DDBeast takes his Porsche for a spin--a very fast spin

The stories of PokerStars players turning their Frequent Player Points into Porsches are becoming more and more frequent. As always, we're curious folk here at the PokerStars Blog and wondered what kind of trouble the new car owners were getting themselves into. The cars are, in a word, fast and can lend themselves to such incovenient things as speeding tickets.

Of all the new Porsche owners in the PokerStars stable, nobody knows about the speed better than DDBeast. And he's found a way to get around the whole speed trap thing.

You'll recall, DDBeast picked up his new Caymen late last year. Where some people might have parked the car in the driveway for all the neighbors to see, DDBeast did something else.

He headed to the track.


A novice racer, DDBeast recently spent a weekend turning his new Porsche into a race car and learning how to drive it in such a way. Under the tutelage of some national Autocross champions, DDBeast quickly realized the less-than-conventional things he could do wiith his car.

"I had plans to sell the Cayman before I got it," DDBeast admitted, "but now there's no way I can let go. I was simply amazed at how well the Cayman held the road. You couldn't lose control if you tried."

After a weekend of training, DDBeast ended up in a five-minute high-speed showdown in his class of novice racers. Out of more than 30 cars, including two Lotus Elises, DDBeast came in first place.

"It was so amazing," he said. "When I tell everyone how I got the car they are blown away."

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars VIP Club