VIP Club: A car for the Kiwi

How many people have you met who list among their hobbies, "drinking with friends, being balla and traveling?" If you live in the poker world, your answer probably includes a list of more than a few people. Now, however, see if you can find any people among that list who are top table tennis players and own a Porsche they bought without money.

Now, how many people do you know who fit that list of criteria? If you were able to pick out one name, it's more than likely a guy who goes by the name "plyboy_binny" on PokerStars.

The Supernova Elite from New Zealand has represented his country in table tennis and spends as many of his off hours as possible in training. "This year since I've gone for Supernova Elite, my training has decreased considerably," he said. "Nevertheless, I enjoy playing and its a great way to keep fit and keep me physically and mentally sharp."

While his time with the paddle may have been cut short, he's making the poker training worth his while. How so? Well, just check out the picture below.


That's "plyboy_binny" in his new ride, a sleek new Porsche he bought with his Frequent Player Points. They were points he earned on his way to becoming the first-ever Supernova Elite from New Zealand.

"Most of my school friends still can't get over how well I'm doing," he said.

"Plyboy_binny" does his best to not flaunt his success, with the possible exception of buying a brand new sports car.

"In the end I've found it's best if the majority of my friends don't know how much I make," he said. "They just know that I make enough to not have to worry about buying drinks."

Now "plyboy_binny" is already at work maintaining his Elite status for 2009. His only wish is that PokerStars would increase the 24-table limit.

"That would have helped me get the Porsche faster, and I would have paid more rake, too!" he joked.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars VIP Club