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SCOOP_larsluzak_sami_kelopuro.jpg Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, 2011 SCOOP $10,300 main event champion

The Daily SCOOP (5-24-11): Kelopuro wins big, Berg nabs Player of the Series

Three years ago, the people at PokerStars devised a little experiment. With the already successful World Championship of Online Poker a firm fixture in the early autumn, PokerStars wanted to try something different in the spring. The idea went like this: create a tournament series like WCOOP, but give everybody a chance to play for championship titles. They called it theSpring Championship of Online Poker, better known as SCOOP, a tournament series with buy-ins for every bankroll. Three years later, that experiment has priven successful beyond measure. Late last night,...more

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Inside SCOOP final show


SCOOP: Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro seizes SCOOP Main Event title in Event #38-H ($10,300 NLHE)


From the moment the 2011 SCOOP schedule was released, the fact that the Main Event would crown its champions on May 23 did not go unnoticed. Eight years ago tonight, a 28 year-old accountant defeated a slick Vegas veteran in the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, turning a...more

SCOOP: filthyfish swims away with Event #37-M ($215 NLHE 6-max)

Event 37-M FT.jpg

Event #37 was the 2011 SCOOP's last-chance saloon. It was the last chance to rack up TLB points, make a big score, or even get unstuck before the Main Event. The lure of six-max action and a $500,000 prize pool drew 3,775 players into the fray, topping that guarantee by...more

SCOOP: Goldenboys shines, wins Event #38-Medium ($1,050 NLHE)


Looking over the numbers for the 2011 SCOOP Main Event tourneys, the "low," "medium," and "high" versions together attracted nearly 20,000 entrants, all fighting for a cool $7,983,200. Those tourneys culminated today, the eighth anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's historic win in the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, for...more

SCOOP: Hahila claims tough victory in Event #37-High ($2,100 NLHE 6-max)

2011 SCOOP - Event 37 High FT.JPG

The old saying goes that the best are saved for last. That certainly seemed to be the case with the 2011 SCOOP tournaments. While the entire series boasted of amazing guarantees and very solid fields of players from around the globe, it was the last of the events that drew...more

SCOOP: Fittungen of Sweden fittingly wins Event #38-Low ($109 NLHE Main Event)

2011 SCOOP - Event 38 Low Main Event FT.JPG

Most series have a finale. Television shows typically have a finale at the end of each season, books have a final chapter that pulls everything together, and sports have a season-ending championship to determine the ultimate winning team. And poker tournaments have their main events, the finale of each series...more

The Daily SCOOP (5-23-11): ElkY wins $25k, Hachem still fighting in main event


Who needs Big Ben, Old Faithful, or Donald Trump's self-promotion when you have ElkY? If you need something by which you can set your watch, it's a Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier poker victory. You just had to know one was coming in this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker. Why wouldn't...more

SCOOP: lehout victorious in Event 37: $22 buy in 6-max NLHE


The penultimate event of the 2011 Spring Championship of Online Poker attracted a mass field as 17,876 players bought into the Low version of Event 37: No-Limit Hold'em 6-max, more than played in the first 35 years of the World Series of Poker main event--combined. The resulting prize pool...more

SCOOP: Big_nat123's big raises too much for Event #35-L field (NLHE Heads-up)

SCOOP 35-L Final.jpg

The preamble before the big finish, the first set of roman candles before the grand finale of fireworks light up the evening sky. Event #25-L NLHE Heads-up matches carried the largest buy-ins across the board during the SCOOP 2011 series. Even the low buy-in was set at $270 carrying a...more

SCOOP: ElkY reigns supreme in Event #35-H ($25,500 heads-up NLHE)


For six years now, we've been watching ElkY win things. It's a recurring phenomena that rears up every few months and tends to come in streaks. Was it really nineteen months ago that he won two WCOOP bracelets inside of a few days? Was it really two weeks ago that...more

SCOOP: Treezer topped all to win Event #35-Medium ($2,600 NLHE HU)

2011 SCOOP - Event 35 Medium FT.JPG

Heads-up poker is the epitome of the game. The essentials are all rolled into one match that results in only one victor. Some say it is the purest form of poker, as every hand matters, every bet is important, and every fold is costly. Players have little time to analyze...more

The Daily SCOOP (5-22-11): Berg bags watch, main event begins today


I've written it so many times over the past several years, I honestly have run out of any new way to put it: Anders "Donald" Berg doesn't understand what it's like to miss a final table. Put him in a mixed game, draw game, game that involves four cards, or...more

SCOOP: Anders "Donald" Berg Reigns Supreme at High H.O.R.S.E.


Eleven hours into the H.O.R.S.E. tournament, two men were still standing -- George Danzer vs. Anders "Donald" Berg. It was a battle of Germany vs. Norway, scarves vs. no-scarves, and an ultimate match-up between a PokerStars Team Pro and PokerStars Team Online, where bragging rights were on the line to...more

SCOOP: BuklaH beats Dennis_TO to win Event #36-Medium ($215 HORSE)

2011 SCOOP - Event 36 Medium FT.JPG

Many of today's top players have moved so far into the mixed game realm that they often seek out 8-game or 10-game tournaments. Some in the cash game arena look for games like Badugi and then venture into numerous variations of that particular game. It keeps the game exciting for...more

SCOOP: Eleint eviscerates the field, scores second watch in Event #34-M ($530 PLO 6-max)

Event 34-M FT.jpg

Short-handed pot-limit Omaha. Running through rush hour traffic in Saigon might be safer. That, or cliff diving. In this high-wire act marked by the slimmest of edges, any hand really could be your last and the faint of heart need not apply. Fearlessness was a common theme at tonight's final...more

SCOOP: Action! npomocc wins Event #34-Low ($55 PLO 6-Max)

SCOOP Event 34-L Final Table.jpg

With four cards in each player's hand and seemingly limitless possibilities on almost every flop, action is the catchword in every game of Pot Limit Omaha. For certain people, though - probably, though not necessarily, the same kind of people who jump off bridges with bungees tied to their feet...more

SCOOP: krendipont takes down Event 36: HORSE $22 buy in


PokerStars players were not horsing around on Saturday as they shattered the $25,000 guarantee for the Low version of Event 36: HORSE. The tournament drew 2,835 players, which created a prize pool of $56,700. Of this field, 440 players made the money, including Team PokerStars pros Nuno Coelho in...more

SCOOP: Domce dominates Event #34-H Pot Limit Omaha, mement_mori 4th

SCOOP 34-H 2011.jpg

Call it "high rollers day" here at the SCOOP 2011 tournament series. Today those with the bankrolls or those who were lucky enough to weave through the satellite fields to earn their pricy tickets got an audience with the best of the best and some of the largest prize pools...more

Inside SCOOP 5-20-11


The Daily SCOOP (5-21-11): $25K heads-up event, big prizes on Inside SCOOP

SCOOP 30-H_final_table.jpg

If you're going to play the big ones in the Spring Championship of Online Poker today, pack your checkbook. This is where it starts getting big. In just a couple of hours, the $25,000 NLHE Heads-Up event takes off. ElkY and Isildur1 are already signed up, so it's going to...more

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