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jaroslav_karting.jpg TCOOP Player of the Series Jaroslav Tjepan

TCOOP 2013 Player of the Series Jaroslav Tjepan proves Gus Hansen's confidence

It's the day before the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. You're in Las Vegas but don't happen to have a spare $10,000 knocking around. That is annoying. Then Gus Hansen ambles by, probably checking out the talent on the rail. He offers to buy you in. You play the Big One. This simply doesn't happen to normal people. The first few steps perhaps, but likely not the part where the Great Dane tosses you a couple of $5k chips to play. It did, however, happen to Jaroslav...more

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TCOOP 2013: jarmari jets to Event #33 title, $10K in 4 hrs. ($27 Razz)


The one and only Razz tournament on this year's Turbo Championship of Online Poker played out today, sporting an inexpensive $27 buy-in and cool $25K guarantee. A total of 2,886 decided to accept the invitation, thus building a $70K-plus prize pool and nearly tripling the guarantee. And just a little...more

TCOOP 2013: Winning better than dealing for Pookezz in Event 32 ($7.50+R NLHE)

TCOOP 2013 Event 32 final table.jpg

Players like to do final-table deals in turbo tournaments. The rationale - a pretty solid one - is that the shallow stacks and quick blinds make the last few hands an exercise in luck. In the 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Event 32, $7.50+R NLHE (3x-Turbo), the final three...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 8 review, Joep van den Bijgaart among the turbo champs


If you've ever played on the European Poker Tour you'd probably recognise Joep van den Bijgaart. Those big glasses and even bigger hair are hard to miss up close. Van den Bijgaart finished seventh at EPT Berlin for €100,000 a couple of seasons ago and more recently scored a solid...more

TCOOP 2013: Dr dakon has prescription for Event 31 win ($27 Stud H/L)

2013 TCOOP - Event 31 FT.JPG

A day like Wednesday is stuck, not exactly the beginning of a week but not terribly close to the weekend. What can Wednesday do to change its image? Hosting a low buy-in Stud tournament in the Turbo Championship of Online Poker is a good start. There were other TCOOP options...more

2013 TCOOP: Kolbi111 clobbers PLO field en route to victory in Event #30 ($11+R PLO 6-max)


Germany's Kolbi111 began the final table third overall in chips and sat back until it got three-handed before launching an full-out assault on the other two players. They never saw it coming. In consecutive hands, Kolbi111 dispatched each of them and secured a TCOOP title in Event #30. Event #30...more

TCOOP 2013: Pappe_Ruk puts away Event 29 ($215 NLHE Shootout, Super-Knockout)

TCOOP 2013 Event 29 final table.jpg

One of the things we don't see a lot of in the later stages of TCOOP hold'em events is post-flop play. The turbo structures move so quickly that by the time you get down to the end of a tournament the leader usually only has somewhere around 15 or 20...more

TCOOP 2013: khanrava cashes top prize in Event #28 ($82 NLHE 2X-Chance)


Second chances, we all want them, but we don't always get them. Event #28 was one of the few opportunities where players were given one. The $82 buy-in event was a 2X-Chance tournament, and out of all the second chances, only one player made it to the top, khanrava. khanrava...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 7 review, PSMozak making a mark


The TCOOP motor is in full spin with 27 of the 50 events played out and a staggering $11,265,986.55 won, but that elusive Triple COOP and Grand Slam is yet to be claimed. Among those putting pedal to metal the most yesterday was PSMozak who won TCOOP-24 for $24,436.71. That...more

TCOOP 2013: jonesbn rides to the top in Event 27 ($27+R NLHE, 2x-Turbo)


Turbo events can drive one crazy, what with all the roller coaster swings that happen due to the speed that the blinds are going. For jonesbn that roller coaster continued all the way through the final table and even down until they were down to just three players. By the...more

TCOOP 2013: recusant_89 lays down the law in Event 26 ($27 Stud)

TCOOP 2013 Event 26 final table.jpg

Chop-blocking is an art form in poker - a risky art form. Sometimes the blocks extract a few extra dollars out of a deal. Sometimes they fail, and both the blocker and the rest of the table are left to take their chances with the cards - for better and...more

TCOOP 2013: Something to believe in for cynicalfish in Event 25, $215 NLHE

TCOOP 2013 Event 25 final table.jpg

Deal-making is a funny thing. There are some players who won't ever make a deal, no matter how good it is. Others want to start talking about ways to chop when the tournament reaches the money. Even among those who fall between those extremes, the desire to haggle varies from...more

2013 TCOOP: PSMozak obliterates the final table and wins Event #24 ($109 6-max PLO Hi/Lo)


With ten players remaining in Event #24 $109 PLO Hi/Lo (6-max), Bulgaria's PSMozak seized the chip lead and proceeded to decimate the rest of the field. When the final table began, PSMozak sitting on a mountain of chips -- more than half of all chips in play -- put on...more

TCOOP 2013: Sex Shop owner inspires TCOOP winner


This is a story about Christian "iPUNI$H" Bauer, a German man who won TCOOP event #19 for nearly $47,000, a player who uses Sesame Street's Cookie Monster as his PokerStars avatar, and a dreamer who found one of his greatest inspirations in the owner of Ronnie's Sex Shop. To understand...more

TCOOP 2013: Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin, the little aggressor winning big


Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin is not a high stakes player, yet given the $59,259.48 profit he raked in little more than two hours by winning TCOOP-15 you'd be forgiven for thinking that he was. Sorin, a 22-year-old originally from Caransebes, a small city in Romania, has come a long way since...more

TCOOP 2013: Not-so-average average guy near top of leaderboard


Allan Drake, currently #2 on the Turbo Championship of Online Poker leaderboard, is convinced he once played $1/$2 with Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harman at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. It was nearly ten years ago, not too long after the Chris Moneymaker WSOP win. "At the time, hardly anybody...more

TCOOP 2013: Day 6 review, Tjepan leading at the halfway mark


We're almost at the halfway point of TCOOP, the curvature of the horizon coming close to showing us the end point coming on Sunday (which is going to be incredible, check the list below). Denmark's Tjepan has surged to the top of the TCOOP leader board, pushing ahead of Allan...more

2013 TCOOP: hoffy26631 cruises to turbo title in Event #22 ($82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo)


Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske went on a deep run Event #22 $82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, but the Dutchman got knocked out just before the final table when he fizzled out in 11th place. When the final table was set, Canada's hoffy26631 sat second overall in chips. With five to...more

TCOOP 2013: sanpri sizzles in Event #23 ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)


44 hands, five eliminations, and 39 minutes... 30 of them spent in deal negotiations. So went the final table of the third of five hyper-turbo events in the 2013 TCOOP, Event #23 presenting the added element of a short-handed format. 2,863 players cried "gambool!", tossing their $215 into a prize...more

TCOOP 2013: Victory for VeTaXa1988 in Event 21 ($27 NLHE 4-Max)

2013 TCOOP - Event 21 FT.JPG

Poker players love a challenge, and short-handed games present that challenge. While six-max tables are common, four-handed creates even more opportunities to utilize different strategies because of the need for quick decisions and faster all-around play. Event 21 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker presented No Limit Hold'em with...more

2013 TCOOP: Ticiz takes time in Turbo to win Event 20 (PL Omaha 6-Max)

TCOOP - 20 pic.jpg

It was a Turbo event, that much was certain, number 20 of 50 in the 2013 PokerStars TCOOP. And yet for the few minutes that the blinds allowed it felt like a deep stack, with little rush among the six finalists, least not from Ticiz, from the Netherlands, who, with...more

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