VIP Club Live: Where to party in 2015

A week or so back, the folks listening to the live PCA webcast started begging for a piece of information that had nothing to do with the PCA. They wanted to know where PokerStars VIP Club Live was going to host its next parties.

Lee Jones, ever the diplomat, promised the news would be out soon.

Well, folks, soon is now. We've just gotten our hands on the locations and dates for the four big VIP Club Live parties. Here they are.

• Amsterdam, Netherlands - March 7
• Sofia, Bulgaria - May 30
• Athens, Greece - September 5
• Florianopolis, Brazil - November 14


They will look a little something like this

Last year, the VIP Club hosted parties all over the world. In all, more than 1,300 VIPs showed up to parties around the globe.

As always, this year's four events will be open to PokerStars SilverStar VIPs and higher, as well as their guests. All guests will enjoy an open bar, food, entertainment, activities, and opportunities to meet members of Team PokerStars.

This year, the VIP Club will be doing something in addition to the parties. Throughout the year, you'll have the chance to pick up tickets to major sporting events, including VIP seating to see the biggest English football clubs and exclusive tickets to major tennis events.

The VIP Club will also be running several Team PokerStars-hosted activities. VIPs will get up close and personal with members of Team PokerStars. The first of this series of events will be February 19th in the UK with a private dinner hosted by Jake Cody and Team Pro Online's Alex 'Kanu7' Millar in Birmingham. These private get-togethers will span the globe and will be announced throughout the year.

Players can RSVP to all of the above depending on their VIP status by purchasing a ticket in the PokerStars VIP Store. Tickets go on sale about five weeks ahead of each event.

Want more information? Visit the PokerStars VIP Club web page.

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