UKIPT Galway: Day 3, Money ladder madness

ukiptthumb.JPGThe UKIPT Galway started two days ago with 259 runners, quite some turn out for a €2,000 buy-in event a fortnight before Christmas, and here we are with 36 players remaining at the business end of the tournament. Poor old Aidan Connolly was the unfortunate bubble boy, getting it in with Kings against John Duthie's Ace Queen which spiked a bullet on the river. The Team PokerStars Pro looked a little guilty about the manner of his river exit but, hey, that's poker for you. Today's all about manoeuvring around the money ladder and shimming up the payouts towards the final table and that €125,000 first place payout (not to mention the £5,000 entry into EPT London).


The morning after the night before

There's a calm across Galway that probably only ever happens on the morning after Saturday night. The bar here at the Radisson was busy with plenty of poker faces from the both the Emerald Isle and the UK, but that was nothing compared to the heaving bars and pubs in the centre of Galway just a few minutes walk away. A different form of raucousness is due to start within the hour and we'll be following it all the way. The seats draws have been released and I'm sure the tournament directors will be thankful that John Duthie has been drawn next to Padraig Parkinson as he's probably one of the few people in the world that may be able to keep him in control. Other interesting table draws are chip leader Perrins in seat 2 of table 1 with fellow big stack Christopher Brammer in seat 3, and Jerome Bradpiece in the not-inconsiderable shadow of Irish rugby legend Reggie Corrigan.


Will John Duthie be able to keep Parkinson on the straight and narrow?

Table 1
1. Benoit Mouret
2. Matt Perrins
3. Christopher Brammer
4. Jake Cody
5. Nicky Power
6. Cat O'Neill
7. Dermot Blain
8. Paul Dooley
9. Jason Paul McCarthy

Table 2
1. Michael McFadgen
2. Vincent Cosgrove
3. John Duthie
4. Padraig Parkinson
5. Thomas Miller
6. Michael Graydon
7. Philipp Salewski
8. Paul Nash
9. Eamonn Murray

Table 3
1. Jerome Bradpiece
2. Reggie Corrigan
3. Jurgen Hermann
4. Rob Taylor
5. Paul Marrow
6. Dominic Hever
7. Javed Abrahams
8. John Dooley
9. Harry Zammit

Table 4
1. Trevor Bulless
2. Paul Frost
3. Alan Kelleher
4. Thomas Nolan
5. Brian O'Farrell
6. Adrian O'Donoghue
7. Pat Dusty McFadden
8. William Martin
9. Ben Lefew

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