PokerStars pays player to win World Series package

It was a comfortable Sunday afternoon in Germany and PokerStars player SanchoHH decided to play a 1000 Frequent Player Point buy-in VIP Club satellite. The top 200 players in the event were slated to receive a World Series Step 4 ticket worth $215.

The 29 year-old from Hanover, Germany is no pro poker player. He works as a software consultant and it's only in his spare time that he gets free to dabble in his hobbies, poker and bridge. When he does get a chance to play cards, he plays $1/$2 NL online and the occasional $27 SNG. He poked around in the World Series Steps events but never had much success.

"I have tried some but can't recall ever making it past Step 3," he said.

The decision to play the VIP Club satellite put SanchoHH in a position he'd never been before. He picked up the Step 4 ticket and recouped 187 Frequent Player Points. So, he moved on to the Step 5 event, something that would cost $700 for a direct buy-in.

You see where this is going, right?

Within 24 hours, SanchoHH had won a Step 6 ticket plus 250 more Frequent Player Points...and then in the Step 6 he won a $12,500 package to the World Series Main Event and another 1,250 Frequent Player Points.

So, let's do the math, eh?

SanchoHH buys into an event for only 1000 Frequent Player Points. Within 24 hours, he's sitting with a $12,500 World Series package and 1,687 Frequent Player Points.

Said one PokerStars official, "We paid him 687 FPPs for the WSOP package."

Nothing like getting paid to go to the World Series.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars VIP Club