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mcolombo.jpg One of TCOOP's new champions, Mcolombo

TCOOP: Easing into the champion's role

The Turbo Championship of Online Poker revealed a lot about the nature of today's game. Of the many things we learned, it's that the series can produce champions from the ranks of relative unknowns. Just a few days removed from the end of the first TCOOP, we asked a few of the new champions to tell us a bit about themselves and what the TCOOP title means to them. Here's what they had to say. *** Name: Cejakas14 Location United Kingdom Age: 26 Title 2012 TCOOP Event #11 $100 Heads-Up...more

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TCOOP: WorDn lays down the law in Event #34 ($215 NLHE, 2x-Chance)


TCOOP Event #34, a $215 NLHE double chance soiree, not only produced the second-largest prize pool the series has seen, but resulted in our first six-figure winner. Although Event #25 listed a $112,000 first-place prize, champion wcsquad3 made away with $85,652.01 after a four-way deal. Tonight, Germany's WorDn cracked the...more

TCOOP: wintyara swiftly secures Event #33 title ($33 razz)


Razz has a well-earned reputation as one of poker's most painful variants, the sad brick-brick-brick of uncooperative late-street cards having caused immeasurable suffering to many who have played the game. Accelerate the pace of the game by spreading it as a turbo-style tourney, however, and the duration of such suffering...more

TCOOP: loves rebuys, wins Event 32, $5.50+R NLHE (3x-Turbo)

2012 TCOOP-32 final table.jpg

The rebuy tournament. There's not another creature like it in all of poker, which is enough to scare some players away all by itself. But for everyone else, there's just something about the rebuy. Some players see it as an opportunity to go crazy. Others see it as an opportunity...more

TCOOP: Ten questions with Toby Lewis


Toby Lewis may look like any other young poker player, but he stands out among his peers. Reserved, appreciative of his success, and modest, the man known as "810ofclubs" on PokerStars stands apart from the young balla set from which the younger champions ofte come. His biggest success to date...more

TCOOP: barrakko takes down Event 31 ($22 Stud H/L) for wife and country

TCOOP-31 final table.jpg

Split, split, scoop. Split, split, scoop. Sounds like a popular children's game, doesn't it? And in fact it does involve a group of people sitting in a circle, trying not to be "It" - if you define "It" as "the person with no seat in the circle." The salient difference:...more

TCOOP: Rounder63 takes down Event #30 ($11+R PLO 6-Max, 3x-Turbo) Now pay that man his money!


I know what you're thinking. "3x-Turbo? Has PokerStars completely lost their minds?" While I cannot speak directly to the mental faculties of the PokerStars tournament designers, I can tell you that a 3x-Turbo doesn't run three times faster than a regular turbo. Instead, it offers a rebuy period three times...more

TCOOP: twirlpro runs circles around field, wins Event #29 ($109 NLHE [Shootout])


A thousand poker players gathered around 100 tables on Wednesday morning for Event #29 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker, a $109 buy-in no-limit hold'em Shootout. With five-minute levels and starting stacks of 5,000 (reset each round), the one among them who would win three ten-handed sit-n-gos -- each...more

TCOOP: andthe kicks the competition in Event 28, $82 NLHE (2x Chance)

2012 TCOOP-28 three-handed.jpg

Another day, another slate of TCOOP tournaments bursting with PokerStars players looking to make a big score in a short timeframe. If you're a fan of the "Cadillac of poker," today's first event was a good one: an $82 NLHE affair, full-ring style, with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000...more

TCOOP: The unlikely champion


There is a village in southern India with no electricity, medical care, or proper infrastructure. You'd be lucky to find one person there who has even heard of poker, let alone poker played on something called the internet. This is where Andy Ganapathy grew up. There is a kind of...more

TCOOP: As the Stars Tweet


The Turbo Championship of Online Poker was announced in December 2011, and players all over the world have been waiting for the tournament series to kick off. The wait is over. The inaugural 2012 PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker kicked off on Jan. 19 with a $22 no-limit hold's...more

TCOOP: Mcolombo masters Event 27 ($22+R NLHE 2x-Turbo)


Double turbo means levels of five minutes each. The rebuy portion of the tournament allows for more action, though, as the first mistake can be rectified with another buy-in. Add-ons at the end of the one-hour registration level also give players the option to pad their stacks going into the...more

TCOOP: Poker Own U owns Event 26 ($22 Stud)

TCOOP-26 final table.jpg

In the spectrum of poker variants, limit stud has the sex appeal of your typical octogenarian: not much. But even your typical octogenarian is sexy to someone out there, and so it is with limit stud. The game has a devoted, hard-core following of fans, the likes of which you...more

TCOOP: wcsquad3 wins Event #25 ($215 NLHE), $85K after four-way chop


Marking the midway point of the 50-event Turbo Championship of Online Poker was Event #25, a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. Think Sunday Million, only with 5-minute levels, meaning a winner would necessarily be determined in considerably less time than the 12 hours or so it normally takes to decide...more

TCOOP: Second time's the charm for Sir_Don_John in Event 24, $109 PLO/8 (6-max)

2012 TCOOP-24 final table.jpg

Some players bust from a final table knowing that they've missed their only chance. Others are knocked down only temporarily, vowing to get back up and reach the promised land once again. And today, in Event 24, $109 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (6-max), one of the latter group showed exactly what...more

TCOOP: Baja272's hole in one


The motivation to play poker comes from a lot of different places. Some people want to make a million bucks. Some people want to be a world champion. Thomas, a PokerStars player from Copenhagen, just wants to play golf. At 38 years old, Thomas (aka Baja272 on PokerStars) has a...more

TCOOP: Not everyone loves turbos (but you probably should)

Shane Schlager_2012 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_GIR6533.jpg

Not everyone loves turbos, and I've heard some of my peers bemoan the lack of deepstacked, early level play with 100+ BBs. But from my perspective, deepstacked play is simply not the most important skill for a tournament player, and regardless of the speed of the structure, your success in...more

TCOOP: Andy123460 of Canada wins Event 23 ($153 NLHE 6-Max Hyper Turbo)


The Turbo Championship of Online Poker consists of a series of turbo tournaments. Some of the events, like this one, are hyper turbo tournaments. It means three-minute levels and some of the fastest poker you'll ever see. Or you might not see it if you blink. We haven't blinked yet....more

TCOOP: thomber26 tops the field in Event #22 ($82 Omaha Hi/Lo), Nuno Coelho 3rd


Typically one of the slowest-paced games in the poker canon, Omaha Hi/Lo got the TCOOP treatment today, resulting in a tournament that not only took a scant three hours and forty minutes to play down from over a thousand players to a winner, but featured a 16-minute final table. No...more

TCOOP: Big hands bring big bucks for biggielaw in Event 21 ($44 NLHE 4-max)

TCOOP-21 final table.jpg

You might have read recently in this poker blog that pot-limit Omaha is the true action game in the poker spectrum. Four cards - and the draws and re-draws that they can combine to create - lead to big pots and big swings. While that all may be true, for...more

TCOOP: TLD2008 tops Event 20, $55 PLO (6-max, 1R1A)

2012 TCOOP-20 final table.jpg

Action has been the catchword throughout TCOOP - you can't have a turbo tournament without plenty of it - but the catchword was in all caps for today's 20th event of this tournament series. After all, there's probably no purer distillation of action in this world than turbo shorthanded Pot-Limit...more

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