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SundayWarmUp_012614.jpg Sunday Warm-Up Final Table (01-26-14)

Sunday Warm-Up: RichieA7s outduels Nick "FU_15" Maimone for win after three-way chop

Despite the successful start of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP), the usual Sunday Majors roared on tonight. The Sunday Million drew nearly 7,500 players while tonight's $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up welcomed 3,552 runners to its tables. The higher stakes players perhaps needed a break from the two and five minute blind levels and settle in for a longer night of entertainment that may end with a six-figure prize after 11 hours. Nick "FU_15" Maimone looked ripe for a Sunday Major title tonight after getting the largest share of the...more

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Sunday Warm-Up: TKO for vladulaNko earning a $109K victory


Marathon. Usually the word marathon is used to describe a foot race of 26.2 miles, with the current world record at a breath taking two hours three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Figuring this reporter has been training several months for a distance of half that amount, HOPING to run under...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Manta_Rays swims past the field for $100K victory


Tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up was about a pair of Russian players tearing up the final table busting each player from places fourth through ninth and looking to go 1-2 with $100,072.70 up top. Twice potential deals were shot down and twice Manta_Rays from Sweden would stand tall to claim...more

Sunday Warm-Up: _slowb0y_1 catches on quickly for $87K win


"bought in with FPPs today (not bad roi)" stated Cod Meharly right after the three-way chop talks gave our final three players over $70K a piece and yet another story of those little Frequent Players Points churning out something big in a major tournament here at PokerStars. 40 FPPs...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Incognito no longer, undaDISGUISE wins $97K


Tonight's champion will get to hold on to that title for awhile. No, not just the normal seven days from Sunday to Sunday but instead since a little thing called the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) will be traveling through for the next three weeks the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Really? Another one?? cal42688 collects the Sunday Warm-Up title


This spring we watched Shaun Deeb destroy the 2012 SCOOP series with eight final tables and four champion watches. In the same series Dan "djk123" collected his first SCOOP title to go with his three WCOOP titles. Tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up would also feature someone with the same type...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Poland takes home the gold, surud claims $88K


For the second straight week, the players got a bit greedy. Who can blame a person wanting $88,925.24 all to themselves as a shot for this kind of money does not happen every day unless you are someone with a massive bankroll playing high stakes open faced Chinese Poker on...more

Sunday Warm-Up: No deal nets UncaJ5 the full $95K in victory


The latest installment of the MicroMillions is in the rear view mirror (and hopefully Team Online's Andre Coimbra has recuperated from playing in all 100 events). Currently, players are flying their respective country's flags high as the 2012 London Olympics has a hold of nearly everyone's interest. Soon, especially for...more

Genys13 rides rush, cruises to 7/29/12 Sunday Warm-Up win and $92K


With the 2012 Summer Olympics well underway, the weekly international poker competitions that happen every Sunday on PokerStars played out as usual, among them this week's $215 buy-in, $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up. This week's Warm-Up saw 2,943 players from all around the world take part, together creating a total prize...more

Sunday Warm-Up: rmpvieira's late rush earns $88K and win


Right about the time the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up hit three tables left from a starting cast of 2,815 players all pitching in a $215 buy-in the second edition of the MicroMillions was nearing the end of another successful series. While Event #99 had 17,815 players and five minute blinds...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Ladies champ ProXimaVez, adds Sunday Warm-Up to resume


Quads are usually a rarity in Texas Hold Em'. With three players remaining tonight the rarity would show up in back-to-back hands that perhaps someone with a mind for probabilities could figure out the odds of this happening. The draw possibility for completing quads with paired cards by the turn...more

TheMatadorCC fights to the finish for Sunday Warm-Up victory

Bryan Huang 2.jpg

Sundays are big days, full of a wide range of buy-ins and guarantees in the largest online poker tournaments in the world. For example, this Sunday Warm-Up offers a massive $500K weekly guarantee for a $215 buy-in, though satellites offer players chances to qualify for much cheaper seats. With that...more

Sunday Warm-Up: X marks the win by Sweden's carolusXX


Around the time the players in tonight's $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up were moving into the 360 player money position, five Team PokerStars Pros were about to begin their very expensive journey into the most expensive poker tournament at the World Series of Poker. The One Drop boasts a buy-in of...more

Sunday Warm-Up: U.K. leads the way as SAUS wins $88K


While fans of England's soccer team may have been disappointed after today's loss to Italy in the Euro 2012 tournament after taking The Azures to a scoreless tie but losing in penalties, fans of United Kingdom poker players had something to cheer about during tonight's $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up. It...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Half-price for big win by Germany's jkfrankfurt


We were warned it was coming. But the monster field that showed up likely was not on the minds of the creators of tonight's Half-Priced Sunday Major's promotion. Five tournaments were included in the deal, the Sunday Storm, Women's Sunday, Sunday Kickoff, Sunday Million, and tonight's Sunday Warm-Up. All retained...more

Sunday Warm-Up: hvarga sprints to the $87K win


Usually the words used in a describing a Sunday Major victory are marathon, grueling, grind. In tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up the words to use while watching hvarga's victory were sprint, turbo, lightning, fast. 2,767 players would sit down for a tournament usually reserved for a 12 or 13 hour...more

Sunday Warm-Up: UsleSvend sails to victory, Team Pro George Danzer 3rd


With the World Series of Poker in full swing, the eyes are on the Team PokerStars pros taking their skills to the live arena at the Rio for riches and bracelets. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst would increase her career tournament earnings to over $5 million after placing fourth in...more

Sunday Warm-up: orange6 pounces on the final table for victory


120 tournaments in two weeks and you might be worn out too. Unless you are Shaun Deeb of course. The 2012 SCOOP player of the series was collecting watches like he was trying to outfit a pet octopus with PokerStars jewelry. But, not all players have the stamina to play...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Licensed to Win, Slaktaren007 takes down $97K in victory


After eating a sausage biscuit sandwich for breakfast, normally it would be time to catch up world news and Lindsay Lohan's latest mishap. But, today for some reason opening the PokerStars client to see the start of today's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-up made sense as the tournament will be taking...more

Sunday Warm-Up: MISHELA cracks aces and table to $108K victory


Aces. They look so pretty sitting in your hand and ready to get some unfortunate soul with a lesser hand to make the call. But, as we found out tonight, aces do get beat sometimes. Even twice in the same tournament. Tonight's $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up would attract 3,468 players as...more

Sunday Warm-Up: WCOOP champ sosickPL claims another big title


Usually on Sundays here at PokerStars the largest tournament is the $1,000,000 guarantee Sunday Million and tonight's $1,457,800.00 prize pool there would once again reign as king of the Sunday Majors. The queen who gets up a little bit earlier than the king, the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up, usually stands...more

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