Silver turns to gold to win UKIPT Dublin title and €72,000

ukiptthumb.JPGMax Silver has become the inaugural UKIPT Dublin champion beating a field of 590 players to win €72,000 and a £5,000 EPT seat. In a quicksilver* final table that lasted just four hours (breaks included) it was Silver, who was scoring back-to-back UKIPT final tables, that was involved in the most pots. Just three hands in Silver had claimed his first scalp after raising under the gun with 4♠4♣ and calling Peter McGarvey's 380,000 shove with J♣J♦. The board ran out K♦2♠3♠5♠ giving Silver a dangerous straight flush draw. The A♦ spiked the river and McGarvey, who had been chip leader for much of the tournament, missed a vital double up while Silver jumped up the chip chart.

* we couldn't resist.

ukipt dublin_day 4_max silver winner shot.jpg

Max Silver and friends celebrate his €72,000 title victory

It was a great start for Silver but things soon turned a little sour for the Englishman when Ciaran Taggart, the player that he admits he feared the most, more than doubled up: "He crushed me yesterday and the last thing that I wanted was for him to get chips." Unfortunately for Silver that's exactly what happened when Taggart's pocket kings held in a three-way pot against the ace-kings of Ursula Marmion and Kevin Allen. The three million pot knocked out Marmion in seventh and crippled Allen while catapulting Taggart into a huge chip lead. That was the second knockout of the tournament just ten minutes in. Within half an hour of the first hand being dealt we had lost four, yes four, of the final table. Come on, when does that ever happen?

ukipt dublin_day 4_taggart and allen.jpg

Ciaran Taggart (left) and Kevin Allen got involved in a monster pot early on

Taggart drove his chip stack well and it went as high as four million before he called all-in with A♠J♣ against Silver's A♣A♥ in a punishing battle of the blinds. That pushed Silver well into the lead which was solidified when he knocked out Taggart in a nines versus K♠Q♣ flip that saw 'Tag' knocked out in fourth for €19,500. Going three-handed Silver held 4,750,000 to Tom Kitt's 2,020,000 and Ronan Gilligan's 1,850,000 but action became fairly cagey until a big time cooler took place between the three. Silver raised on the button to 135,000 and was called by Kitt in the small blind and Gilligan in the big. A c-bet of 205,000 into the 6♥6♦K♦ flop and Kitt check-raised to 475,000. Silver made the call. Kitt fired a chunky 600,000 at the 7♠ turn, leaving himself with 1.2m, which Silver called. The A♣ fell on the river and Kitt moved instantly moved in. Silver snap called with A♠A♥. Kitt took €26,400 for his third place finish.

ukipt dublin_day 4_tom kitt.jpg

Tom Kitt's tournament was sealed by a massive cooler

That set-up hand gifted Silver a huge 7,480,000 stack which towered some way above Ronan Gilligan's 1,275,000. Staying true to the alacrity of the day heads up lasted just twenty minutes with Gilligan raising A♦5♦ and than calling all-in when Silver shipped it in with Q♦Q♣. The board stayed bullet-free as Silver claimed a UKIPT title at his second attempt. "I would have taken second at the beginning of the tournament, for sure," said Gilligan shortly after being knocked out. "I just had to try to double up early and take things from there." It's still a great result for the PokerStars qualifier who made his way into the tournament though an €11 rebuy to pocket €43,400. That's quite some spin-up. We on the blog had a win-win situation heads up; Silver turns to gold for one header and Gilligan's Ireland if the Irishman had managed to swing things back.

ukipt dublin_day 4_ final table.jpg

Ronan Gilligan (third from left) had a tough hill to climb heads up

Railing throughout final table tournament was Nick Abou Risk, a friend of Silver's who had won the UKIPT Edinburgh. It's an incredible one-two from the work colleagues and the back-to-back final tables have also netted Silver a huge amount of UKIPT Leaderboard points. Should he make the money at EPT London, which doubles as the UKIPT grand final, then he stands a very good chance of usurping Chris Brammer from the top spot. Brammer finished in 18th for his third UKIPT cash this season (he also finished 11th in Galway and 6th in Manchester).

ukipt dublin_day 4_silver and abou risk.jpg

Silver celebrates his victory with UKIPT Edinburgh winner Nick Abou Risk

ukipt dublin_day 2_chris brammer wrap.jpg

Chris Brammer's third deep finish pushes him to the top of the UKIPT Leaderboard

"It didn't sink in that I could actually win it until it got down to the final four," quipped Silver who, it has to be said, loves a quip at the table. It's a well deserved win that sets up a fantastic finale at the £5,000 buy-in EPT London which starts 29 September. Qualifiers are running now. Join us there and find out who will be crowned the UKIPT champion.

To see who cashed where you can click here and if you'd like to see how Silver clinched the title at today's frenzied final table then you need simply click the link. There's plenty of fun and frolics courtesy of UKIPT host Nick Weathall and co, which you can find by clicking on this 'Wealthall's a gobby so-and-so' link. We've been Rick Dacey and Simon Young, goodnight Dublin, the black stuff is calling.

Photos © of Mickey May.

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