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IMS DURNK wins $231K in super 2/2/14 Sunday Million victory

This year's Super Bowl might have failed to live up to the expectations of all but the Seattle faithful, but the Sunday Million that ran simultaneously here at PokerStars was anything but a disappointment. That was especially true for one player who had cashed in the tournament many times in the past, including a couple of deep runs, without making it as far as the final table. The big game stole away a few hundred players to leave this week's field at 7,709, down a bit from the last few...more

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Sunday Million: Timvn2008 goes wire-to-wire, wins $187k after three-way deal


The chip counts were heavily polarized as this week's Sunday Million final table kicked off. On one end was myownNICK, his 1.77 million representing only seven big blinds. On the other was timvn2008, his 25.2 million nearly double the chips of second-place KungFuDonk. Timvn2008 took his massive chip stack and...more

Sunday Million: geramas.G grinds out a $210k score


A robust crowd of 7,919 players bought in to this week's Sunday Million, the prize pool topping out at $1,583,800.00. 1,170 places were paid with first place set to earn $237,574.32. Among the 19 Red Spades in the field were Jake Cody, Marcel Luske, Christian De Leon, Vicky Coren, Joe...more

D_DIGGLER99 takes down Sunday Million, $189K; Epiphany77 earns $201K after chop


This week's Sunday Million -- the weekly $215 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars that is online poker's most popular event -- didn't quite match last week's in terms of turnout, but it was every bit as exciting. A field of 7,989 took part this time around, and after almost 12...more

Sunday Million: TroopTroop1 marches to victory, claims $234k


Germany's TroopTroop1 had a spectacular end of 2013 when he made the final table of WCOOP Challenge Series #5 and scored over $115k in a five-way deal. For most of us mere mortals, that's a once-in-a-lifetime score. However, only two weeks later, TroopTroop1 did it again... and for more than...more

WhatArunAA picks up second career Sunday Million title, $208K


The last Sunday of the NFL season was filled with heart-stopping finishes with games all day and night to entertain football fans. As it happened, the day coincided with the last Sunday Million of 2013 which also featured lots of action throughout the day and night with a huge field...more

WCOOP Challenge Series: roscootje459 reaps $302k in Sunday Million Special Edition (Event #7, $215 NLHE)


It was a merry weekend indeed on the PokerStars felt. When all was said and done, the WCOOP Challenge Series awarded over $11.6 million in prize money, each of its ten champions coming away with a $5,200 WCOOP Main Event ticket and a customized commemorative money clip in addition to...more

Sunday Million: twirlpro takes second Sunday Million title, $213K


Amid PokerStars' "December Festival" full of promotions and boosted guarantees, a "regular" Sunday Million played out this weekend with the usual $1 million guarantee for a $215 buy-in. The field was big nonetheless, with 8,316 coming out to create a huge $1,663,200 prize pool. It would take nearly 13 hours...more

Sunday Million: Late run boosts Ireland's sincinaty118 to victory on Million Dollar Sunday

Sunday Million 12-8-13 ft.jpeg

The Sunday Million is the crown jewel of the PokerStars Sunday majors, a tournament that every online grinder aspires to conquer someday. It's not rare to see familiar faces among the final table lineup, chasing some of the biggest prize money offered all week. But in this week's Million Dollar...more

Sunday Million II: Van Razor swiftly slices up field, earns $177K


Sunday's "Double Vision" promotion meant a second Sunday Million was added this week, meaning players had an extra chance at PokerStars' popular $215 no-limit hold'em tournament with the $1 million guarantee. The Sunday Million II started a half-hour later than the regular Sunday Million, but actually ended a few minutes...more

Stefan "mindgamer" Jedlicka wins the Sunday Million for $223k six weeks after runner-up finish


On October 21st, Stefan "mindgamer" Jedlicka was one elimination away from winning the Sunday Million. Heads-up with semaj2 at a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage, Jedlicka was about to score the double-up he so desperately needed when semaj2 rivered a flush, ending Jedlicka's run just short of the top spot....more

vizquel17 victorious, earns over $213K in 11/24/13 Sunday Million


It was another big Sunday Million this week with 7,107 entrants into the weekly $215 buy-in tournament, the most popular in online poker. That meant a big prize pool of $1,421,400 -- well over the $1 million guarantee -- to be split by the top 1,080 finishers. It would take...more

Sunday Million:liv_hbk denies blumenkind53 a second title


Tim "blumenkind53" Ulrich knows a little something about the Sunday Million final table. Back in August 2010 he won it, but due to a four-way deal, the $160,781 he took home that night wasn't the largest share of the prize pool. Since then, Ulrich has won two Super Tuesday titles...more

Agrobot_388Z wins the Sunday Million one week after $225k Red Spade Open score


Any number of great mathematical minds could explain why luck doesn't really come in streaks, but it's tough to argue against momentum. Confidence breeds confidence at the poker table and two of tonight's final nine were bursting with it thanks to recent scores. Two weeks ago, Slovakia's Epakfailer made the...more

Time for martyyy to partyyy after Sunday Million win, $239K score


Another Sunday means another big round of tourneys on PokerStars, highlighted as always by the Sunday Million, online poker's most popular weekly tournament. There were 7,972 hopefuls gathered for today's Sunday Million, all putting up $215 with ideas of multiplying that investment by 1,000 or more. And after 11 hours...more

Sunday Million: kongolainen banks $171k after a four-way chop


Kongolainen and Epakfailer were one-two to start, and one-two to finish. Both were sitting pretty as the final table commenced and they traded the lead back and forth, their opponents falling one by one until akport eliminated reikr in fifth place and caught up to them. Eager to lock up...more

semaj2 secures Sunday Million win after four-way chop, earns $168k


It's Sunday again, which means poker, poker, and more poker for tournament players, with the Sunday Million, the $215 no-limit hold'em tournament that highlights everyone's Sunday grind, once again proving a most popular destination. There were 7,464 signed on for the Milly this week, and after more than 12-and-a-half hours...more

Sunday Millon: danycou topples claffit01 in epic heads-up match, banks $217k


For most of this final table, it was claffit01's to lose. Coupling relentless aggression with a hot run of big pairs, claffit01 eliminated five players at the final table and got heads-up with danycou with a 3.7 to 1 chip advantage. No stranger to big money jumps, claffit01 was already...more

Runninggreat lives up to name, comes back to win Sunday Million after five-way chop


When the final table of this week's Sunday Million began some 10-and-a-half hours after the tourney's first hands were dealt, Canada's Runninggreat was well back with less than a quarter of the leader's stack. But Runninggreat ran great, perservering as others fell then earning a big knockout at four-handed to...more

Sunday Million: Jim1983Pim finishes strong to capture title and $169k


It was another good crowd at the biggest online major when 6,659 entered the Sunday Million to create a $1,331,800 prizepool and the winner schedule to win over $200,000. A great turnout considering the number of players currently playing the EPT Barcelona events. The final 990 of the field made...more

Sunday Million: jony_lv goes wire-to-wire, wins $180k


Get chiplead, check. Keep chiplead, check. Pick up kings, queens, and jacks in key situations? Check. Come back from 2 to 1 chip defect in only four hands to win? Check. It was undoubtedly a long road to get there, but tonight jony_lv made quick work of the Sunday Million...more

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