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supertuesday29012014.jpg Super Tuesday 28th Jan 2014

Poeira4 supreme in 1/28/14 Super Tuesday for six-figure win

It was a Super Tuesday final table that had a bit of everything. There were a few coolers, some big clashes, the odd suck out, and the chip leader entering the final table was the first to be eliminated. There were moments of lull and then a couple of rapid-fire eliminations to keep everyone on their toes, and in the end it was Poeira4 who was the one left standing. The player from Portugal overcame every obstacle to take down the Super Tuesday crown and an enormous six-figure pay day....more

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Lots of dollars for PureCash25, 1/21/14 Super Tuesday champ


The third Super Tuesday of 2014 was the first one to attract more than 600 players, a feat that was accomplished 11 times last year. There were 602 runners tonight, making a $602,000 prize pool that more than doubled the Super Tuesday's $300K guarantee. And after almost 11-and-a-half hours it...more

ekziter grabs second Super Tuesday title, six-figure score (1/14/14)


With the fantastic finale of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure still fresh in poker players' minds, the second Super Tuesday of 2014 played out on Tuesday night with 531 players entering this week's installment of PokerStars' popular $1,050 no-limit hold'em weekly tourney. That meant a prize pool of $531,000 --...more

zen_mec transcends 1/7/14 Super Tuesday field, wins $102,980


Last week we were recapping a year's worth of Super Tuesdays, noting how during 2013 the average turnout for PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament was a little more than 537 with fields of more than 600 happening no less than 11 times. The first Super Tuesday of 2014 kept...more

ibotown takes it down, wins last Super Tuesday of the year (12/31/13)


With New Year's Eve parties no doubt occupying most Super Tuesday regulars, there was a much-smaller-than-usual turnout for this final installment of 2013. Even so, the $283,000 prize pool still bested the guarantee of $250K for the tourney (reduced from the usual $300K in anticipation of players' NYE plans). It...more

A holiday cheer for Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis, 12/24/13 Super Tuesday champ


A smaller field than usual of 356 came out for this Christmas Eve edition of the Super Tuesday, still building a $356,000 prize pool that was plenty clear of the tourney's $300K buy-in. The top 45 finishers split those riches, and after a little over nine-and-a-half hours of play it...more

Big payday for Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen, 12/17/13 Super Tuesday winner


This week's Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely brings out online poker's best and brightest, saw another big field of 546 participate, thereby creating a prize pool of $546,000 that well exceeded the event's $300K guarantee. It would ultimately take 10 hours and 45 minutes for...more

karakrud's wild ride ends with 12/10/13 Super Tuesday title


We all know that No Limit Holdem is a game of aggression, but sometimes the path to victory for the most aggressive player one of many peaks and troughs. It's the stuff of heart attacks. And we saw that today in the weekly Super Tuesday as Chilean karakrud mixed up...more

CMoosepower grabs 12/3/13 Super Tuesday by antlers, wins after six-way chop


Another huge field turned out this week for the Super Tuesday, with the 635 entrants tying for the fourth-largest Super Tuesday field ever (the record being 663). That meant $635,000 was up for grabs -- more than twice the $300K guarantee -- with the top 72 finishers splitting up the...more

paulwiter prevails in 11/26/13 Super Tuesday, earns $115,668


There were 612 runners for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em that consistently draws huge fields. That marked the 10th time in 2013 the Super Tuesday has exceeded 600 players, with this week's tourney ranking as the 7th largest of the year (and in the Super Tuesday's...more

hielkuh lucky and good, denies AceSpades11 second Super Tuesday title and wins $78,846.17


Another Super Tuesday and another super turnout as 579 players took a shot at PokerStars weekly $1,050 tournament. This meant that the $300,000 guarantee was almost doubled as there was $579,000 up for grabs, which would be shared between the top 72 players with $109,431 reserved for the winner. And...more

Palau777 prevails over 600-plus player field, wins 11/12/13 Super Tuesday


It was yet another big one this week at the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with the $300K guarantee. A field of 602 meant a big $602,000 prize pool -- yet another instance of the tourney's guarantee being more than doubled -- with Palau777 of Germany...more

IceStream picks up a cool $120K for 11/5/13 Super Tuesday win


It was yet another big Super Tuesday this week at PokerStars. A large field of 636 came out for the tourney, one more than last week and again one of the biggest fields ever in the history of the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em event. It would take nearly 12 hours...more

A nifty $120K for nipe1955, 10/29/13 Super Tuesday champ


Perhaps it's the weather turning cooler that's keeping more indoors to play online at PokerStars -- an idea posed by Team PokerStars Pro Christophe de Meulder in a recent blog post. Or maybe it's the growing anticipation surrounding the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event finally playing to its...more

NhFy flies through 10/22/13 Super Tuesday, earns $102,980

22oct13-supertuesday-finaltable copy.jpg

Every week the Super Tuesday -- the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars -- brings out a tough field of top online talent. The field is also usually quite large, too, and this week saw another big, talented group of players come out. The tournament usually takes a long...more

Bryn Kenney collects 10/15/13 Super Tuesday win after three-way chop with ambi and Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe


It was yet another massive field for this week's Super Tuesday, the popular $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars, with 579 players turning out. From that big field emerged a formidable final table, with three players -- Bryn "BrynKenney" Kenney and Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe (both playing from Canada) and ambi...more

Successful raid for Viking8844 in 10/8/13 Super Tuesday earns $111K haul


The WCOOP hangover -- not that there was that much of one -- has most definitely subsided as far as the Super Tuesday is concerned. After taking nearly a month off for online poker's most prestigious tournament series, the World Championship of Online Poker, the Super Tuesday returned last week...more

Matt "mjw006" Wakeman takes down 10/1/13 Super Tuesday


Following a hiautus during the just-completed World Championship of Poker, tonight's Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em event picked right back up where it left off in September, drawing 514 entrants to build a $514,000 prize pool, better than the event's $300K guarantee. It would ultimately take little over...more

fahim69 defeats Connor "blanconegro" Drinan to win 09/03/13 Super Tuesday


Another week gave the top players in the world a chance to battle it out for a big payday in a smaller, deeper tournament. The big buy-in tournament continues to draw the best online grinders and 440 of them put up the $1,050 to play. It was a talented field...more

Tim "blumenkind53" Ulrich captures second Super Tuesday title 08/27/13


The weekly big buy-in Super Tuesday event rolled around and drew some of the best players in the world. 470 players registered for the $1,050 No Limit Hold'em tournament creating a prizepool where the winner was set to earn more than $90,000. There were plenty of big names in the...more

LStrelec outlasts Kurganov, Obrestad, Batista, wins 8/20/13 Super Tuesday


This week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts big fields and online poker's best, ended with a final table full of tough competitors. Among them were Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov, Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad, and Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, all of whom made the final half-dozen. But in...more

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