UKIPT Galway: Day 3, level 16&17

ukiptthumb.JPGUpdates from day 3, level 16&17 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 16: blinds 2000/4000 (400)

2.05pm: William Martin (36th) and John Duthie (35th) fall
William Martin was the first out getting it all in with K2 and was called by with KJ. Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie was soon after. Padraig Parkinson raised under the gun to 11,000 and was called by Michael Graydon. The action folded to John Duthie in the big blind who squeezed all-in with pocket sevens. Graydon called and tabled Ace King and spiked the river, much as Duthie did to burst the bubble late last night. Both players take home €2,800.


2.30pm: And they're falling like flies
Within just a few minutes of each other Rob Taylor (34th) is busted when his Jacks are cracked by Paul Morrow's A7 (an 'insane' move according to Taylor), Jake Cody (33rd) is the next to go when Cat O'Neill spikes her Ace, and Thomas Miller (32nd) has the misfortune of running JQ into the bullets of Philipp Salewski. All three win €2,800.

3.05pm: Short stack slow down
After the initial batch of short stack double ups and knockouts the action slowed for, hmmm, at least a couple of minutes before players started losing their chips again. Paul Frost (31st) lost his chips on the river with top pair top kicker with Ace-King versus Tom Nolan's set of Queens. Jerome Bradpiece (30th) was next out when his Q♥ Q♠ didn't flop as well as Javed Abrahams T♣ 8♠ on a sickening J♠ 9♠ 5♥ flop. The K♠ gave a millisecond sweat before the dealer swept out a blank on the river. Paul Nash was the next to go, looking a little sheepish tabling 3♠ 3♦ to Michael McFadgen's 9♦ 9♠. 'I thought you were making a move,' he explained, but it was Nash who has been moved out of the tournament in 29th.

3.05pm: Paul Marrow on the march
Reggie Corrigan has lost a huge 340k pot to Paul Marrow who has been unobtrusive in the tournament up until this morning - which is quite an achievement for a man that dresses like Marrow! Corrigan got it all-in with A♦ 8♦ against A♠ K♠ but two kings on the board have Marrow near the chip lead.

Level 17: blinds 2500/5000 (500)
The tournament directors have added an extra level into proceedings rather than going straight to 3000/6000 (500).

3.27pm: Marrow on a tear - one more down
Paul Marrow is continuing his championship charge. First he calls Harry Zammit's 3-bet shove with 9♦ 7♦ and rivered a flush against Zammit's pocket Tens putting him out in 28th. A couple of hands later he calls Corrigan's raise preflop and check-raises on a KKJ board and flashes a King when the rugby player passes. Marrow is on close to 400,000 and Corrigan is getting close to the felt.

3.32pm: Dermot Blain triples up and McFadden bites the dust
Pat Dusty McFadden shoves from early position with pocket 6's and is called by Matt Perrins who raises to isolate with 9♠ 9♥. Dermot Blain joins the party with J♠ J♦ for his tournament life and rivers a straight to treble up. McFadden is out in 27th and takes €3,100.


Ben Lefew without coat

3.32pm: Round up of the action at the break
A full chip count is just being worked on but to keep you up to date with recent action:
- Eamonn Murray is out in 26th for €3,100.
- Ben Lefew puts his coat on when his A9 loses to pocket 9's, only to realise that he still has chips and quickly takes his seat looking more than a little embarrassed.
- Michael Graydon is gathering steam and has had a few tussles with Philipp Salewski. Graydon is on 410,000 now and inching closer to the chip lead.
-Dominic Hever (25th) loses one of those all important races against Lefew. Hever shows A♦ K♦ against Tens but never gets there.



Rick Dacey
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