Frequent player points turn to gift horse

Among many a parent, the idea of introducing their children to horses is among the best and worst ideas they will ever conceive. Introduction to the equine world provides a sense of responsibility, discipline, and enjoyment that is unparelleled in an age of video games and televised pablum. At the same time, horses aren't the cheapest forms of entertainment. It's one thing to buy your kid an expensive gift. It's another thing entirely to have to feed that gift every day.

These are all things that PokerStars player blego151 had to have thought when his teenage daughter came home from summer camp. There, she had been riding a horse all summer.

"She just loved him to death," he said.


Of course, it was easy at first. The horse belonged to somebody else. Blego151 simply couldn't buy it for his daughter. Then things changed.

"When he came up for sale," he said, "she just had to have him."

Money what it is today, blego151 was having a hard time justifying the expense of actually buying a giant animal for his daughter. And then he happened upon an idea: the PokerStars VIP Concierge Service.

A few e-mails later and belego's daughter had her beloved horse. "They go to jumping lessons once a week and are getting ready for the local shows in the summertime," he said.


In just the past several months, PokerStars players have used their Frequent Player Points for a safari, plane tickets, homes, and cars. This marks this first time in history someone has traded a collection of FPP credits for an animal.

Oh, and for what it's worth, the gift horse's honest to goodness registered name?

Midnight Gambler.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars VIP Club