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shaun_deeb_PoS_scoop.jpg Shaun Deeb, 2012 SCOOP Player of the Series

As the Stars Tweet: The final days of SCOOP tweets

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) proved to be a historic affair; in fact, it proved to have more players and award more money than any other PokerStars' series. All told, 134,183 unique players from 156 countries put up 526,154 buy-ins and were awarded $65,332,179 in prize money, more than doubling the guaranteed $30,000,000 prize pool. Early on in the series, Team Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom made headlines by winning to titles: SCOOP 2-M $200 N0-Limit Hold'em and SCOOP 3-H: $500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max with Rebuys. While that was...more

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SCOOP 2012: The epilogue


There's a glow that hangs around after something like the Spring Championship of Online Poker, a sort of spent, endorphin-charged euphoria that has many of us stumbling around with silly smiles on our faces. I submit that it's the natural biological reaction to a festival that became the biggest of...more

SCOOP 2012: Record-breakers, leaderboard winners, and champions


There is no overstating it. The 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker was simply amazing. It was history's biggest online poker festival. It hosted more players than any PokerStars festival ever. It awarded more money than PokerStars has ever given out in a poker tournament series. Meanwhile, one player stood...more

SCOOP 2012: GripDsNutz grabs the watch, wins #40-H ME, $798K after three-way chop ($10,300 NLHE)


The "high" version of SCOOP Event #40, the $10,300 buy-in Main Event, saw a field of 517 build an eye-popping prize pool of $5.17 million. And after one long day of play, no one had claimed even the tiniest slice of any of it. Not yet. All 63 of those...more

SCOOP 2012: 7tHEcROw7 scares up a win in Event 39-H ($2,100 NLHE 6-max)

2012 SCOOP-39-H final table.jpg

Second chances can be rare in this life, but in SCOOP they seem to come about a little more often than normal. The two players who ended up taking each other on in the heads-up finale of this event were both looking to improve on their performances at past SCOOP...more

SCOOP 2012: suarez_BG makes stunning come-from-behind win in Event #40-M ($1,050 NL)


Denmark's ministerborg smelled blood in the water. He began Day 2 in the Top 10 in chips and sought his second SCOOP crown this month after winning Event #21-H. He survived the initial onslaught on Day 2 and advanced to the final table. When heads-up play began against suarez_BG, ministerborg...more

SCOOP 2012: Jubilation for john_tri80, Main Event #40-L champion ($109 NLHE Main Event)

2012 SCOOP FT - 40L.JPG

As one of the final table's initial chip leaders, john_tri80 experienced a fair amount of chip stack challenges. Several hours of hard work went into outlasting opponents, but the elimination of Fiskin1 in third place was key in getting to heads-up with the chip lead over FrandsenDK. John_tri80 then stayed...more

SCOOP 2012: skillzdatklls massacres the field in Event #39-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max)


It's almost over. The 40 event spring madness known as the Spring Championship of Online Poker is nearing its end. We've seen some crazy things happen. Shaun Deeb dominated the series and, despite all the legal setbacks in the online poker world, the 2012 SCOOP turned out to be...more

SCOOP 2012: lucas drolet lives on the 1st floor in Event 39-Low ($27 NLHE 6-max)

2012 SCOOP 39-low final table.jpg

Another successful SCOOP has come to a close on PokerStars, but not before a few more champions were made. Today, the Day 2 completion of 2012 SCOOP Event 39-Low, $27 NLHE 6-max, saw lucas drolet claim a SCOOP Movado watch. 20,838 found $27 in their PokerStars accounts to put towards...more

As the Stars Tweet: 2012 SCOOP Part 2


The excitement of the 2012 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) carried into Week 2 as more than $15 million in guarantees were still up for grabs. Members of Team PokerStars Pro were hitting the table in full force and, to our delight, several team members were updating their...more

SCOOP 2012: Waiting for champions with champions


And then we came to the end. There are no more Spring Championship of Online Poker events to enter. Only a fraction of the people who entered the main events on Sunday remain for Day 2. SCOOP has become the biggest online poker tournament series in history. Now we sit...more

SCOOP 2012: Hey Jude! Team PokerStars Pro Jude 'j.thaddeus' Ainsworth still alive in Event #40-M ($1,050 NL)


Imagine tying a brick of cash worth $560,000 on the end of a stick and then dangling it out the window. How long would it take before someone snatched it all up? PokerStars set the bait and 3,567 blood-thirsty online poker players flocked to Event #40-M NL.They each paid the...more

SCOOP 2012: Chojjasd in charge after Event #40-L Day 1 ($109 NLHE Main Event)

Bertrand Grospellier 2.jpg

The numbers below say it all. This low buy-in version of the Main Event was a success, and it hasn't even played out yet. The final results will be in after Day 2 on May 21, but leading for the first day is Chojjasd. The player from Malta is no...more

SCOOP 2012: ImashokU, NeverScaredB lead #40-H w/63 left; Akkari 7th ($10,300 NLH Main Event)


It's been a remarkable couple of a weeks here at PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. Blom's back-to-back to kick things off. More multiple bracelet winners in joacowalter, bleu320, and Drew M Scott. Players cashing in SCOOP events from more than 130 different countries. Guarantee-smashing prize pools everywhere you look......more

SCOOP 2012: sonik4 is super, booms way through #37-L for win ($215 NLHE HU)


Might sound paradoxical... a "low" "high roller" tournament. But really, every event in this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker, no matter the buy-in, has produced large enough prize pools to make even the least inexpensive events seem big, relatively speaking. Event #37-L sported a $215 buy-in -- the biggest...more

SCOOP 2012: Biggest online series in history


The 2012 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker has just become the largest online series in history. Chew on that for a second. It's May 2012. I just looked at a calendar to be sure. It's May of the year 2012. The year after 2011, the PokerStars Spring Championship of...more

SCOOP 2012: Victory no laughing matter for w00tLOL in Event 37-Medium ($2100 NLHE Heads Up)

2012 SCOOP 37-medium final.jpg

We're getting to the end of the 2012 SCOOP now, and with the end come the priciest and most prestigious events. Day 15 of SCOOP saw the conclusion of 2012 SCOOP Event 37-Medium, $2,100 No-Limit Hold'em (Heads-Up). w00tLOL, a previous 2012 SCOOP final tablist, won four heads-up matches to claim...more

SCOOP 2012: Sauce123 sauces the heads of his opponents in Event #37-H ($21,000 NLHE Heads-Up)


Just you and your opponent, no concern about a third or fourth player sneaking into the hand to cause you distress. No other players to worry about, you are able to study your opponent more, get a read on their tendencies, and play tricks on their head while trying to...more

SCOOP 2012: Shaun Deeb stuns, wins fifth SCOOP title in Event #38-H ($2,100 H.O.R.S.E.)


He'll have another, if you don't mind. The three-year old colt that made a late surge to win this afternoon's running of the Preakness has nothing on Shaun Deeb. Sure, I'll Have Another can run 45 mph and has a shot at becoming the first Triple Crown winner in 34...more

SCOOP 2012: Luke "lb6121" Schwartz ships Event #36-H ($5,200 PLO 6-max)

SCOOP Event 36-H FT.jpg

Luke "lb6121" Schwartz likes to speak his mind. He's confident and brash, able to hang with the world's best cash game players and was once banned from Grosvenor Casinos for refusing to pay for a cheese and cucumber sandwich. Only last night, he landed at his third career SCOOP final...more

SCOOP 2012: DaniRiquelme does damage with Event #38-L win ($27 HORSE)

2012 SCOOP FT - 38L.JPG

Destiny? DaniRiquelme did enter the final table with the chip lead. DaniRiquelme was the chip leader at the time of the four-way chop, too, only losing that lead to muktuk2 toward the end of the tournament. But a series of hurried moves only led to double-ups and chip-ups, which led...more

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