UKIPT Galway: Day 3, level 18&19

ukiptthumb.JPGUpdates from day 3, level 18&19 of UKIPT Galway, brought to you by Rick Dacey.

Level 18: blinds 3000/6000 (500)

4.45pm: Paul Marrow claims the chip lead
Following the count at the break we've found that Paul Marrow's late tournament charge has put him into the chip lead with a mammoth 500,000 stack. As his stack has grown so has his confidence (see below) and he's even taken to pulling pseudo-Elvis poses from his chair.



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4.59pm: Parkinson scoops a monster pot
Padraig Parkinson has just KO'd Philipp Salewski (24th) with a huge preflop all-in pot. Salewski showed Queens and failed to better Parkinson's Kings. The fast talking Irishman is on around 600,000 and is looking like making this his tournament.

Tables are now 7- and 8-handed.

5.25pm: Down to two tables!
In swift succession John Dooley (22nd), Jason Paul McCarthy (21st), Tom Nolan (20th) and Adrien O'Donoghue (19th) find the end of their tournament road. The most brutal coup de grace coming to O'Donoghue who looks in good shape with A♣ K♦ against Michael McFadgen's A♦ J♦ until the flop brings three diamonds.

Table 1 has been broken and the seating plan now looks like this:

Table 2
1. Michael McFadgen
2. Vincent Cosgrove
3. Christopher Brammer
4. Padraig Parkinson
5. Cat O'Neill
6. Michael Graydon
7. Benoit Mouret
8. Alan Kelleher
9. Brian O'Farrell

Table 3
1. Trevor Bulless
2. Reggie Corrigan
3. Jurgen Hermann
4. Ben Lefew
5. Paul Marrow
6. Paul Dooley
7. Javed Abrahams
8. Demot Blain
9. Nicky Power

Level 19: blinds 4000/8000 (1000)

6.27pm: Nicky Power not saved by the (dinner) bell
We've had three more players fall by the wayside with Nicky Power (16th) the most recent losing out with pocket 8's to Javed Abrahams A♣ Q♠ just before play broke for dinner. Reggie Corrigan had limped under the gun and Paul Marrow had min-raised to 16,000 from middle position when Javed Abrahams made it 45,000 to go. Nicky Power decided it was his time to gamble and pushed his 80,000 over the line. Abrahams made the call and rivered a boat with A♥ 6♥ A♦ 4♦ 4♠.
Previous to that Brian O'Farrell (18th) had found Queens when Michael 'BIGMICKG' Graydon had Kings and Alan Kelleher (17th) shipped his chips to Padraig Parkinson when the big stack shove on him from the big blind with A♠ K♦. Kelleher showed J♦ J♣ but was outflopped and left with €4,200.
Cat O'Neill was saved by the bell though. Christopher Brammer set her all-in from the button (small blind Padraig Parkinson had already wandered off in the direction of the bar) and O'Neill called with K♥ Q♥ which held against Brammer's J♥ 6♣. O'Neill is up to around 170k.


Javed Abrahams is making a good run at the chip lead

There are 15 players left. We'll get the updated chip stacks to you as play restarts after dinner.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT