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SundayWarmUp_012614.jpg Sunday Warm-Up Final Table (01-26-14)

Sunday Warm-Up: RichieA7s outduels Nick "FU_15" Maimone for win after three-way chop

Despite the successful start of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP), the usual Sunday Majors roared on tonight. The Sunday Million drew nearly 7,500 players while tonight's $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up welcomed 3,552 runners to its tables. The higher stakes players perhaps needed a break from the two and five minute blind levels and settle in for a longer night of entertainment that may end with a six-figure prize after 11 hours. Nick "FU_15" Maimone looked ripe for a Sunday Major title tonight after getting the largest share of the...more

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Sunday Warm-Up: Five-way deal makes victory easier for Palmero92


Whether you celebrated today sipping mimosa with family over brunch, attended an Easter gathering, watched The Masters golf tournament, or planted plastic eggs around the yard for the kids to find and hid them so well you could not find the ones they missed afterwards, the second weekend of April...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Big hands not needed in AA d@n¡ KK's win


No April Fools jokes here today as a trip around the internet will surely net you more well-planned fun like Google Maps going retro and updating its usage on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (maybe Mario to guide you to the nearest Starbucks?). Or Hungry Hungry Hippos coming out for...more

Sunday Warm-Up: X marks the spot, Xading wins after three-way deal


100 tournaments in 10 day, can you say busy much? The MicroMillions main event drew 54,065 players tonight with a guarantee busting $1.08 million prize pool capping off a successful run for our micro-stakes players who got the same coverage as our big time tournaments for the past week and...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Maverick 36O harnesses momentum and mojo, winning $102,990


With MicroMillions madness sweeping the virtual tables and March Madness competing for the attention of more than a few Sunday grinders, this week's Warm-Up almost felt like a relaxing walk in the park. That is, if your idea of relaxation is competing for a six-figure score. 3,280 players came out...more

Sunday Warm-Up: jorjo2007 weaves through tough final table for the win


This week's $500,000 Sunday Warm-up guarantee was quiet younger brother sitting in the corner as big brother, Sunday Million, celebrated his sixth birthday party . Yes, the little sibling got a slice of cake and hit the piñata a few times but the focus was mostly on him. Well, the...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Yes, we can! auercan takes down $112K in victory


It's hard not to look ahead to the next few weeks for the excitement coming across the upcoming tournaments here at PokerStars. You got the 6th anniversary of the original Sunday Major, the Sunday Million bigger and badder with a $6,000,000 guarantee and someone walking away with seven figures. Then,...more

Sunday Warm-up: TheJunobv is the obv winner after three-way chop


You made it through Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, and on Wednesday everyone gets an extra day of February for Leap Year. One day of the week every month, and not just in February is special for online players at PokerStars. The Sunday Major are always a cause for excitement with...more

Sunday Warm-Up: jonyctt takes the top spot, wins $114k


The Sunday Warm-Up is no jog around the block. It may have originally earned it's moniker due to its pre-Sunday Million start time, but has grown into one of poker's most hotly contested weekly online majors. Almost every weekend someone walks away from this slugfest with a six-figure payday they...more

Sunday Warm-Up II: Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari All the Way, Wins $118K


The Sunday Warm-Up has always been kind of a prequel, a lead-in to online poker's blockbuster tourney, the Sunday Million. With this week's "double vision" promotion, however, we had a sequel to the prequel, a.k.a. the "Sunday Warm-Up II: Electric Boogaloo." And as it turned out, the sequel might well...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Illini213's Ace on the River Worth $131K


Not one but two Sunday Warm-ups would give players a shot at calling themselves "Sunday Major winners". As the first Sunday Warm-up this evening would line up 4,176 players (and the second one which was taken down by none other than Team PokerStars pro Andre Akkari also drew a guarantee...more

MarinaBalbes makes nearly $100K for Sunday Warm-Up victory

WU FT 02.05.12.JPG

It was a big day of sports for the Americans and those who follow what the Americans call football. But for the rest of the world, it was poker as usual, and PokerStars was there to provide the schedule of tournaments that would satisfy everyone from the low buy-in players...more

RasA86 wins $112K and Sunday Warm-Up title for Denmark

SWU FT 01.22.12.png

Every Sunday on PokerStars is a busy one. With the line-up of Sunday majors, players need a strict schedule and several computer monitors to get in on all of the action. Today is one of those days that requires even more attention because of all of the TCOOP action, but...more

Sunday Warm-Up: MikiOpasniy outlasts FinancialPOK for the title and $115K


"Any way that suited the other man would suit him - any way just so's he got a bet, he was satisfied". A quote from tavern regular Simon Wheeler talking about the gambling man Jim Smiley in the Mark Twain short story "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County". Mr....more

Sunday Warm-Up: WINWINWINWIN for BAGBAGBAGBAG after three-way chop


If you have ever played a sport to a tie that required some form of overtime for the contest to be settled then tonight's heads-up match for the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up was poker's equivalent. 3,619 players would drop their $215 buy-ins with a shot at $113,677.77 first prize, but...more

Sunday Warm-Up: jenbizzle sizzles a $97K victory to start 2012


You wake up in a dark room. There is a faint odor of champagne and confusion in the air what is your next move? Well, for 3,100 players the next move was to sign up for the New Year's hangover edition of the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up. These players are...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Safe river card for crossthervr equals $85K victory


The final Sunday Warm-Up to conclude 2011 had a hammer-rific 2,700 entries as the crowd from last week's near million-dollar prize pool were off celebrating the holidays. But, for those diehards looking to take home a Christmas or Hanukkah gift in the form of a Sunday Major win, the depleted...more

Sunday Warm-up: RenRad01 ropes in harif1988 to win $154K


Big, very big, bigger, and biggest. Everything about this final weekend of the PokerStars' 10th Anniversary celebration has grown in size. Big: tonight's Sunday Warm-up setting the tone for the night of huge prizepools and player fields. After averaging just under 3,600 players a week for the past four...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Zimmy86 zips up $87K win after four-way chop


A few hours ago a PokerStars player named Kozlicek_x snagged over $24,000 at the micro-stakes six-max table as part of the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration. 72,000,000,000th hand, if each hand was a mile long (and some tales of these hands could tell would make them seem a mile long) laid...more

Relentless raulbcn wins December 4 Sunday Warm-Up

Jose Barbero.jpg

Every week, the Sunday Warm-Up offers players the chance to get in on some early online poker action before events like the Sunday Million require their presence. Warm-Up seems a bit of a misnomer, though, when the $215 buy-in tournament offers a whopping $500K guarantee! Big stakes, prestigious title, more...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Adrian900123 takes down WCOOP champ heads-up for title


Time and time again while watching the final few tables of the Sunday Majors you will see familiar names pop up. Tonight's $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up was no exception as the $215 buy-in tournament started with 3,535 runners but two of them reaching the final table already tasted the big prizes...more

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