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TCOOP 2014: Riverlan_88 runs through Main Event field, blaaesh banks top dollar (Event #49, $700 NLHE Main Event)

It seems like January was gone in a flash and so was the TCOOP, the veritable speed demon of PokerStars' tournament series. The third annual Turbo Championship of Online Poker boasted a $15 million prize pool across fifty events and PokerStars players turned up in droves to shatter that guarantee, the total reaching a massive $23,322,941.08. A large chunk of that was up for grabs in today's TCOOP Main Event, where three players came away with quarter million-plus scores. 4,600 players bought, satellited, stepped, or freerolled into the $700 TCOOP...more

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TCOOP 2014: styggert bowls over Event #50 (Hyper-Turbo, Sunday SuperSonic Wrap-Up)


Can you spare two hours and twenty minutes for a chance at over $100,000? 3,796 players said yes to this proposition and as the Super Bowl's kickoff was underway and prop betters with an affinity for safety were jumping for joy, a $500,000 guarantee was blown out with a final...more

TCOOP 2014: dumBBass86 plays it smart in Event #48, $320 8-Game (Turbo)

TCOOP-48 2014 ft.jpg

Your average TCOOP tournament is already a whirlwind experience, taking just a few hours from start to finish and awarding tens of thousands of dollars to its top finishers even on modest buy-ins. For those with the need to mix things up even more, one the events on the schedule...more

TCOOP 2014: pokerkluka slays high roller giants, Kroko-dill final tables (Event #47, $2,100 NLHE High Roller)


Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko had quite a rail as he approached the final table of today's TCOOP High Roller event. The Russian is one of only two players in the PokerStars universe that's one win away from being the first to complete a PokerStars Grand Slam. With WCOOP, SCOOP and Sunday...more

TCOOP 2014: Second leg complete for ninototoroko winning Sunday Warm-Up special edition Event #46 ($215, Turbo)


While it's not the Sunday Million special edition which would wrap up two legs of the PokerStars Grand Slam all-in-one, tonight's TCOOP 2014 Event #46 Sunday Warm-Up special edition would give the winner a different note of prestige. Winning a Sunday Major and a COOP title in one shot certainly...more

TCOOP 2014: Fun, flips and frills as Cbank32 binks Event #45 title ($109 NL Hold'em)

E45 final pic.jpg

Sometimes as you watch an 'OOP final table you form opinions of players on screen based on nothing more than an avatar and playing style. It can be blind prejudice or just a gut reaction, but it can alter the narrative of an event such as TCOOP #45, a no-limit...more

TCOOP 2014: GrzegorzT3 with dazzling come-from-behind victory in Saturday Speedway Special Edition [Event #44 $33 NL]


Severely out-chipped GrzegorzT3 requested a deal with two players remaining. Leading by 28 million, GrzegorzT3's opponent elevatorboy shot down any deal talk. In hindsight, a deal would have been the wise decision because heads-up only lasted seven hands and GrzegorzT3 went on a heater winning five out of those seven...more

TCOOP 2014: 5typesofmeat duels to a win in Event #41, $215 PL Omaha (Turbo, Heads-Up, Super-Knockout)

TCOOP-41 2014 ft.jpg

This year's 50-event TCOOP schedule included only two heads-up tournaments. The first of those, a $215 NLHE tourney, was won last week by the Ukraine's Ati Jon. For those whose taste for action either wasn't satisfied there or ran toward the more exotic, today's Event #41 was the perfect prescription....more

TCOOP 2014: RickyBoy1990 starts off 2014 in a big way winning Event #42 ($27 2X-Rebuys)


Germans would make up nearly half of the final table during tonight's TCOOP 2014 Event #42 $27 2X-Turbo with Rebuys. But, only one would make it into the five-way deal that cut the biggest piece of $61,429.14 for the chip leader ramyon. ramyon could not ride that chip lead into...more

TCOOP 2014: Boby Boom blasts through Event #43 field ($109 NL Omaha H/L [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo])


Who wouldn't be excited to turn $109 into over $20,000 in two hours? That's the beauty of TCOOP and this evening,1,326 players took advantage of the opportunity for a little hyper-speed Omaha Hi/Lo. Event #43's prize pool topped out at $141,683.10, nearly double the $75k guarantee. 168 places were paid...more

TCOOP 2014: James "Andy McLEOD" Obst joins Triple COOP Club with win in Event #40 ($215 HORSE)

e40 final pic.jpg

It was never really in doubt that Andy McLEOD was a brilliant payer, but if anyone was in any doubt today he demonstrated why. Over the course of 21 minutes I and 413 others watched Andy McLEOD, better known as James Obst, obliterate a final table that could have gone...more

TCOOP 2014: Everyone stumbles over üä-qaypö.wsx in Event #39, $82 FL Hold'em (Turbo, 6-Max)


Raise, re-raise, re-re-raise. As TCOOP 2014 approached its final weekend stretch, spilling over into February, 1,282 players min-raised it to the limit in Event #39, the $82 Limit Hold'em Six-Max Turbo with a $50,000 guarantee. Only 600 players were seated when the computer elves began shuffling and dealing, but by...more

TCOOP 2014: ministerborg reigns supreme with second COOP title; Danish pro wins Big Antes Event #38 [$215 NL Ante-Up]


Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek is one of those lethal hybrid players who can beat you on the real felt and on the virtual felt. It's fair to say that the Danish pro has a firm grasp on today's modern game in which you need deft skills to survive both brick and...more

TCOOP 2014: TaPeeH's turnaround takes the title down in Event #37, $82 NLHE (6-max, Turbo)

TCOOP-37 2014 ft.jpg

It's hard to believe, but the 2014 installment of TCOOP is nearly over. Two-thirds of the 50 scheduled events have already flown by at top speed, and by the time this weekend is complete the rest of them will have been entered into the history books as well. There's no...more

Shawn "buck21" Buchanan chats about the first Triple COOP


At 31 years old, Shawn 'buck21" Buchanan is the world's first Triple COOP winner. A couple of years ago, PokerStars started looking at all its major tournament series (WCOOP, SCOOP, and TCOOP) and discovered there was no one who had won a title in all three. There were, however, several...more

TCOOP 2014: forhelviti quietly dominates to win Event #36 ($27 NL Draw Turbo)


The 2014 TCOOP series is quickly coming to a close as it rolls into the final weekend. Today's schedule of tournaments had one non-Hold'em game and it was one a lot of seasoned players learned in their homes, 5-Card Draw. Event 36 was a $27 buy-in 5-Card Draw tournament with...more

TCOOP 2014: In the Lyons' den, in transition

nicoles wedding.jpg

At 22 years old, James Lyons has been job-hopping for the past six months. He's a recent college graduate with his eyes on law school. But that's not happening right now. His law school admissions exams didn't go the way he wanted. It was, in a word, unexpected. "Throughout my...more

TCOOP 2014: Shawn Buchanan first to claim Triple COOP title


Canadian Shawn Buchanan has become the first player to win tournaments in all three COOPs; the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and, now, the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP). Should Buchanan take down a Sunday Million he'll also become the first...more

TCOOP 2014: Luck of the Irish for rtspurs in Event #35 ($82 PLO 4-Max Turbo)


Pot Limit Omaha is already described as an action game, but when you make it four-handed and a turbo structure, then it truly becomes one of the most entertaining forms of poker you'll ever see. That's exactly what we got in Event #35 of the Turbo Championships of Online Poker...more

TCOOP 2014: simon1471 slays field in Event #34 ($215 NL 2x-Chance)


It's one thing to have 50% of the chips in play when the final table begins, but i's a whole other thing to actually protect your stack and go wire-to-wire to win the tournament. In TCOOP Event #34, simon1471 held an obvious edge with nine to go, but never looked...more

TCOOP 2014: madi123's final table gamble pays off in Event #32, $7.50+R NLHE (3x-Turbo)

TCOOP-32 2014 ft hu.jpg

Deals aren't at all uncommon in COOP events, but in this reporter's experience they tend to be made more often in turbo tournaments. Logic (if not science) says, then, that deals should be more common in TCOOP than in the other PokerStars championship series. The turbo structures mean that most...more

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