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acequad_avatar.jpg SCOOP Player of the Series Eric 'AceQuad' Brix

Meet Eric 'AceQuad' Brix, your SCOOP Leaderboard champion

Eric Brix grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul called White Bear Lake in Minnesota. It was a typical middle class town in which Brix spent a lot of time fishing, waterskiing, quad biking and wrestling, a sport in which he competed at school for nine years. Anytime during that idyllic upbringing it's doubtful it would have occurred to Brix that a few years down the line he'd be living in Cancun, a 28-year-old furiously clicking the refresh button on his computer, sat next to his Mexican wife, desperately...more

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SCOOP winner Jan 'JacktShipper' De Smet, an old head on young shoulders


While the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Viktor Blom and George Danzer may have taken the biggest headlines it should not be forgotten that the SCOOP crowned a lot of heroes during its $75 million festival. One hundred and thirty-30 heroes, in fact (two players won two events). One of those...more

SCOOP champs around the globe


Viktor Blom doesn't do a lot of media work. Even in the few opportunities I've had to talk to him, I've walked away without a perfectly clear understanding of what we just talked about. That is a short way of explaining why you don't yet see a long, in-depth piece...more

Wow! Could you EVER make this play?


We're used to seeing some extraordinary plays in our major series like SCOOP, but sometimes a player does something that takes our breath away. Step forward Sami 'Lrslzk' Kelopuro, who pulled off a masterstroke during this hand in the $21,000 SCOOP High Roller. As you watch the hand play out...more

SCOOP 2013: Richest online series ends with a bang


This year's Spring Championship of Online Poker saw Team Pro Daniel Negreanu win his first ever online title. It saw Team Pro George Danzer win two events and put forth a Herculean effort to win the overall Player of the Series.* It was, by all accounts, a festival rich on...more

SCOOP 2013: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom bests Boeken heads-up, wins over $1m in Main Event #43-H ($10,300 NLHE)


It's been a wild couple of weeks around here... historic, even. A total of $75,585,305.05 has been won in the 132 tournaments of the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker, making it the richest online poker tournament series in history. And a big chunk of that was awarded in Event...more

SCOOP 2013: gaucho47 outguns Joe "ender555" Ebanks in Event #44-H, $2,100 NL Hold'em (8-Max)

SCOOP Event 44-H final table heads-up.jpg

The 2013 installment of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker entered today with just a few two-day events left to close out, but the final numbers for the series were complete yesterday. PokerStars players made this year's SCOOP the richest tournament series in online poker history, awarding more than...more

SCOOP 2013: VAMOOOO! Brazil's Nicolau "nicofellow" Villa-Lobos wins Event #43-M, nanonoko 4th ($1,050 NLHE Main Event)


A $4 million prize pool is serious business. It's nearly as rich as an EPT Main Event. In fact, it's so lucrative Daniel Negreanu decamped from Las Vegas to Vancouver the weekend before the WSOP just to be able to buy in. In its fourth year, SCOOP continued breaking records...more

SCOOP 2013: MLiz magnificent in Main Event with victory in Event #43-L [$109 NL]


According to the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come." Instead of driving out to the middle of nowhere to watch a bunch of ghosts play baseball in a corn field, PokerStars created the Spring Championship of Online Poker. SCOOP has become one of...more

SCOOP 2013: An uphill victory for SlyderS1 in Event #42-M ($215 NLHE 8-Max)


The SCOOP is coming to a close and SlyderS1 took one of the last watches of the year. While the Main Events were raging on, SlyderS1 was slowly beating 8-handed table after 8-handed table. There were 5,436 players that signed up to play the 8-max event. This created a $1,087,200.00...more

SCOOP 2013: All too easy for nbk_oli who wins Event #42-L ($27 NL Hold'em, 8-Max)


With only a handful of events left to play in the 2013 SCOOP there was a sense that nobody wanted any of it to end, at least in the final table of event 42-L. There were 24 all-ins that went uncontested, 12 of them in a row, amounting to nothing...more

SCOOP 2013 heads to star-studded final day


It's a holiday where I am, and I'll be candid with you: I intended to take the day off. I thought things would run themselves. I thought, "Hey, the main event of SCOOP isn't even finished yet. Why worry with work?" And then I saw just how crazy today was...more

SCOOP 2013: Danzer does it again in Event #41-H ($2,100 NLHE 4-Max)


Four-handed poker is one that always excites many of the game's professionals. It's an action game. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, giving pros a chance to maximize their perceived "edge". So it's no surprise that we saw a couple of big name professionals make a deep run at...more

SCOOP 2013: EPT London champ Ruben "rubenrtv" Visser wins Event #44-H, $1,050 NL Hold'em Wrap-Up (Turbo, 3x-Chance)

SCOOP-44-H final table heads-up.jpg

There was never any doubt that Event #44-H, the $1,050 version of the SCOOP Wrap-Up, would draw a tough field. SCOOP is one of the most popular tournament series here at PokerStars and this tournament was the last chance to earn a champion's watch at the High buy-in level for...more

SCOOP 2013: TiltMeHarder avoids mega-tilt and binks Event #44-M Wrap-Up [$109 NL Turbo, 3x-Chance]


Redemption time. One of the last events of the Spring Championship of Online Poker gave Sunday grinders a final opportunity to win a SCOOP title and pad their bankrolls (or get unstuck in some extreme cases). The Triple Chance Turbo format of Event #44-M Wrap Up featured five-minute levels that...more

SCOOP 2013: Pablito_2121 is number one in Event 44L ($11 NLHE Turbo, 3xChance)

2013 SCOOP - 44L final table.JPG

Anything can happen in a turbo tournament, but all it takes is one player with momentum to sail through it. Pablito_2121 started slowly at the final table but soon took over, eliminating player after player and dominating with such a large stack of chips that no one could do much...more

SCOOP 2013: Ben "KidCardiff6" Warrington wins HU High-Roller Event #40-M ($2,100 NLH Heads-Up, High-Roller)


Heads up tournaments always bring out some of the top players and the final HU event of SCOOP 2013 was of the High-Roller variety. Buy-ins were raised 10 fold across the board for each of the three levels of tournaments for some big money prizes. The Medium event brought 247...more

SCOOP 2013: Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin wins first SCOOP title in Event #40-L ($215 NLHE Heads-Up, High Roller)

SCOOP Ev 40-L FT.jpg

Not too many folks can say they won and lost a million dollars before their 21st birthday. But Ashton Griffin is one of those people. Before he could legally play in a U.S. casino, Griffin had built and busted multiple online bankrolls, but what he lacked in fiscal discipline, he...more

SCOOP 2013: hownorez has way after three-way chop, wins Event #41-M ($215 NLHE 4-Max)


The four-handed events always guarantee lots of action, and there was no lack of such in Event #41-M, the $215 buy-in version of the 4-max. no-limit hold'em event. Scheduled as a two-day affair, it would begin on Saturday afternoon and conclude early Sunday evening, with hownorez of the Czech Republic...more

SCOOP 2013: zhenmao75322's wall of chips wins Event #41-L ($27 NLHE 4-Max)


Raise or be gone. Four-max is no place to wait for aces and the players who successfully entered day two of the $200,000 guarantee SCOOP $27 Event #41-L knew that. zhenmao75322 would grab the chip lead at the five-player final table and did not back down until all of the...more

SCOOP 2013: mrGR33N13 does the talking, Ben86 does the winning in Event #40-H ($21,000 heads-up high roller)


Heads-up poker for high stakes is intense. It's a relentless test of skill and endurance among players who, in the case of event 40-H, don't flinch at paying $21,000 to be one of 32 taking part in the Series' most exclusive tournament. To watch it is to see poker at...more

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