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IMS DURNK wins $231K in super 2/2/14 Sunday Million victory

This year's Super Bowl might have failed to live up to the expectations of all but the Seattle faithful, but the Sunday Million that ran simultaneously here at PokerStars was anything but a disappointment. That was especially true for one player who had cashed in the tournament many times in the past, including a couple of deep runs, without making it as far as the final table. The big game stole away a few hundred players to leave this week's field at 7,709, down a bit from the last few...more

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TeamWispy defeats parrish09 to win Sunday Million and $201,962

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Did you miss us? The Sunday Million was on hiatus for the majority of the month due to the World Championship of Online Poker. The 2012 series set records, awarded more than $55 million in 65 events, and witnessed maratik use FPPs to enter the Main Event, play it, make...more

Sunday Million: nebo_blizko blitzes final table, scores $184k

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For a lot of us, tomorrow brings the dawn of a new school year. For others, it's the last "normal" Sunday grind for at least a month, the WCOOP poised to take over our minds and monitors in one week's time. Amidst these lazy last days of summer, this week's...more

Fish4trips reeled in a Sunday Million win on August 19

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This weekend was one that divided attention between a live tournament and the online events. The Sunday Million was right on schedule, online and boasting of its $1 million guarantee as always. But many people were in Barcelona or tracking the events there as the European Poker Tour kicked off...more

Sunday Million: BeN-Cls surges to the finish, banks $191k


In this game, we live by the river and we die by the river. Too many flops and turns to count have sent us into mega-tilted fits of rage, but river cards, good or bad, seem to stick the longest in our memory banks. Rivers have a power and a...more

Victory for vladobu6i, WizardOfAhhs takes seventh in Sunday Million

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August is an unusual month. Not only are there several weeks without a major live tournament, the next online tournament series isn't until September. It's a rare time period in which players can enjoy their time at the online tables with a regular, unenhanced schedule of tournaments like the Sunday...more

Welshwizard9 wins, Toth takes fifth in exciting Sunday Million action

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Home, sweet home. It's what a lot of poker players are thinking after being in Las Vegas for a summer of poker. Since then, though, most have departed the desert, some have taken vacations and holidays, and home is the final destination. And home for many means that the Sunday...more

Sunday Million: FONBET_RULIT rolls over Leqenden, wins $168k


FONBET_RULIT never held the chip lead until it really mattered. Starting off in the middle of the pack, he could have easily finished ninth or fifth tonight, but wiggled out of two tough spots to survive. Despite a significant chip disadvantage heads-up, FONBET_RULIT knocked off former chip leader Lequenden and...more

Sunday Million: ShipTheFliip shakes the monkey off his back, scores $182k


ShipTheFliip no doubt felt a sense of deja vu as he hit the final table of this week's Sunday Million. He'd been here before and not too long ago, finishing third for over $111,000 back in November. ShipTheFlipp didn't close it out that night and was looking to change that...more

Sunday Million: franc1978685 finishes first, scores $124k in six-way chop

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While thousands of players spent their Sunday chasing down a dream in the WSOP Main Event, thousands more set their sights on spinning a $215 buy-in into a six-figure score from the comfort of their own homes. Although the Red Spade contingent in this week's Sunday Million was noticeably light,...more

Sunday Million: Gambler4444 rolls the right combination in $158K victory


"Know when to hold em, know when to fold em" part of the famous Kenny Rogers song "The Gambler". Tonight's journey for Gambler4444 to the $1,000,000 guarantee Sunday Million title was less about "reading people's faces" and more about knowing "they were out of aces". Nearing the late registration closure...more

Sunday Million: foldbudiao fights to the finish for $144k score

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They didn't exactly have a chip and a chair, but with the field down to six players, foldbudiao and robinsex were left with seven and three big blinds respectively. Sitting in the shadow of a dominating chip leader that held twice as much as second place, the task in front...more

Success for Sykoen in Half Price Sunday Million

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Something about the Sunday Million was off. It wasn't the $1 million guarantee; that remained the same as usual. It wasn't the thousands of players signing up to participate, as crowds always gather around the largest weekly tournament in online poker. The starting time hadn't changed, and some of the...more

Sunday Million: angrymoron cheers up with $166k score

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"Angrymoron" could describe any of us from time to time as we play this game. Missing a value bet, making a bad call, believing the guy across the table when he goads you into calling against the nuts. We're all angry morons when we're at our worst at the tables....more

Diesanser first, Pokerger1337 second in June 3 Sunday Million

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The month of June ushers in another very exciting few weeks of poker. Whether players are in Las Vegas for the live tournament action or on holiday from their respective homes around the world, it is a thrilling time for poker players. There may be more action from Sin City...more

Sunday Million: diegokeep drums up a $196k win

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It was deja vu all over again tonight for diegokeep. Only eight weeks ago, the Brazilian was living the dream, playing heads-up for a Sunday Million title while his poker idol Andre Akkari cheered him on from the rail. Although he fought his way back from a 3 to 1...more

CC2332 sees victory in April 29 Sunday Million

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It is an action-packed weekend at PokerStars. In addition to a final table getting underway at APPT Cebu, the EPT Grand Final Main Event is ready to find its 2012 champion on Monday in Monte Carlo. And the online poker geniuses are preparing for the upcoming SCOOP series to start...more

Mypokerf pairs Super Tuesday title with Sunday Million win

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Does luck really come in streaks? Ask ten players and you'll get ten answers, but ask the final two in tonight's Sunday Million and you might find a couple of true believers. Eleven days ago, Russia's mypokerf defeated 462 of online poker's elite MTT grinders in the Super Tuesday, earning...more

TCOOP champion jmc8609 adds Sunday Million title to award list

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The Sunday Million has a long, rich history of being the largest online poker tournament in the world. For many years, it has boasted of the largest guarantee of all weekly online events offered on any website, and its title holds the most prestige. "I won the Sunday Million" is...more

Guesty001 stages stellar comeback to win April 8 Sunday Million title

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Many people around the world celebrated holidays this weekend. Many of them were poker players. But no matter the family commitments, rearrangements of dinners, or lack of sleep, poker players were not going to miss out on the great opportunities that await them in the Sunday majors. Miss out on...more

Sunday Million: Lurkio77 levels the final table, wins $196k

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As this week's Sunday Million drew to a close, I couldn't help but think of the potential decibel level in the room if this heads-up match were playing out live. Over the years I spent on the tournament circuit I learned that there are no greater poker fans in the...more