♣9♥. Another flip.


15th place finisher, Weikang Wang

The board came J♥6♣K♦6♦6♥ and Wang was eliminated in 15th place, earning HK $74,300.

3:00pm: From Canada with love

A few minutes after Lau's elimination, our last Russian fell to one of our remaining Canadians.

Ryan Yu raised from under-the-gun and Artem Lobus moved all-in. Yu called and had Lobus' A♣Q♥ dominated with A♥K♥.


16th place finisher, Artem Lobus

The board came [10d][10h]8♦9♣4♠ and Lobus was eliminated in 16th place, just missing the pay jump. Lobus cashed for HK $62,200 and the remaining players are now guaranteed $74,300.

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 blinds, 5,000 ante

2:50pm: Lau's loss

Yufei Zhen raised to 50,000 from under-the-gun and Phil Lau decided to move all-in. Action folded back to Zhen and Zhen called.

Lau turned over [10d][10c] and was flipping for his tournament life when Zhen tabled A♦K♥.

Phil Lau.jpeg

17th place finisher, Phil Lau

The K♠7♣4♠ flop flipped in favor of Zhen and Lau was eliminated in 17th place, earning HK $61,200.

2:40pm: Double Dare

While Argyros didn't fare to well with his microstack, short stacks have been doing fairly well so far.

Chulwoo Park raised to 57,000 from under-the-gun and Levi Dare moved all-in for 302,000. Park called.

Park: 8♦8♣
Dare: A♥K♠

There was a K♦6♣3♦ flop and Dare took the lead. He kept it on the 3♣ turn and [10c] river and doubled up.

2:30pm: One down

Lots of action has been going down at Table 2.

We had a few more double-ups and our first elimination there. Billy "The Croc" Argyros raised to 55,000 from middle position and Sailesh Lohia moved all-in for 176,000 more from the button.

Action folded back to The Croc. Billy called.

Argyros turned over K♠Q♠ to Lohia's A♠Q♦. Lohia was in the lead and the 6♣J♠6♦3♣A♦ gave him the double up and crippling Argyros down to 42,000.

Argyros went all-in from early position the following hand and James Yoo reshoved from the small blind. Gie Angelo Reyes was on the big blind and gave the call some consideration.

Then he called.

Argyros: A♦7♦
Reyes: A♥J♦
Yoo: K♠3♦

The flop came 5♥K♥J♠ and Yoo paired his king. The Q♠ on the turn gave Reyes and Argyros the hope of a straight, but the river brought an 8♣ instead.

Yoo doubled up to about 700,000 while Reyes fell to 650,000.


18th place finisher, Billy "The Croc" Argyros

This made Billy "The Croc" Argyros our first elimination of the day. The Australian will collect HK $61,200 for his 18th place finish.

2:15pm: Another hit for Asihwardji

There was another all-in the second hand as well.

It was on the same table and involved one of the same players, Andy Asihwardji. James Yoo moved all-in for 112,000 from the hijack and Asihwardji called from the big blind.

Asihwardji: 6♠6♦
Yoo: [10d]5♣

Asihwardji was ahead but the 8♥[10s]5♥ flop fell heavily in Yoo's favor. Then a 5♦ came on the river and Yoo hit a full house to double up to 250,000.

Asihwardji tough start continued as he fell to 350,000.

2:05pm: Quick start

Cards are in the air and action started immediately. In the first hand of the day, Andy Asihwardji raised to 52,000 from under the gun and Qiwei Zhu moved all-in for 195,000.

Action folded back around to Asihwardji who called and showed 5♠5♥. Zhu was at-risk and turned over A♦5♦. The 2♦Q♣[10d] gave Zhu the flush draw and the J♦ on the turn completed.

Zhu doubled up to over 400,000 and Asihwardji is down to about 500,000.

1:45pm: It ends

We're minutes away from starting the final day of the Red Dragon Main Events 18th installment. The Red Dragon celebrated its 18th in style.

This is by far the largest event ever held in Asia. Throughout three flights, we saw 891 unique entries. Out of those, only 18 remain.

Fanny Li leads these final two tables with 2,171,000. Li passed unnoticed for a large part of Day 2, and then she exploded. She hit set after set and vaulted into the lead. Li has more than double second place, which belongs to Gie Angelo Reyes with 1,060,000.

Terry Fan, Phil Lau, Billy "The Croc" Argyros and Vincent Rubianes have all made it to Day 3 as well. Everyone will all be battling for the elaborate and downright sexy trophy as well as HK $1,771,000.


The Red Dragon

The remaining players have the following stacks and are seated in the following order:

Table 1

Seat 1: Neil Chen -- 575,000
Seat 2: Levi Dare -- 425,000
Seat 3: Weikang Wang -- 560,000
Seat 4: Terry Fan -- 920,000
Seat 5: Phil Lau -- 780,000
Seat 6: Fei Xie -- 850,000
Seat 7: Chulwoo Park -- 670,000
Seat 8: Vincent Rubianes -- 820,000
Seat 9: Yufei Zhen -- 720,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Andy Asihwardji -- 876,000
Seat 2: Qiwei Zhu -- 255,000
Seat 3: Fanny Li -- 2,200,000
Seat 4: Sailesh Lohia -- 350,000
Seat 5: Artem Lobus -- 530,000
Seat 6: James Yoo -- 220,000
Seat 7: Gie Angelo Reyes -- 1,060,000
Seat 8: Ryan Yu -- 870,000
Seat 9: Bill Argyros -- 410,000

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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