Results day: Owen Robinson is UKIPT Day 1A star student

ukiptthumb.JPGA-level results came out today and thousands of students across the UK were given news both good, great and dire. Some will have scored enough to get into prestigious universities, while others will merely have a metaphorical ruler cracked across their knuckles as they scurry towards any open university place that they can find. We may be talking poker schools rather then red brick colleges here but the same frantic scampering has been taking place here today at the Corn Exchange for the £500 UKIPT Edinburgh main event. A grand total of 168 players sat down to take their UKIPT Day 1A exams this afternoon but only 59 passed them to make it through to Day 2.

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_chips wrap.jpg

Day 1A is complete with 59 of 168 players making it to Day 2

It was Owen Robinson who graduates top of the class with a four A* performance and 181,900 in chips. Robinson has already made one final table at the UKIPT with a fourth place finish in Nottingham, and narrowly missed out on another in Killarney with a 13th place finish. Today though he absolutely schooled the opposition finishing the day some 55,000 ahead of his closest classmate, Paul McTaggart (124,100) who himself was ahead of the next three in chips; David McCallum (105,200), Lee Johnson (98,400) and Joe Whittaker (89,000). The chip average at the end of the day was 41,311.

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_owen robinson wrap.jpg

Owen Robinson leads the class with a table-creaking 181,900

Class dunces, this tournament at least, include Marc Goodwin, Rupinder Bedi, Chris Brammer and UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland. The last three mentioned will be feeling the failure that little bit more than the others given that they all are near the top of the UKIPT Leaderboard which awards some huge prizes to the top three students at the end of the academic year (that's EPT London, which doubles as the UKIPT Grand Final).

UKIPTEDI_MickeyMay_JPG  32185.jpg

Goodwin (left) and Brammer should have paid more attention in class

Of course there are also plenty of other players that will need to keep their fingers crossed that they can bag themselves a place through clearing. These players include regular EPT blogger Marc Convey (46,200), who seems to finally be paying attention to some of the lessons learnt on his foreign exchange trips, and Neil Channing (19,200) and Keith Hawkins (17,800) who, quite frankly, must try harder.

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Neil Channing muffin.jpg

Channing: should have bought the teacher an apple, not a muffin

Tomorrow will see a whole new class looking to graduate including Team PokerStars Pros Victoria Coren, JP Kelly, Jude Ainsworth and Julian Thew. That, of course, depends on whether Coren can actually make it to the exam hall here in Edinburgh as she has been having all kinds of problems getting here from London. You can follow her Twitter account to track her progress if that tickles your fancy.

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