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mcolombo.jpg One of TCOOP's new champions, Mcolombo

TCOOP: Easing into the champion's role

The Turbo Championship of Online Poker revealed a lot about the nature of today's game. Of the many things we learned, it's that the series can produce champions from the ranks of relative unknowns. Just a few days removed from the end of the first TCOOP, we asked a few of the new champions to tell us a bit about themselves and what the TCOOP title means to them. Here's what they had to say. *** Name: Cejakas14 Location United Kingdom Age: 26 Title 2012 TCOOP Event #11 $100 Heads-Up...more

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TCOOP: How Mongy won Player of the Series


Scott "Mongy" O'Reilly played every single event of the 2012 Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Scott "Mongy" O'Reilly won a TCOOP championship and tens of thousands of dollars. Scott "Mongy" O'Reilly won the TCOOP Player of the Series title. We knew all of those things about Scott O'Reilly. did...more

TCOOP closes with (quick) bang

Thumbnail image for mongy_tcoop_winner.jpg

If you blinked, you might have missed it, but there was no mistaking the sound of a lot of money rushing by really fast and slamming into the bankrolls of PokerStars' newest Turbo Championship of Online Poker champions. Sunday marked the end of the very first TCOOP, one that was...more

TCOOP: As The Stars Tweet Part 2

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The Turbo Championship Of Online Poker (TCOOP) is in full swing with 31 of the 50 events already consigned to the history books. Has it been a success so far? We would like to think so and the prize pools seem to confirm that thought too, as through the first...more

TCOOP: Betudontbet wins the 2012 TCOOP Main Event and $382,855


After 48 events and over $16 million in combined prize pools, PokerStars' inaugural TCOOP sprinted to the finish today with its $700 buy-in NLHE main event. The $1.5 million guarantee was shattered, the player count rising to 3,667 and the prize pool to $2,438,555 by the close of late registration....more

TCOOP: KvicKiller zips to the finish line in Event 50 ($215 NLHE Hyper-Turbo Wrap Party)

TCOOP-50 final table.jpg

Normally the Sunday Supersonic - a $215 hyper-turbo tournament held on PokerStars every Sunday - sports a modest $40,000 guarantee and attracts between 900 and 1,000 players. The whole tournament typically plays out in less than two hours, providing large prizes to the players that make the final table for...more

TCOOP: Actafool9 acts like a winner in Event 46 ($215 NLHE)

Christophe de Meulder.jpg

On the last day of TCOOP, Event 46 was one of six events that focused mainly on NLHE but threw an 8-game mix as well. Yes, the series is already coming to an end. If it seemed like a fast 11 days of events, it was. They were all turbo...more

TCOOP: lcallany wins $210K, Event #47 ($2,100 NLHE High Roller), $239K for AlexKP with chop


The high-dollar event on the TCOOP schedule was Event #47, a $2,100 buy-in no-limit hold'em "high roller" tourney that attracted many of online poker's top players. About 460 were seated when first hands were dealt at noon ET, although the total field would continue to grow over the 90 minutes...more

TCOOP: Tridynamo powers to the Event #48 8-Game win


Pitch, Spit in the Ocean, No Peeky Baseball, 31, Chicago, Black Bottom, Follow the Queen, Rivers. All games you may play at a home game (although the last one was an event at the recent PokerStars Caribbean Adventure ). On the last day of the 2012 Turbo Championship of Online...more

TCOOP: SirFlux delivers 1.21 gigawatts of power to Event 45, $109 NLHE

2012 TCOOP-45 final table.jpg

All good things must come to an end; it's the one guarantee there is in this life. Sadly, TCOOP is no exception to this rule, and today was the final day for what has been an action-packed 10 days of turbo poker. With six tournaments on the schedule, this series...more

TCOOP: Aliscan scores win in Event 44 Speedway Special ($33 NLHE)


You know you're a poker player when ... you choose to play the TCOOP on PokerStars on a Saturday night rather than make any other plans. It takes some dedication to turn down a night out with friends, or even a relaxing evening with a movie, for turbo poker. The...more

TCOOP: kollerPS collars Event #41 title after chop with Honk Madison ($109 PLO Heads-Up)


Talk about action. Pot-limit Omaha. Heads-up format. Five-minute levels. Saturday's TCOOP Event #41, a $109 buy-in PLO heads-up tourney, certainly had everything an action junkie could want. A total of 1,127 players saw the event as inviting enough to enter, thereby creating a $112,700 prize pool, more than twice the...more

TCOOP: BackstabX_x, in front the whole way, never looks back in Event 42 ($33+R NLHE)

TCOOP-42 final table.jpg

Yesterday, TCOOP 38 provided an object lesson on the perils of deal-making - or, more importantly, failing to make a deal. To book-end that lesson, today gave us 2012 TCOOP Event 42, $33+R No-Limit Hold'em (2x-Turbo), an event in which one player so dominated the final table that a deal...more

TCOOP: grauito grabs a win in Event #43 ($109 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)


Limit betting, split pots, low variance. A-2? Nice hand. Slow and steady wins the game. This is Omaha Hi/Lo. Preflop all-ins, slim edges, 8 big blind stacks, double eliminations. A-2? Shove! 1,200 players to one in less than two hours. This is Omaha Hi/Lo during TCOOP. Any questions? 1,198 players...more

TCOOP: wyatt_earp14 guns down the final table in Event #40 H.O.R.S.E. title


A quiet Saturday afternoon with your beloved and you glance over at the horse and carriage across the park and think that would be perfect capper for great day. After paying the fee for the majestic steeds to drive you around the city the driver calmly whispers to the horses...more

TCOOP: gabrieldin6's deal-making brinksmanship pays off in Event 38 ($55 NLHE Ante Up)

TCOOP-38 final table.jpg

When I was in school, I took a semester-look seminar in negotiation. The class taught me that, as much as negotiation is a science (employing myriad acronyms like BATNA to explain why people will behave in certain predictable ways during a negotiation), it's also an art form. The science only...more

TCOOP: Code_version dominates and wins Event 39 ($109 FLHE 6-Max)


What better way to prepare for the last weekend of TCOOP events (11 of them, to be exact) than to dabble in a FLHE event on Friday? There were NLHE and PLO options as well, but limit players were finally given their platform on which to shine in Event 39....more

TCOOP: AlexKP cleans up, wins Event #37 ($55 PLO [6-Max, 2R1A])


Event #37 on the Turbo Championship of Online Poker schedule was guaranteed to feature a few hours of action-fueled power poker. The game was six-handed pot-limit Omaha, with a $55 buy-in plus a couple of re-buys and an add-on available to inspire further risk-taking early on. And five-minute levels --...more

TCOOP: flaszeczka outflanks the competition in Event 36, $82 NLHE (6-max)

2012 TCOOP-36 final table.jpg

When you get all-in with pocket aces in a hold'em game and find yourself up against a smaller pair, you're roughly a 4-to-1 favorite to win the hand. Most of the time you'll win the hand, but sometimes you'll find yourself looking at the board and realizing that the unlikely...more

TCOOP: Black Friday refugees cashing in


Until 2011, for many young American poker players Mexico was a vacation spot. It was the place they spent their Spring Break holidays or a couple of regrettable nights in Tijuana. It was never the place they intended to call home. That all changed on April 15, 2011. "I was...more

TCOOP: Without question, Sisnleicht? wins Event 35 ($55 PLO 4-Max)


The inaugural TCOOP series is more than halfway to its completion, so you can be sure the final days will be packed with as much turbo online poker action as possible. Today, players were able to choose from NLHE two ways, Razz, and this particular Omaha option. With the continuously...more

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