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SCOOP_larsluzak_sami_kelopuro.jpg Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, 2011 SCOOP $10,300 main event champion

The Daily SCOOP (5-24-11): Kelopuro wins big, Berg nabs Player of the Series

Three years ago, the people at PokerStars devised a little experiment. With the already successful World Championship of Online Poker a firm fixture in the early autumn, PokerStars wanted to try something different in the spring. The idea went like this: create a tournament series like WCOOP, but give everybody a chance to play for championship titles. They called it theSpring Championship of Online Poker, better known as SCOOP, a tournament series with buy-ins for every bankroll. Three years later, that experiment has priven successful beyond measure. Late last night,...more

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SCOOP: Team Pro Ruthenberg races to title in Triple Stud Turbo (18-H, $2,100)


Sticking only with the last three H.O.R.S.E. games -- razz (R), seven-card stud (S), and seven-card stud eight-or-better (E) -- and spending just five minutes on each game with the stakes rapidly increasing, turbo-style, meant the three versions of Event #18 were all destined to conclude in a flash. And...more

SCOOP: mojocha runs over final table in Event 18-Medium, $215 Triple Stud Turbo

Event 18-Medium final table.JPG

Triple Stud is a mixed-game variant that's become more popular since the 2009 World Series of Poker, when Jeff Lisandro won a gold bracelet in each of Stud, Razz and Stud Hi/Lo. Those events were played with a deep structure. The 2011 SCOOP Event 18-Medium Triple Stud tournament was played...more

SCOOP: lili275 needs less than four hours to win Event 18: Triple Stud $22 buy-in


Triple your stud. Triple your fun. For those who enjoy a game in which 43 percent of the hand is revealed face up, Event 18 of SCOOP, a $22 buy-in Triple Stud tournament, had much to offer. This event included a rotation of Stud Hi, Stud Hi-Lo and everyone's...more

SCOOP - 13-M $162 NL Ante Up: JustSaba's just desserts earns over $31k

SCOOP 13-M Ante Up Final Table.JPG

Event 13 of the PokerStars SCOOP tournament series is an "Ante Up" event. Put simply, the blinds remain at 5/5 throughout the tournament, but the antes go up each level. This event was at the medium $162 buy-in as a field of 1,243 entries created a $186,450 prize pool...more

SCOOP: RusAttack666 attacks Event 13-L field ($16.50 NLHE Ante Up)


No blind increases for the duration of a tournament would be like playing a cash game for many hours hoping to bust your opponents, so increasing antes while the blinds stay the same is how you make things interesting. That is just what it was, interesting, at least until play...more

SCOOP: JIZOINT turns the joint winning $55K in Event #13-H

SCOOP 13-H 2011.jpg

5,000 chips and blinds that stay at 5/5?!?! A thousand big blinds for pros of this caliber may cause the tournament to last until a Holiday Inn is built on Mars or my beloved Minnesota Vikings to finally win a Super Bowl (actually that will probably never happen). While the...more

The Daily SCOOP (5-14-11): Kostritsyn continues to (almost) amaze


Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn is having one of the best Spring Championship of Online Pokers in history. He's also probably never been more frustrated. In the past three days, Kostritsyn has gotten heads-up for SCOOP watches three times. Each time, he's finished second. As if second place was starting to make...more

SCOOP: Kecinpulach chops one for the Czech Republic in Event 14-L ($55 Limit Omaha H/L)


While some choose to watch a horror flick on Friday the 13th some poker players opted for another type of nightmare, the $55 Limit Omaha H/L SCOOP Event. This tournament turned A Nightmare on Elm Street into A Nightmare on Fifth Street for many as bad beats that involved nasty...more

SCOOP: crazy169 holds off blitzkrieg to win Event 14-M $530 Omaha Hi/Lo


Vivacious. Thrilling. Tantalizing. Scintillating. Enthralling. Adventurous. Titillating. Provocative. Exhilarating. None of those adjectives will be seen in the rest of this recap because I'd be bending reality if I used any of them to describe the tedium of fixed limit Omaha hi/lo. Instead, I'll resort to cliches like... "watching paint...more

SCOOP: No deal! Raziel2689 wins Event #15-Low ($16.50 2x Chance Turbo NLHE)

SCOOP Event 15-L Goral Top 5 with 50 left.jpg

If you've been around tournament poker for a while you're probably familiar with the concept of the M-ratio. First quantified by Paul Magriel, the M-ratio tells a poker player just how healthy his stack is compared to the current cost of being at the table. In order to calculate your...more

SCOOP: Pokerwille wills a win in Event #15-Medium ($162 NLHE Turbo 2x Chance)

SCOOP - Gualter Salles.jpg

Poker players are often publicized for their superstitions, though few actually alter their lives or poker habits because of them. But one day that often puts people in a state of unease simply out of tradition is Friday the 13th. People around the world reported problems with various internet program...more

SCOOP: Eifffel climbs to the top of Event 15-High

Event 15-High final table.JPG

Technically, turbo tournaments are not "flippaments", as such term is generally understood. However, they are definitely "rungoodaments". Nobody who plays much poker at all has any illusion about the luck needed to run through a 307-player turbo MTT field. That was the challenge that players faced in 2011 SCOOP Event...more

SCOOP: Kroko-dill collects SCOOP watch to go with WCOOP bracelet in $63K win

SCOOP 14-H 2011 - Copy.jpg

"Hey anyone want to play a three table $5,200 SnG, we will even throw in a championship watch to the winner!" Team Online was doing some recruiting as well: Donald: "Can someone join me at this table?" In the early going just nine players signed up for this monster buy-in...more

SCOOP-12-M $265 NL Knockout: Tupacmn Denies Deal, Wins $81,356


Event #12 of the PokerStars SCOOP, Event #12-M - $265 No-Limit Knockout, drew a field of 2,548 entries for the 2-day event. Each player had a $50 bounty on their head to create a bounty pool of $127,400 but the players were more interested in the $509,600 prize pool...more

SCOOP: flashdisastr scores final knockout in Event #12-H ($2,600 NLHE KO)


"Those $500 for the KO make me go crazy sometimes." So said Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn at the start of the final table of Event #12-High, the $2,600 no-limit hold'em knockout event for which players receive a $500 bounty for each opponent they eliminate. Speaking of crazy, Kostritsyn is having...more

SCOOP: woooooza wiiiiins it--German takes down Event #12: NLHE Knockout $27 buy-in


Wannabe poker pugilists took the term "knockout" to heart. The entrants in the $27 buy-in Low edition of Event #12: No-Limit Hold'em Knockout barely needed the second day, as 16,279 players were whittled down to 11 in only 44 levels of play on Thursday. That's a heck of a...more

The Daily SCOOP (5-13-11): Prepare to be quartered


Don't be ashamed. We all have something with which we struggle. Some people eat too much. Some people are oblivious to risk. Some people misunderstand the term "semi-bluff." Some people suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia. If you're among the latter, we humbly suggest you take the day off from the Spring Championship...more

SCOOP: uri1013 liquidates field in Event #11-Medium $215 PLO Heads-Up


The infamous heads-up match between Johnny Moss and Nick the Greek, supposedly hosted near the entrance to Benny Binion's Horseshoe Casino in downtown Las Vegas in the early 1950s, pitted the two adversaries in a game of Five-card draw. Flash forward fifty years later to Binion's in 2003. Chris Moneymaker...more

SCOOP: Called shot! YouPayMyF458 promises and delivers in Event 11-Low

SCOOP 11-Low final table.JPG

You don't often see someone predict victory and then deliver. Babe Ruth comes to mind. Joe Namath. YouPayMyF458? You bet. After failing to interest his final table opponent, gasi555 in a deal, YouPayMyF458 promised a win -- and delivered. Reaching the final table of 2011 Scoop Event 11-Low required winning...more

SCOOP: Winning indeed Sir_winalot9 denies Kostritsyn SCOOP title and banks $76K

SCOOP 11-H Final.jpg

Just one person standing between you and the win, heads-up play worrying about what the button is doing every other orbit or if the player on table 25 is running over his table. Just one person between you and that SCOOP champions watch. Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn had that chance last...more

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