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jaroslav_karting.jpg TCOOP Player of the Series Jaroslav Tjepan

TCOOP 2013 Player of the Series Jaroslav Tjepan proves Gus Hansen's confidence

It's the day before the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. You're in Las Vegas but don't happen to have a spare $10,000 knocking around. That is annoying. Then Gus Hansen ambles by, probably checking out the talent on the rail. He offers to buy you in. You play the Big One. This simply doesn't happen to normal people. The first few steps perhaps, but likely not the part where the Great Dane tosses you a couple of $5k chips to play. It did, however, happen to Jaroslav...more

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PokerStars TCOOP and weekend review (1-28-13)


Breathe. It's okay to breathe. TCOOP is over for 2013 and you have the rest of the year to recover. Put some ice on that mouse finger and waft some smelling salts under your nose. The Turbo Championship of Online Poker was a huge success with 240,321 tournament entrants across...more

TCOOP 2013: pierrott77 survives hyper-madness in Event #50 ($215 NLHE Sunday Supersonic Special)


It's been a spectacular Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) series. 50 events and millions of dollars in prizes have been given away at lightning speed. And what better way to end the series than a Wrap-up Party in the form of a $215 Hyper-Turbo as a the weekly Sunday...more

TCOOP 2013: First place for frma1103 in Event #49 ($700 NLHE Main Event)


Are we here already? Such is the nature of the TCOOP -- blink and it's over. And today's last day of play saw the $2 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #49) play out blazingly fast in just over five, breath-taking hours, with frma1103 of Sweden ultimately outlasting a huge field...more

TCOOP 2013: glosik is mixed-game master in Event #48 ($320 8-Game)


In last year's TCOOP, Kaila final tabled Event #48 8-Game mixed event, but finished in second place out of 557 runners. In this year's TCOOP, Kaila made another deep run and advanced to final table in consecutive years. However Kaila's luck ran out and busted in sixth place, which opened...more

TCOOP 2013: Big win for BigMeech99 in Event 46, $215 Sunday Warmup TCOOP Special

TCOOP 2013 Event 46 final table.jpg

Well, here we are on the final day of the 2013 installment of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. It's a Sunday, traditionally the biggest day of the week for tournaments at PokerStars, which means there's no going small. You go big on Sundays, and that's just what Event 46...more

TCOOP 2013: Jeremiade takes high roller title, George "Jorj95" Lind fifth in Event #47 ($2,100 NLHE)


PokerStars' High Roller events attract the cream of the crop, and the TCOOP was no exception. A quick scan of the entries reveals a slew of screen names that'll put the fear of God in you, and more than a few of them ended up on the final table. However,...more

TCOOP 2013: Fukuruku wins one for Ukraine in Event #45 ($109 NLHE Turbo)


The final day of the 2013 TCOOP schedule kicked off with a $109 turbo event that drew 2,941 players. The final prize pool of just under $300,000 meant that first place was scheduled to receive just over $46,000. After a five-way chop that number dropped but for Fukuruku it was...more

TCOOP 2013: Goods0077 has the goods in Event #44 ($33 Saturday Speedway Special)


Poker is a game of waves. Some days the waves just keep crashing on top of you, and others, you can just get on the perfect wave and ride it all the way to victory. Today, that wave headed all the way to Australia as Goods0077 literally had the goods...more

TCOOP 2013: ongggg goes 10-0 to win Event #41 ($215 PLO Heads-Up, Super KO)


Win one heads-up match, get half your buy-in back. Win two, and you're freerolling. Win three, you're in the black, and win ten, you're a TCOOP champion! One of the longer events on the schedule, TCOOP Event #41 took almost eight hours to find a winner, the Philippines' ongggg going...more

TCOOP 2013: Belabacsi takes Event #42, Team Pro Marcel Luske third ($27+R NLHE 2x-Turbo)


Event #42 presented TCOOP players with another fast-paced, action-filled challenge with a small buy-in and large field. A $27 no-limit hold'em event with an extended ("2x") re-buy period, the tourney drew a whopping field of 8,587 whose re-buys and add-ons built a prize pool of more than $645,000. And after...more

TCOOP 2013: Assad91 takes 97 minutes to win $23K and title ($109 NLO8 6-max HT)


On the front page of the PokerStarsBlog in the revolving window of recent story highlights the TCOOP 2013 symbol came up with a slogan "Play fast, win big". Well, today's 1,360 entries into the $109 buy-in Event #43 No Limit Omaha Hi-Low 6-Max Hyper-Turbo would get to put that catch...more

TCOOP 2013: Smertin smokes field in Event #40 $215 H.O.R.S.E. victory


Slow and steady wins the race. That's a nugget of gamblers' wisdom imparted to me by an uncle who spent more time at the race track than he should have. A horse that exploded out of the gate and led early on doesn't always win the race after expending way...more

TCOOP 2013: Total domination by LCFG-NPDA in Event 39 ($82 FLHE 6-max)

TCOOP 2013 Event 39 final table.jpg

No talk of deals. No debates about ICM chop or chip-count chops. Just utter silence and total domination, letting the chips fall where they may (as it were). In the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Event 39, $82 FLHE (6-max), the chips all fell to LCFG-NPDA. That player notched...more

TCOOP 2013: outlaw523 outlucks AznTiltU for Event #38 title ($215 NLHE Ante-Up)


Five all-ins and a call in the last ten hands of this tournament made for one of the more exciting finishes of a -COOP tournament. The turbo aspect of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) tends to push players into adding more of the luck aspect of poker into...more

TCOOP 2013: All hail robinho, winner of Event 37 ($27 PLO 6-Max 2R1A)

2013 TCOOP - Event 37 FT.JPG

Players sometimes surprise even the most experienced online poker minds. When setting up the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, they looked at this Friday tournament - a Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max - and decided that the $27 buy-in should offer two rebuys and one add-on. Their expectation for turnout was...more

TCOOP 2013: Nicoji83 leads, loses lead, then leads again to win Event #36 ($82 NL Hold'em)

TCOOP 36 - pic.png

If the TCOOP demonstrates one thing it's the capricious nature of a game turned up to full speed. One minute you're three-handed, riding high with a massive chip lead, turning down deals and bullying everyone with a series of big bets, forcing the others to fold. The next minute, or...more

TCOOP 2013: Champions leading charge to main event


As you look forward to the final three days of the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, you might do well to look to the people who have already won a title this year. Their lives and games are as wide and varied as the TCOOP tournament options. Take for...more

TCOOP 2013: Main event looms as leaderboard tightens


The 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is heading into its final weekend and the race for the Player of the Series continues to tighten up. As of this moment, Norway's Tinas21 holds a 15-point lead over Denmark's Tjepan. That's a lead that could be erased with one decent cash...more

TCOOP 2013: Ph4N flies away with $21K in Event #35 ($82 PLO 4-max)


Hearts, Spades, Euchre, and the latest rage Open-Faced Chinese are perfect games when only four like-minded individuals can be found to sling cards. Most of the time only the fourth game of the list will have degenerates slowly turning over cards hoping they do not set a fouled hand and...more

TCOOP 2013: From Zero to Hero, Risco Zero wins Event #34 ($215 NLHE 2x Chance)


In poker, there's no such thing as zero risk. Everything involves some gamble and some element of chance. But that didn't stop Brazil's "Risco Zero" from taking down today's TCOOP title in impressive fashion. Event #34 of the PokerStars TCOOP saw a healthy field of 2,816 players take to the...more

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