UKIPT Galway: Day 3, level 20&21

ukiptthumb.JPGUpdates from day 3, level 20&21 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 20: blinds 5000/10,000 (1000)

8.01pm: Back from the break and Abrahams takes a big hit
A huge pot looked ready to take place between Paul Marrow, Javed Abrahams and Reggie Corrigan. The three players went to a A♠ 7♥ 4♥ flop and Marrow led out for 71,000 and Abrahams called. A 9♣ on the turn saw Marrow put another 111,000 across the line, which was again called by Abrahams. A final 220,000 on the 5♣ river sent Abrahams into the tank before eventually folding before Marrow revealed he'd flopped a set of sevens.


Paul Marrow: Happy as a pig in the proverbial

Padraig Parkinson has been the victim of three-bet shoving abuse with both Cat O'Neill and Benoit Mouret getting it in and forcing him to fold.


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8.21pm: Javed Abrahams out in 15th for €5,000
Young online pro Javed Abrahams is out to Paul Marrow. Marrow limped in the small blind with AJ and Abrahams checked his Q6. The QJ5 flop hit both players and Marrow with second pair check-called 20,000. Abrahams made two pair on the turn and bet 55,000 which Marrow check-called before catching an Ace on the river. Marrow set Abrahams all-in for around 200,000 and that was our 15th place knockout.

8.31pm: Reggie Corrigan out in 14th for €5,000
Former international rugby star Reggie Corrigan is out after a ballsy 4-bet bluff preflop with J♣ 6♣. Corrigan had opened from late position to 28,000 and was 3-bet by Ben Lefew to 63,000. Corrigan went into the tank before announcing he was all-in. Lefew called with A♠ Q♠ and was given a nasty shock when a 6 appeared on the flop before hitting the backdoor nut flush. Corrigan is out and Lefew is chipped up.

8.31pm: Benoit Mouret out in 13th for €5,000
Frenchman Mouret found himself in what he thought was a good spot with pocket 5's on a 2243 board which had been checked three-way with Christopher Brammer and Vincent Cosgrove. Brammer stabbed at the pot with a 60,000 bet and Mouret moved all-in for around 200,000. Brammer called and showed Aces. No 5 or 6 on the river meant saw Mouret walk.

Level 21: 6,000/12,000 (1,500)

9.05pm: Final table in touching distance for Cosgrove
Vincent Cosgrove has been managing to keep pace with the blinds for some time and he's just survived a big all-in to give himself a real chance of the final table. Shoving for 200,000 with A♣ 9♣ he found himself being isolated by Christopher Brammer. Padraig Parkinson had a long hard think before releasing his own hand. Brammer showed pocket 8's but Cosgrove binked an Ace to double up to over 400,000.

Brammer is being very active in these last levels. He just won another pot, this time from fellow PokerStars qualifier Michael Graydon, who couldn't quite bring himself to fire the necessary bullet on the river to shake off Brammer's pocket 7's on a Q♠ Q♣ 3♣ 8♠ T♦ board. Brammer scoops the 200,000 pot with twelve players left.


Graydon failed to fire the necessary river volley

9.35pm: FINAL TABLE!
In a quick succession of knockouts we're down to our final nine players. They are, in no particular order:

Padraig Parkinson
Michael Graydon
Cat O'Neill
Paul Marrow
Ben Lefew
Vincent Cosgrove
Michael McFadgen
Paul Dooley
Trevor Bulless

The unlucky three players to come oh-so-close to the UKIPT Galway final table were Dermot Blain (12th for €7,000), Christopher Brammer (11th for €5,000) and Jurgen Hermann (10th for €7,000). Blain was unlucky to go out when an A♦ 3♦ squeeze was snapped off by Paul Marrow was KQ and it was Brammer time when the Brit ran AK into Michael Graydon's Queens and failed to catch up.

Rick Dacey
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