MPC27: Red Dragon final table coverage

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12:45am: It's all over! Qiuming Qin wins MPC27 Red Dragon!
Level 33 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

After much back and forth battling, this heads-up match is over and we have our champ.


Qiuming Qin opened the button to 650,000 only for Terrence Wu to pop it up to 1.7 million. Call.

The dealer spread an A♥3♠9♠ and it would prove to be an action flop. Wu continued his aggression by leading for 2.2 million, and Qin went into the tank. He moved his chair back, took a big swig from his Red Bull, and then announced "all in."

"Gahhhh" groaned Wu, who only had around 5 million behind. "What do you have man? I have the ace of spades, that's the problem!" he said, referring to the fact that he blocked Qin's ace-high flush semi-bluffs.

"OK man, let's go!" Wu then said, putting in a call and turning over the A♠7♣ for top pair.


Qin stood up smiling and slowly turned over and placed down his A♣3♣ for two pair. Wu would need a seven, and the J♦ turn meant a jack would chop it for him too. But the 4♦ river gave Qin the win.

For finishing second, Wu wins a massive $HK2.4 million.

But for finishing first, Qiuming Qin will forever be a Red Dragon champion. He's won $HK2.6 million, a HK$100 ACOP package, and the coveted trophy. Congratulations!

Thanks for reading our live updates. You'll find a full tournament recap here.

12:05am: Another twist to the tale
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

This thing may never end. We hope you're comfortable.

Terrence Wu has now regained the chip lead! In a pretty odd hand, too.

Qiuming Qin opened to 500,000 and Wu called to see a 9♣9♥A♠ flop. Wu checked, and Qin made a 550,000 c-bet. But Wu then clicked it back to 1.1 million, only for Qin to pretty much do the same for 2.4 million!

Wu just decided to flat and see a turn, which was the 4♠. Both checked.

The river came the J♥, and all of a sudden Wu looked like betting. He did, but made a tiny bet of just 500,000 into a pot 6.9 million. After a tank, Qin made the call and Wu turned over the T♦9♦ for trips. Qin mucked and dropped to around 12 million, while Wu has roughly 14 million.

11:55pm: Qin widens the gap
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

A huge pot just went down. On a 9♠5♦7♦ flop, Terrence Wu check-called a 350,000 c-bet from Qiuming Qin which took them to the 3♥ turn. Wu checked once more, and Qin didn't slow down, leading again for 600,000. Call.

When the 4♦ landed on the river it put three diamonds on board. Wu took his time and eventually led out for 2.5 million, and this put Qin into the tank. He wrestled with a decision before finally tossing in a call, and Wu looked a little stunned. He then turned over the J♣T♣ for a busted gutshot, and Qin slammed down the 9♦5♣ to cheers from his rail.

Wu is down to 9 million now, while Qin has 16 million.

11:40pm: Close encounter
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Terrence Wu flatted on the button only for Qiuming Qin to pop it up to 640,000. Wu then three-bet to 2 million, and Qin four-bet jammed for 11.47 million!

Wu didn't look happy and after a minute or so in the tank he laid it down.

11:35pm: Chip lead switch
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

After winning another decent pot, the heads-up lead has changed hands.

It's now Terrence Wu who leads with 15 million to Qin's 11 million.

11:20pm: Wu draws first blood
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

The first major pot of heads-up play has gone Terrence Wu's way.

It kicked off with a 500,000 button open from Quimung Qin which Wu called to see a 9♦Q♣7♦ flop. Wu checked it, letting Qin in for a 700,000 c-bet. Wu made the call.

Thw 8♥ landed on the turn and both opted for a check. That brought the 9♥ river card, which paired the board. Wu tapped the table with his fist to check, and Qin checked back pretty quickly. Wu showed the Q♥6♠ for top pair, and that was good when Qin mucked.

11pm: Let's make a deal
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Qiuming Qin and Terrence Wu have agreed on a deal. The terms are that they have set aside HK$441,000, the HK$100,000 ACOP package, and the trophy for the winner, while each player has locked up:

Qin: HK$2.6 million
Wu: HK$2.4 million

10:40pm: Chip counts
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Heads up, the chip counts are 15,325,000 for Qiuming Qin and 10,845,000 for Terrence Wu.


Qin vs Wu

10:25pm: It's heads-up! Tan busts in 3rd (HK$1,235,000)
Level 32 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

We're now heads up after the short stack Tong Tan has departed thanks to Qiuming Qin.

Qin just limped the small blind and Tan checked his option to see a K♣K♦2♥ flop. Qin checked it, rather sneakily it turns out, as when Tan jammed Qin snap-called with the K♥7♠ for trips. Tan was drawing dead with the 2♣4♦ unless it came running deuces of fours, which it obviously didn't. Thew 6♣ and 5♥ completed the board, and Tan said his goodbyes as his chips shipped to Qin.

We'll be back with heads up counts shortly, as the players have gone on a break to take photos and prepare.


Tan falls in third

10:15pm: No good fortune for Xilei Li, busts in 4th (HK$894,000)
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

We're down to three, and deal talks have begun.

The man missing out on them is Xilei Li, who called the all in small blind shove from Qiuming Qin with the A♦4♣ in the big blind, but found himself dominated by A♠K♣. The board ran out T♠6♠J♥6♣A♥ and Li picked up all his lucky charms and went to collect his HK$894,000.


Li leaves us

10:05pm: Qin gets a double
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

More than half of Tong Tan's newly acquired chips have found their way over to Qiuming Qin's stack.

Tan made it 450,000 on the button and when it folded to Qin he jammed for 4.45 million. Tan said he had to call and did with the J♣J♥, which was no good against Qin's A♥A♠. The rockets held giving Qin a double and bringing Tan's stack down to 3.1 million.

10pm: Tan takes down a big one
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

With the blinds so big and the stacks so short, every action pot is enormous now.

It folded to Tong Tan and he made it 450,000 to go, which big chip leader Terrence Wu called. the flop came down T♠T♣K♦ on which Tan continued for 500,000, and Wu flatted.

The turn came the A♣, and now Tan opted to check. Wu saw an opportunity and led out for 1.8 million, only for Tan to check-raise to 4 million leaving himself only around 300,000 behind! Wu thought for a while but eventually let it go, dropping down to 9.2 million.

Tan is up to roughly 7.5 million now.

9:50pm: Quick update
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Action paused to discuss a deal again, but no numbers could be agreed upon. Not much has happened four-handed since, but we'll bring you the interesting hands as and when.

9:20pm: Double KO! Tan out in 6th (HK$433,000), Choong in 5th (HK$603,000)
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Eliminations are like wait ages for one and then two show up at once!

Calvin Tan jammed for around 3 million under the gun. To his left, Kian Weng Choong just called, with a slightly bigger stack. It then folded around to the big blind of chip leader Terrence Wu and he shoved all in too! Choong called, and the cards were flipped:

Tan: A♥J♣
Choong: A♠Q♠
Wu: K♠K♦

Cheers for an ace and jack began, while Wu was cheering for a king. None of those cards appeared on the 8♣9♣9♥2♥T♠ runout though, meaning we lost two players in one hand. Tan had less to start the hand so he's our sixth place finisher, while Choong is gone in fifth.


Tan out in 6th


Choong falls in 6th

Wu is a massive chip leader now with 12.4 million, almost half the chips in play.

8:50pm: Deal or no deal?
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

No deal. Play on!

8:45pm: Back to business
Level 31 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Welcome back! The final six players have returned from dinner break, and before play got started they went straight into deal talk. They're currently looking at ICM numbers, so we'll report back when we know more.

SeatFirst Name Last NameCountryChip Count
2TerenceWuHong Kong6,070,000
4Kian WengChoongMalaysia3,695,000

7:45pm: Dinner break

Players now have 60 minutes to go off and grab a bite to eat. We'll do the same, and see you back here in an hour.

7:40pm: Almost down to five but Wu survives
Level 30 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

In the last hand of the level before the dinner break, we almost lost Terrence Wu albeit for a lucky turn card.

After Kian Weng Choong opened to 350,000, Qiuming Qin string bet when he announced raise, meaning his raise could only be the minimum of 540,000. It folded to Wu in the big blind and he jammed all in for 2.5 million, which shook of Choong but got a snap-call from Qin.

Wu: J♣J♦
Qin: K♥K♠

"Please! Please! Jack jack jack!" begged Wu to the dealer.

She put out an 8♦3♠6♦ flop. No jack yet.

"PLEEEEEASE! JACK!" continued.

And then boom! The J♠ arrived on the turn to save him. The 7♦ landed on the river and Wu secured the double up around 5.4 million, while Qin dips to around 5 million.


A very happy Wu

7:20pm: Qin extends lead as Choong dips further
Level 30 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Another big confrontation between the former chip leader Kian Weng Choong and current chip leader Qiuming Qin.

Choong was on the button and Qin in the small blind, and after a pre-flop open and call they saw a 5♥2♠A♦ flop. Qin check-raised a 200,000 c-bet up to 450,000, only for Choong to then five-bet to 1.2 million.

Qin thought for about a minute before making the triangle shape with his hands for a six-bet shove. Choong quickly laid it down.

He's fall down to 4 million now, while Qin increases his lead with 7.5 million.

7:10pm: Muscle man gives a walk
Level 30 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

"Give me walk one time," said Calvin Tan in the big blind when action folded to fitness model Terrence Wu in the small.

"Yeah, give him walk Mr. Muscle Man!" called a member of Tan's lively rail.

"No shame in folding," Tan continued. "No shame."

Wu nodded, and did indeed end up letting his hand go to cheers applause.

7:05pm: Mian Wei falls in 7th (HK$364,000)
Level 30 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

It took quite a while but we've finally lost another player to bring us down to six.

Mian Wei open jammed under the gun and it folded to the big blind Xilei Li. He tanked for a minute, but certainly looked interested and eventually proved that by calling.

Wei had the A♠2♦ and was up against Li's 4♠4♣ which already lost one all in for him earlier. They fared better this time as the board ran out 6♥8♠J♦3♣Q♦ to eliminate Wei in sixth. He'll collect HK$364,000 for that great run.

Interestingly, the first two players to be eliminated were the only two professionals left in the field. That means an amateur/recreational player is now guaranteed to be the new Red Dragon champ.


Wei accepts his fate

6:50pm: Qin jams and collects
Level 30 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

A massive pot just played out that saw three stacks of green 25K chips shipped Qiuming Qin's way.

When it folded to Kian Weng Choong on the button he opened to 360,000, only for Qin to three-bet the small blind to 880,000. Back to Choong, it didn't take him too long to come in with a four-bet. He made it 1.535 million to go, and Qin had a big decision.

He decided to shove for around 4.8 million total right into the chip leader. Choong had a think for a moment, but swiftly laid it down to leave himself with 5.4 million. Meanwhile, Qin is our new chip leader with 6.35 million.


Qin's out in front

6:35pm: The Wu Tan Hand
Level 29 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (ante 20,000)

The latest action came from a blind vs blind encounter. It folded to Terrence Wu in the small blind and he popped it up to 360,000, which Calvin Tan called to see a 8♠5♠4♦ flop. Wu stared at the board before checking, letting Tan come in for a 320,000 bet.

Wu then made a triangle with his hands indicating an all in, and Tan gave it up instantly.

6:15pm: Tan takes it down
Level 29 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (ante 20,000)

The first hand we've seen go to a flop for a long time began with a 250,000 cutoff open by Tong Tan. Action then folded to Kian Weng Choong in the big blind and he three-bet it up to 680,000. Tan came along.

A J♥7♠A♥ flop was put out, and Choong didn't bet it. Tan made it 250,000 after it checked to him, and Choong made the call to see a 3♣ turn. Check check.

On the 2♦ river we saw no further chips put in. Tan showed the J♣9♠, and his pair of jacks was good as Choong mucked.


Ship it to Tan

5:50pm: Wei better
Level 29 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (ante 20,000)

We've had our first all-in and call confrontation for a while, and it's Mian Wei who has got the better of it.

It folded to Xilei Li on the button and he jammed with the bigger stack. Wei then called from the big blind for 800,000, and Tong Tan gave up the big to let those two duel it out.

Li had the 4♠4♣, but Wei was ahead with his T♠T♣. Li wasn't shy about what he wanted.

"FOUR!" is what I assume he was shouting at the top of his lungs, so much so that Wei asked the floor to tell him to keep it down. He wouldn't find what he wanted on the 8♦K♣2♦7♠5♣ runout, meaning Wei doubled up to 1.7 million, bringing Li down to 2.7 million.

5:30pm: Tan takes hit as Choong climbs back
Level 29 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (ante 20,000)

Kian Weng Choong is now back over the seven million mark after winning a big pot from Calvin Tan.

Choong opened to 270,000 under the gun and it folded to Tan in the big blind. He decided to defend and see a flop, which fell T♥8♠Q♠. Tan checked it to the raiser who continued for 300,000. Call.

The turn saw the J♠, an interesting card which completed both straight and flush draws. Tan checked again and Choong continued the aggression for 700,000. Again, Tan didn't budge.

Finally the J♥ completed the board, pairing it too. Tan checked a final time and Choong barrelled a third time for 800,000. Tan thought for a moment but made a pretty quick call, only to muck when Choong showed the K♠3♠ for a turned flush.

Tan is down to 1.82 million now, while Choong climbs to 7.3 million.

5pm: Take a break

The remaining seven players are taking a 15-minute break. Back soon.

4:55pm: Mike Huang out in 8th (HK$313,000)
Level 28 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (ante 10,000)

We've lost our first player from the final table: Taiwan's Mike Huang.

He open-jammed for 1.46 million in the UTG+1 seat, and it folded around to Qiuming Qin in the small blind. He looked very interested, and after some time in the tank he decided just to flat with a player behind him. Xilei Li gave up his big blind, and it was the K♣9♦ for Huang against the lucky eights 8♥8♣ of Qin.

There was no help at all for Huang on the 2♦4♦3♥J♥T♣ runout, meaning his Red Dragon run comes to an end in eighth place, where he'll collect HK$313,000. Meanwhile, Qin is up to 4.1 million.


Huang says goodbye

4:45pm: Choong challenged
Level 28 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (ante 10,000)

Kian Weng Choong still holds the chip lead, but he's not managed to increase his stack so far today. His opens keep getting three-bet, and he's unable to take them down.

First, Qiuming Qin three-bet his 250,000 cutoff open on the button to 620,000 and got Choong to fold. Then Choong opened to 250,000 again and this time Xilei Li three-bet to 600,000. Choong called to see a J♠6♦J♣ flop, but folded to a 700,000 c-bet.

A bit surprising to see no eliminations in the opening two levels, but the day is young.

4:15pm: Fortunate Li
Level 28 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (ante 10,000)

Xilei Li just moved all in from the small blind for 1.6 million, hoping his lucky charm - a print out picture of the God of Good Fortune - would see him through.


Li's lucky charm

Li has had the picture of the God on his phone display for the past three days of play, but because this is a final table there are no phones allowed. How do you get around that problem? Print it out of course!

And it worked. When Mein Wei callec his all in with the A♣T♦, it was a flip against Li's 2♠2♦. The board ran out Q♠K♣6♥4♣6♣ to give Li the double up.


Double for Li

4pm: Double up for Wu
Level 27 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

Terrence Wu has played a patient game, and that patience has paid off.

After Mike Huang opened to 200,000 in the cutoff, Wu called in the small blind and Calvin Tan defended the big to see a 3♥K♣2♥ flop. Wu then led with a shove for 1.12 million, and it folded to Huang who had a decision.

He was thinking for around a minute before he made the call with the 5♦4♦ for an up-and-down straight draw, which obviously needed nto hit, especially against Wu's A♦A♣.

But the 9♠ turn and 5♥ river changed nothing, and Wu increases to 2.9 million. Huang is down to 1.8 million after that one.


Woop for Wu!

3:45pm: Huang gets there and gets paid
Level 27 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

Ship a big pot to Mike Huang, who is now out of the dangerzone and sitting with a comfortable stack.

After Mian Wei opened to 170,000 in the hijack, Huang called from the cutoff and Terrence Wu defended his big blind. The flop came 3♣2♣K♦ and it checked to Wei who fired a 200,000 c-bet. Huang made the call, but Wu got out of the way.

The dealer burned and turned the 3♠ and Wei barrelled for 300,000. Huang now went into the tank, so long that Kian Weng Choong called the clock. Huang called very soon after that.

The 7♣ completed the board and put three clubs on board. This time Wei checked, and Huang started counting his chips (1.08 million). He slid in a small bet of 250,000, and now it was Wei's turn to tank. After a while, he tossed in a call but didn't seem to happy about it.

He was right not to. Huang showed the A♣8♣ for the nut flush which got there on the river. He's up to 3.1 million, while Lei drops to 2.2 million.

3:25pm: First big pot to Tan
Level 27 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

Kian Weng Choong opened to 200,000 and it folded around to the big bind of Tong Tan. He defended, and the two went heads up to a 3♣8♠A♦ flop. Check check.

The turn was the 9♦, on which Tan led out for 200,000. Choong didn't budge though, and the 6♦ completed the board. Tan now checked, letting Choong retake the betting lead for 420,000.

Tan said something which sounded like "all in" almost immediately, and the dealer quickly jolted and looked at him to double check. It turned out he just asked for a count, then quickly made the call.

Choong showed the A♣6♣ for two pair, but Tan had the A♥8♥ for a bigger two pair.

Choong is down to 6.3 million while Tan is up to 4.1 million.

3:15pm: No flops yet
Level 27 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

We haven't seen any community cards yet, but there has been action in the opening hands. Calvin Tan took one with s three bet, as did Kian Weng Choong, while Quimng Qin shoved his button when it folded to him.

3pm: Let the final commence
Level 27 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (ante 10,000)

Players are seated and the final table is about to get underway. First, the unveiling of the beautiful Red Dragon trophy that only one of our final eight can take home.

12:45pm: The Dragon has one head

MPC27 FT bubble-thumb-450x300-324378.jpg

It's time to find ourselves a winner of the Macau Poker Cup 27 Red Dragon Main Event.

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to you wherever you are, and welcome back to our coverage from the PokerStars Live Macau room in the City of Dreams casino. After three Day 1 flights and two further days of action, the record-breaking 1,308 field has been whittled down just to eight players, all of whom will be battling on a final table at 3pm local time.

Thumbnail image for MPC27RedDragonMEDay3_064.jpg

Choong's out in front

Kian Weng Choong, A 31-year-old banker from Malaysia, leads the bunch with a stack of 7.19 million. You can find out more about all of finalists by checking out the player profiles here.


Today's line-up

Here's how they all stack up:

SeatFirst NameLast NameCountryChip Count
1Tong TanSingapore3,305,000
2Terence WuHong Kong1,845,000
3Calvin TanSingapore5,170,000
4Kian WengChoongMalaysia7,190,000

To find out how we got here, catch up on Day's 3 action. But for now, we'll see you at 3pm. Join us back here then.

Red Dragon final table reports by Jack Stanton. Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars LIVE Macau.

Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in PokerStars Macau