UKIPT Killarney: The final table, levels 22,23&24 (blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.55pm: Break time
It's a 15-minute break and a much, much needed colour up of chips. Why it wasn't done at the dinner break is beyond me. The players have been having to reach round huge stacks of redundnant yellow 1,000 demonination chips. It must be some EU statute. --RD

8.45pm: Walkies!
There has been a few walks as both Farrell and Fakinle dance around each other looking for good spots to get it in. There have been some huge swings at this final table and a double from short stacked Farrell would almost bring things back level. --RD

8.35pm: And Fakinle doubles through Farrell
They've both being dealt hands here and it's all gone in again.

Farrell: 4♥4♣
Fakinle: Q♣Q♦

Farrell failed to catch his four letting Fakinle take a huge 2.8m lead over Farrell's 900,000. Farrell is looking like he's been put through the wringer. --RD

ukipt killarney_day 4_broken farrell.jpg

Farrell has dropped below the 1m mark

8.35pm: Farrell doubles through Fakinle
Femi Fakinle opened to 87,000 from the button and was three-bet to 330,000 by Aonghus Farrell. Fakinle moved all-in and was snap called by Farrell.

Fakinle: K♠[10c]

Farrell: A♦A♥

The board a decisive 6♣3♦2♠A♠8♠ Farrell was all-in for 1,172,000 and he is now the chip leader. --NW

8.30pm:This is unlikely to be a long heads up
As UKIPT host Nick Wealthall just said, 'This could be a long heads up as long as you change the players and the history between them.' Quite. It's all raise/shove/call at the moment. -- RD

8.20pm:All-in and call!
Farrell opened the button for 100,000 and Fakinle insta-shoved all-in. Farrell made a a big call.

Farrell: A♣9♣
Fakinle: A♠T♦

The flop smashed Fakinle in the face with trips tens on a T♠T♥Q♣ board leaving Farrell drawing very thin. Blank cards in the form of 6♥4♣ changed nothing and Fakinle doubled up to 2.6m. Farrell is now the short stack with 1.15m. --RD

8.05pm:Jens Schmukal eliminated in third place winning €24000
Femi Fakinle opened to 80,000 on the button and Aonghus Farrell re-raised to 255,000 from the small blind, only for Jens Schmukal to announce all-in from the big blind for approximately 725,000. Fakinle made a quick call and Farrell a fast fold.

Fakinle: Q♦Q♠
Schmukal: A♠K♥

It was a classic race but in about the only thing that hasn't got well for Germany today, Schmukal couldn't hit an ace or king on the 3♠2♥9♥7♠8♦ board. Schmukal shook hands and wished the two remaining players good luck. --NW

ukipt killarney_day 4_jens out.jpg

Well played, Germany

8pm: Jens Schmukal out in 3rd
German Schmukal was unable to make it a German double victory today and bottomed out in 3rd. Details to come.

8pm: Internet problems
Sorry, folks. Major internet problems here.

6.50pm: Play ends for a little while
Dinnner break for 45-minutes.

6.50pm: Aces up good for Femi
Femi Fakinle raised to 72,000 from the small blind and was called by Aonghus Farrell in the big blind. Both the flop and turn were checked by both players, but with the full board reading A♠Q♣9♥6♠6♣ Fakinle finally fired, betting 115,000. Farrell elected to call and Fakinle showed A♦3♠ to win the pot. --NW

6.45pm: Fakinle right back in the action
Femi Fakinle wasted little time in getting some of his chips back, three betting Jens Schmukal's bet of 60,000 to 170,000 and forcing the German to fold. --NW

6.40pm: And here's that massive pot!
And it's a very, very weird one. Farrell made it 56,000 and Fakinle three-bet to 220,000. Farrell responded by four-betting to 400,000. Fakinle made the call putting approaching half of his stack in out of position. Both players checked the A♦5♥5♣ flop and Farrell waited for the K♠ turn to bet 500,000. Farrell showed pocket threes. What a bizarre hand. --RD

6.25pm: Farrell wins battle of the blinds
From the small blind Aonghus Farrell made it 72,000 to play, a bet Jens Schmukal elected to call. Both players checked the [10h][10c]5♠ flop. Farrell fired 100,000 on the 6♥ turn, which was enough to make Schmukal fold. Play has definitely slowed down in the last 30 minutes. Cue a massive pot no doubt! --NW

6.20pm: Fakinle picks up another... and Schmukal gets a walk!
Schmukal raised to 50,000 on the button and was called by both opponents. Fakinle led 101,000 into the 3♦8♥K♦ flop and took the pot. Next hand Schmukal got a walk - that's possibly the first of the final table. --RD

6.15pm: Femi Fakinle doubles through Jens Schmukal
Femi Fakinle opened to 74,000 from the button and Jens Schmukal moved all-in from the big blind, Fakinle quickly called, he was the player at risk, he had just over 500,000 at the start of the hand.

Fakinle: [10h][10s]

Schmukal: A♠7♥

The board gave the neutrals in the room an almighty sweat 5♣6♣4♦2♠2♥ Schmukal missed his numerous outs and slips to 700,000. --NW

6.10pm: Fakinle gets a little back
Fakinle limped on the button and both other players joined him to the J♣3♠5♦ flop. Farrell tossed 60,000 into the middle and Fakinle moved all-in. Farrell passed. --RD

6pm: Fakinle on the wrong side of bullying
Fakinles opened to 62,000 from the button and Farrell set him in. Fakinle passed. -- RD

ukipt killarney_day 4_femi short.jpg

Femi Fakinle is the player in trouble now

5.50pm: Schmukal chips up
Jens Schmukal has been pretty quiet for the majority of three handed play but he just made a big play at a pot and was rewarded. Aonghus Farrell opened to 60,000 from the button, Schmukal three-bet to 150,000 total from the small blind, Femi Fakinle folded and Farrell called. The two of them saw a flop of 4♦K♣7♠. Schmukal checked to Farrell who bet 200,000, Schmukal check-raised all-in for 674,000 in total. Farrell gave it up and Schmukal raked a big pot. --NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

5.35pm: Huge swing to Farrell
Fakinle has been playing an aggressive game and sometimes that's going to burn you. Fakinle opened from the button for 48,000 and was raised in the small blind by farrell to around 200,000. Fakinle made the call. Farrell led 300,000, just over 30% of his stack, into the 3♥2♠9♦ flop. Fakinle annouced all-in and was eventually called by Farrell who showed T♣T♠ absolutely crushing Fakinle's pocket sixes. No outdraw for Fakinle and he's dropped to 500,000 while Farrell is on 2.2m. It's some comeback. --RD

ukipt killarney_day 4_aonghus farrell.jpg

Farrell is now in pole position with 2.2m

5.35pm: Farrell gets some back
It's Femi Fakinle and Aonghus Farrell who are involved in most of the pots. Fakinle limped from the small blind and Farrell checked his option. They both checked the K♥K♠2♦ flop. Fakinle led for 31,000 on the 9♦ turn. A bet Farrell called. On the K♣ river both players checked. Farrell showed 2♣2♠ to win the pot. --NW

5.25pm: Cagey play
This final table shot off at a ferocious pace but now that the action is three-handed things have slowed a little. There have been a couple of raise-and-take-the-blinds moments and a couple of hands which haven't been bet until the river. There are large jumps now with €15,000 difference between second and third. --RD

5.15pm: Femi Fakinle gets some back from Aonghus Farrell
From the small blind Femi Fakinle made it 75,000 to go and was called by the big blind Aonghus Farrell. They saw a flop of A♥K♥4♦, Fakinle continued the aggression betting 120,000, Farrell again called. The turn was the A♦ and again the pattern repeated itself, Farrell calling a bet of 250,000 this time, this was suddenly a very serious and chunky pot with over 800,000 in middle. On the 7♥ river, Fakinle first checked his cards and then moved all-in. Farrell stretched back in his chair, then slumped forward and then gave Fakinle a long stare down. Eventually though he elected to fold. --NW

5.05pm: Schmukal fails to fire the third bullet
Jens Schmukal had bet the first two streets of the J♥Q♦K♥8♠ board but when the 6♥ was flipped on the river he finally gave up on the hand. Farrell had been check-calling and showed a weak Q♠4♣ which was more than enough to beat Schmukal's 6♠4♠. A third bullet would have taken that pot. -- RD

5.05pm: Aonghus Farrell doubles through Femi Fakinle
On the first hand back from the break Aonghus Farrell limped the button and Jens Schmukal completed from the small blind. Femi Fakinle though wouldn't let the other two see a cheap flop and raised to 101,000. Farrell made the call and Schmukal folded.

Flop: 9♣8♠J♥

Fakinle bet 151,000 and after a minutes dwell Farrelll moved all in for 421,000 total. After a long, long think, Fakinle called.

Farrell: [10d]7♦

Fakinle: 9♦2♠

The turn and river were 4♠7♥ and Farrell doubled up to over a million, but Fakinle is still chip leader although the stacks are more bunched now. --NW

5pm:The final three players are coming back to their seats
The current chip counts show that Femi Fakinle has a huge lead over Schmukal and Farrell covering both of them and is looking unlikely to slow the pace. Will the German, buoyed by his country's World Cup victory, push through another knockout? Farrelll is the player at risk at the moment with 25 big blinds. He'll have to get his chips moving if he wants to have a shot at the title.

Femi Fakinle: 2,180,000
Jens Schmukal: 1,024,000
Aonghus Farrell: 522,000

Play has begun. --RD

ukipt killarney_day 4_femi chip leader.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Killarney: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT