2014 ACOP: My Fantasy Pool

I'm a huge fan of fantasy sports and after seeing the recent draft of the 2014 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) here I figured, "Why not start a fantasy pool for poker?"

As a poker player I feel obliged to have some monetary wager but amongst fellow pros I want to play for something much more valuable.


So here's the quick pitch. 12 teams of 2-players. Top 3 in the money but - and this is the REAL fun - bottom 6 teams have to show up to the Main Event in an embarrassing costume.

Who decides the level of embarrassment? Well, this is my fantasy pool so of course I get to decide whether your outfit is sufficiently humiliating enough ☺

I'm hoping I get some of the best players for this challenge. There's something devilishly delightful about having the biggest names in poker wager their humility.

I've got six Team Pros who are up for some good humoured fun to get things started:

1. Me and Naoya Kihara - Team Name: TBA
2. Bryan Huang & ElkY - Team Name: TBA
3. Celina Lin & Randy 'nanonoko' Lew - Team Name: CELINANOKO

I wanted to keep this super simple and avoid crazy scoring systems. Rules below.

Gain as many points for your team through the first 9 Spadies tournaments before the Main Event. Yes, ALL those tournaments count so strategize accordingly. You want an all-female team so you can score in the Ladies event? Bring it on!

Each team has 2 players and submits a team name (be classy people). 12 teams in league. Buyin is HK $10,000 per team.

Cashing = 5 points
Final Table = 10 points
Top 3 = 10 points
Title = 10 points

Final Table Bonus: +5 points per 100 players (e.g. 300 players = +15 points when making FT, because it's harder to get there)

Final Table only counts if you cash (e.g. if only 5 players cash then FT doesn't award points until you make 5th or better)
Teams to let me know when they score

12 teams x HK $10,000 = HK $120,000 prize pool

1st = 60k
2nd = 35k
3rd = 25k
4th-6th = Safe
7th-12th = Embarrassing Costume on Day 1 of the 2014 ACOP Main Event


Raymond Wu winning his first Spadie

I'll blog an update once I've confirmed the teams.

You wanna play? Send me a tweet @RaymondSWu and/or just hashtag #ACOPfantasy

Raymond Wu is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

Raymond Wu
@PokerStars in ACOP