Chopping the pot of gold at UKIPT Dublin

ukiptthumb.JPGIf you were following yesterday's blog you may have seen a lively little fella that's been bugging us all day. He had orange hair, a green jacket, white shirt and a hugely oversized head. I believe the locals would refer to the blighter as a leprechaun. Irish folklore dictates that these tiny tricksters ferret away gold coins in a big pot which they hide at the end of the rainbow. You would have thought that the multi-coloured arrow should be a bit of a giveaway but apparently you can only get the nuggets if you catch him. Thankfully for the players we finally managed to tackle the leprechaun in level 15 and will be able to start dishing out the golden doubloons as of tomorrow afternoon. All of the remaining 72 players will be getting paid a minimum of €750 while our inaugural UKIPT Dublin champion will pick up €72,000 and entry into the £5,000 EPT London, which handily doubles as the UKIPT Grand Final.

ukipt dublin_day 2_leprechaun.jpg

Leprechaun: major tournament donator

At the front of the gold coin line is Peter McGarvey who finished the day rubbing his hands with glee as the biggest of the big stacks with 437,800. Hot on his heels is James Keys with 432,600. Also greedily eyeing up the little ginger man's pot of gold is Ciaran Taggart (362,000), Trevor McCarthy (282,900) and Tom Kitt (276,000). McGarvey had been one of a few potential monster stacks and it was his that bloomed right at the end of play when he got it all-in with K♦K♥ against Ivan Tononi's Q♠Q♦ on a 9♥9♣7♦ flop for a 200,000 pot. Keys had earlier busted Simon Bernsten in a similar sized pot with eights full of aces over the Dutchman's eights full of kings.

ukipt dublin_day 2_peter mcgarvey.jpg

Peter McGarvey is the Day 2 chip leader

ukipt dublin_day 2_james keyes.jpg

James Keys should be looking happy with himself, he's second in chips

One player who won't be filling his pocket with pixie gold is Daniel Stohler who was the unlucky bubble boy. Stohler was short stacked and called all-in from the big blind with A♥K♦ but a three in the door for Gavin Joyce's A♣3♣ knocked the Swiss out. As you can see from the snap below he was obviously gutted to bubble suprisingly smiley despite getting sucked out on to miss the money.

ukipt dublin_day 2_daniel stohler.jpg

Daniel Stohler: the smiliest bubble boy EVER

It wasn't the best day for Team PokerStars Pro either. Vanessa Rousso ground her short stack hard but no amount of game theory knowledge could help her ace-ten suckout over a dominating ace. She fell relatively early in the day while plenty of Irish faces such as Tony Cascarino couldn't fare much better. Cascarino had limped on the button with K♦Q♣ and then shoved over a raise from the small blind courtesy of Trevor McCarthy. It ended up being a foot race with the former footballer leading the flop but McCarthy's A♥8♦ spiking the river.


Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso

ukipt dublin_day 2_tony cascarino.jpg

Tony Cascarino

Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly lasted a little longer but fell shortly after the dinner break not long after losing most of his stack with an ace-high hero call that was beaten by a larger bluffing ace-high. EPT blogger Marc Convey didn't make it quite to the break after imploring players to hurry up ahead of the dinner bell so he could either double up or go somewhere good to eat. Considering the alternative was being forced to stay for the buffet with just a few big blinds to his name it was +EV strategy.

ukipt dublin_day 2_jp kelly wrap.jpg

JP Kelly lasted deep into Day 2 but fell before the bubble

There's also a whole other pot of gold up for grabs and that goes to the top three finishers in the UKIPT Leaderboard. UKIPT Dublin is actually the penultimate event of the season (which started way back in December in Galway) and with just one event left, EPT London, to score points a lot could be settled here. Most of the players at the top of the heap turned up to play, including Mike Hill, Owen Robinson, Joeri Zandvliet, Rupinder Bedi, Jason Herbert and Gilles Augustus but all of those had fallen by the end of play today. The same can't be said of Chris Brammer who put in another Trojan effort to take himself from 34,675 up to 261,700. His finish here should take him into pole position and there are few that could argue that he doesn't deserve to be there.

ukipt dublin_day 2_chris brammer wrap.jpg

It's onwards and upwards for Chris Brammer on the UKIPT Leaderboard

Join us tomorrow from 1pm as we play down to the final few. End of Day 2 chip counts are posted here and the payout structure is here. If you'd like to catch up with all the day's play click on the links below:

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Photos (c) of Mickey May

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT