MPC Red Dragon: Fanny Li leads final 18

The Red Dragon was merciless in Day 2.

The survivors of all three flights converged for the first time today and most of them were eliminated in a quick, ruthless manner. Today was also the first time we knew for a fact that our future champion was somewhere in the room. There were 232 potential victors to start the day, but that number has now been reduced to 18.

Leading these final 18 players is Fanny Li, with 2,171,000. Li was flying under the radar for a large portion of the day until she hit set after set. Her humble stack erupted into a mountain.

Thumbnail image for Fanny_Li_Day2_chips.jpeg

Fanny Li's mountain of chips

It started when she doubled up through Kenneth Wong. Li was at risk and held pocket threes, Wong was in good position to knock her out with jacks, but Li hit a set on the river.

The two players took very separate paths after that hand. Wong wouldn't be able to regain his momentum and ended up finishing in 21st place. Li, on the other hand, hit a few more sets, scored a few more eliminations and finished the day as our chip leader.

First she knocked out Tommy Le. Li and Le got it in on the flop and Le had a set of 7s. Li had pocket queens and hit a set on the turn. Le was eliminated in 23rd place and Li was up to 1 million.

Then she had a near repeat of the same hand.

A few hands later she got dealt the same pocket queens -- Q♠Q♦ -- and was behind Stephen Lai's pocket kings. There was a safe flop for Lai but then Li turned a set again.

Li continued to wreck havoc on the table and finished atop the leader board with 2,171,000. She has more than double the chips as her closest contender, Gie Angelo Reyes (1,060,000).

Thumbnail image for Gie_Reyes_Day1C_leader.jpeg

Gie Angelo Reyes with his Day 1C lead

Reyes started the day as the chip leader and managed to finish up top despite a few dips. Another Day 1 chip leader, Sailesh Lohia, also managed to make Day 3. Lohia hit hit a straight and won a massive pot in Level 18. The hand almost put him in the lead with 780,000, but the last levels of play would bring Lohia down to 295,000.

Thumbnail image for Lohia_Day1A_leader.jpeg

Sailesh Lohia and his Day 1A lead

There are a few more players returning to fight for dominance of the Red Dragon tomorrow. They'll come back at 2pm HKT and sit like so:

Table 1

Seat 1: Li Han Chen -- 609,000
Seat 2: Levi Dare -- 438,000
Seat 3: Weikang Wang -- 527,000
Seat 4: Terry Fan -- 822,000
Seat 5: Phil Lau -- 672,000
Seat 6: Fei Xie -- 1,047,000
Seat 7: Chulwoo Park -- 643,000
Seat 8: Vincent Rubianes -- 930,000
Seat 9: Yufei Zhen -- 916,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Andy Asihwardji -- 799,000
Seat 2: Qiwei Zhu -- 199,000
Seat 3: Fanny Li -- 2,171,000
Seat 4: Sailesh Lohia -- 295,000
Seat 5: Artem Lobus -- 627,000
Seat 6: Yong Hyun Yoo -- 120,000
Seat 7: Gie Angelo Reyes -- 1,060,000
Seat 8: Ryan Yu -- 810,000
Seat 9: Billy "The Croc" Argyros -- 337,000

The remaining 18 players are guaranteed HK $61,200 but will be playing for the HK $1,771,000 grand prize.

While these players are on break for the rest of the night, most players are on break from this event forever. Well, maybe until the next Red Dragon.

The January Red Dragon runner-up and Day 1B chip leader, Zhenwu Wang, was eliminated before the money. Current Asia Player of the Year, Yousuke Sekiya, met a similar fate.

Thumbnail image for Yousuke_Sekiya_Day2.jpeg

Yousuke Sekiya

Several other players managed to inch their way into the money. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was short-stacked on the bubble but managed to make finish 82nd for HK $21,900.


Vivian Im

Former Red Dragon final tablist Jordan Westmorland also managed to score another cash at the Red Dragon. Westmorland was eliminated in 44th place for HK $30,700.

For tomorrow's seat draw, just scroll up.

We're just one day away from finding out or next Red Dragon Champion. Come back tomorrow at 2pm HKT and follow all the action right here at the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in PokerStars Macau