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scoop38Hfinaltable3.jpg SCOOP Main Event-High final table

SCOOP: toetagU tops tough field in Event #38-High (Main Event)

A million dollars. And then some. More than what most of those winning WSOP bracelets will be taking home this summer. That's what awaited the winner of the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event ($10,300 buy-in, NLHE) which played to its conclusion on Monday. After yesterday's Day 1, the original field of 615 had been cut down to 27. (Click here to read a full recap of the first day's action.) As the first hands were dealt on the final three tables, Greg "DuckU" Hobson enjoyed the chip...more

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SCOOP: Mr.M.M0ney Manages Main Event Medium Victory in Day 2 of Event #38-M

2010 SCOOP - Event 38-M Day2 Pic.JPG

Two-day tournaments have their perks. For the players remaining at the end of Day 1, it allows them to regroup, rest, and develop a strategy for the second day based on their chip stacks and notes they've accumulated about their opponents. The rest keeps them from making decisions based on...more

SCOOP: midjat holds lead for the win, Akkari 5th in Main Event-Low

SCOOP ME-LowFinal.jpg

It would not take long for our final nine to be named, with sizable blinds and short-ish stack our final 17 from yesterday would play down to one in today's $109 SCOOP Main Event-Low. Andre Akkari wasted no time in improving his chip position by doubling up on the game's...more

SCOOP: Main Event-High Final Table Live Blog


The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) live blog coverage of today's Main Event-High final table is brought to you by David Aydt and Martin Harris. 9:59pm: toetagU takes it down! Congratulations to toetagU, 2010 SCOOP Main Event-High champion! Here are the payouts for the final table: 1st place:...more

SCOOP Main Event

We knew it was going to be big, and the Main Event of SCOOP 2010 did not let us down. In the $10,300 High bracket, player Toetagu came top of the pile, picking up a bumper $1,162,350 in the process. That, we think you'll agree, is a tasty figure. Here...more

SCOOP: Taknapotin takes title in Event #37-H NLHE

Chris Moneymaker.jpg

This wasn't just any no-limit hold'em tournament. It was the last SCOOP NLHE tournament with the exception of the Main Event in the 2010 series. It gave players the chance at a $750K guarantee. And it brought some of the biggest names in the game of poker to the online...more

SCOOP: Shuriken555 slices up the final table in SCOOP 37M

SCOOP 37M FT.jpg

Playing for your part of over $1.3 million dollar prize pool is not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, really. It's not even a bad way to spend a Sunday night. And frankly, it's a decent way to spend a Monday morning, too. And that's a good thing,...more

SCOOP: Cashclctor leads heading to Day 2 of Main Event (Event #38-Medium)

Lex Veldhuis.jpg

There were 111 tournaments before it. The Spring Championship of Online Poker was certainly not short on opportunities for players to find their games of choice at whatever limits their bankrolls allowed. But after two weeks of everything from PLO to stud, it was time for the straight no-limit hold'em...more

SCOOP: midjat leads Day 1 pack of 17 remaining in Main Event-Low


A "normal" Sunday would see about 4,500 players lining up for the Sunday Warm-up and 8,500 players for the Sunday Million. But, this isn't a normal weekend at PokerStars, nor a normal last two weeks for that matter as tonight's Main Events were the beginning of the end for another...more

SCOOP: d3pp earns top billing over a cast of thousands in Event #37-Low, $22 NLHE

SCOOP 37-L final table.jpg

Chad Brown is a man who knows a thing or two about longevity. He's played California card rooms and Vegas casinos, after the boom and many years before it. Brown drew hosting duties for the final table of SCOOP's final low buy-in no-limit hold'em event and as the nine remaining...more

SCOOP: DuckU in front with 27 left, Event #38-High (Main Event)


It has all been leading to this. The big one. After two weeks of round-the-clock poker, the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker kicked off its two-day Main Event on Sunday afternoon. As was the case last spring, this year's SCOOP Main Event came with a $5 million guarantee. In...more

SCOOP: roo_4 defeats drecster for Event #35-L $270 NL Heads-Up crown


Have you ever been in a fistfight? Did you win it? How about more than one? Did you win those? But have you ever won 11 fights... in a row? Heads-up poker is similar to a back alley brawl. Winning a heads-up match requires your full attention and deep concentration....more

SCOOP: And then there was one, Jord4n wins Event #35-Medium heads-up tourney

SCOOP 35-MFinal.jpg

Day 2 begins with money in our 16 player's pockets and the big riches of $172,800.00 for first prize within four more victories. But those victories would not come easy with a defending champion and a Team PokerStars pro racking up victories on the live circuit. Round of 16 aejones...more

SCOOP: Skämmes schemes, slays Seiver for Event #35-High title ($25K HU)


Yesterday 32 players each ponied up $25,500 in this "High" version of Event #35, a two-day, heads-up, no-limit hold'em shootout featuring many of the poker world's elite. After three rounds and approximately seven hours of play, four players had made it through to today's matches -- SWEGIN, Skämmes, goatboy1, and...more

SCOOP 2010: Event 32 - $5,200 FLHE 6-Max


SCOOP: Itbdone dusts the field in Event #36-M, $215 H.O.R.S.E.

SCOOP 36-M final table.jpg

Everyone has a weak game. A limit hold'em shark can be confounded by razz. A stud specialist may dread Omaha hi/lo and split-pot wizards might find their stomachs clenching when a stud high hand comes up. But here's the thing about H.O.R.S.E. You can't hide from your weak game. It's...more

SCOOP: muggylicious goes wire-to-wire, wins Event 36-High ($2,100 HORSE)

Event 36-High Final Table.JPG

I told myself this morning that I was not going to make any "high HORSE" references in the recap of SCOOP Event 36-High, $2,100 HORSE this year. Last year I crammed as any horse idioms - and especially high horse idioms - as I could into the recap. "Spiritual growth,"...more

SCOOP: Don_Insano chalks up a crazy HORSE win in Event #36-Low

2010 SCOOP - Event 36-L Pic.JPG

Versatile. Adaptable. Skilled. Attentive. Patient. These are all skills required to play a HORSE tournament, as players must be ready to change games every eight minutes, change gears to play their best at each game, and note the play of their opponents in five different games. HORSE may be fun,...more

SCOOP: Event #35-L $270 Heads-Up NL - Day 1 Recap: Down to 64


Can you win 11 consecutive heads-up matches spread out over two days? The lucky soul who overcomes that arduous feat will gain recognition as the next SCOOP heads-up champion. The "low" buy-in for Event #35 $270 Heads-Up match play championship expected to draw a huge field, which is why it...more

SCOOP: gavz101 is Number One in Event 34-High, $5,200 PLO

Event 34-High Final Table.JPG

Doyle Brunson once said that in order to win a poker tournament, you have to win with A-K and you have to beat A-K. Essentially he was saying, "Win your flips." In Pot-Limit Omaha, the flips don't usually involve A-K but they're no less critical to winning the tournament. You...more

SCOOP: BigBadBoss fires everyone and wins Event #34-Low (PLO)

2010 SCOOP - Event 34-L Pic.JPG

There's been a lot said regarding the ever-increasing popularity of pot-limit Omaha, as well as players' love for short-handed action. No need for me to repeat that here. But we will say that this tournament is a testament to those facts. It was a Saturday afternoon in spring, and the...more

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