VIP Club: A truck for knifefish8's truckload of points

If PokerStars Frequent Player Points ever started weighing anything, carting around a few million of them would be a pretty hard task. PokerStars VIP Club member knifefish8 may have just come up with a solution.

He used them to buy a truck. This truck.

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We asked PokerStars newest man behind the wheel a few questions.

How did you get started playing?

knifefish8: I started playing online about three years ago. I deposited $20 online and the next thing I knew I had over $1,000. I played limit Heads up at first to build my roll. I have always liked playing heads up sit and goes over any other type of poker. Later on, I found out about poker stars and played the majority of my games there. Now I mainly play $220-$1,100 heads up.

What do you do when you're not playing cards?

knifefish8: Besides cards, I am also a full time college student here in Ft. Myers. I will be graduating next year with a degree in criminal justice. It could be very easy to drop out of school and not go to class when poker is going well, but I made a decision to stick with it. Between poker and school, I play on a competitive baseball league here, and hang out with friends whenever possible.

How long did it take you to build up the points to get the truck?

knifefish8: It's hard to say how long it took to get all those points, but it was less than a year. I knew for a while that I would be using my points to purchase my next vehicle, so that kept me real motivated to keep playing. This year I also really wanted to reach Supernova Elite (which I did), so I have been grinding a lot throughout the year. I have gotten pretty good at multi-tabling, and can usually run four heads up at a time. During the 1.5x VPP promotion heads-up, I was often 6-7 tabling $220-$550 Heads up, so that helped with the points a lot (not necessarily my bankroll though). I would also play the $109 and $225 9 and 10 mans, around 15 tables at a time when I did, just to try to get to Elite and get points for the truck (again, did not improve my bankroll).

What do your friends say when you got a truck with FPPs?

knifefish8: It is hard to explain to people how you can make money and earn points by playing online poker when they have no idea. A lot of people think that since I can do it, they can, when really there is so much involved in the game before you show a profit, it isn't even worth it for them to start. I do have some close poker friends whom I get to talk poker with and who understand the whole concept, but with other people I try to not talk about it so much. I have already gotten some items with my points, such as electronics and gift cards, that my friends thought were incredible, so when I told them that my poker site paid the dealership with my points for the truck, they were shocked. The funniest reaction comes from the car dealers, though. When a young guy comes in asking to see an expensive truck and tells the dealer he doesn't have a job, and wants to pay the whole thing in cash, the expression on their faces is priceless. I love the truck and am glad I put it in the work to get it. It has a GPS system, leather, sunroof, a great sound system; it's top of the line.

What's next for you?

knifefish8: For now, I will still be playing. I have achieved Supernova Elite, so I plan to take advantage of the FPP multiplier, and plan to get to the next milestone bonus, 1,250,000. I will be finishing up school in a year, and my first baseball game starts Sunday so I am excited about that. I also used my Elite package for a free trip to the PCA in the Bahamas. This is really my first big live tournament, so it should be interesting.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars VIP Club