UKIPT Brighton: Day 1a, levels 1,2&3 (blinds 75-150)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.45pm: More Quads
With the board reading 4♥9♠9♦[10h]8♦ Karim Kamel bet 1,625 into a pot of 2900 after a long dwell Quoc Nguyen folded. He was rewarded for his fold as Kamel showed 9♣9♥. -NW

3.40pm: Unhealthy Medesan
Alain Medesan is not looking good but he's not one to go quietly into the night or in this case into the sunny and windy afternoon. Medesan raised to 450 from his tiny 2,400 stack. He was called by Steve Thompson in the cut-off and Jason Philips in the small blind. Medesan continued with his aggression on the T♣Q♠A♣ flop with a small 200 bet which only kept Philips in. Philips checked the 6♥ turn and Medesan bet 600 and took the pot. Medesan flashed J♦4♦ for a ballsy gutshot bluff. The Romanian is up to 3,500. -- RD

3.20pm: That's a lot of kings
On the river of a K♦A♦K♣K♥6♥ Jamie Burland bet 2,100 and was called by Sid Harris. Burland showed A♥K♠ and said, 'That's only my third lot of quads today!' Burland is up to 26,000. -NW

3pm: Out the door
We've lost a few players already in Brighton; there are currently 112 of the 117entrants left. -NW

2.55pm: Martin versus Martin
The hand started innocently enough but soon exploded into one of the biggest pots of the tournament thus far. It folded all the way round to small blind Martin Hanham who raised to 475. The big blind, Martin Holmes re-raised to 1975 total and Hanham made the call. The flop was 9♥6♥2♣ and Hanham check called a bet of 3,600. On the 9♠ turn Hanham open shoved for 9,750 total. Holmes went deep into the tank before eventually folding [10d][10s] face up. -NW

2.50pm: Interwebs broken
Apologies for the lack of updates, but the internet has gone down at the casino. Staff are working to fix the problem as quickly as possible. We'll try and backdate as many posts as possible.

2.50pm: Eric blocked by Derek
Eric Christou opened to 450 and was called by Derek Block in the hijack and Rupinder Bedi in the cut-off. Christou check-called a 1,125 bet from Block on the 4♥2♣4♣ flop which Bedi did not come along for. There was no action on the K♦ turn before Block blasted 1,300 at the T♥ river and Christou mucked his hand. He didn't look like he wanted to but his curiosity didn't quite get the best of him. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_rupinder bedi.jpg

Rupinder 'George' Bedi

2.45pm: Da Silva hooked by Tran
With 2,400 in the pot by the turn and the board reading 6♥4♠K♠[10c] small blind Jose Carlos Da Silva led out for 1,400 and was flat called from middle position by Danny Tran. The J♥ arrived on the river and Da Silva slowed down, checking the action over to Tran, who bet 4,200, Da Silva flicked in one blue 5,000 chip to call. Tran showed J♦J♠ Da Silva showed just the K♦ before mucking. 'I was in a gambling mood,' said Tran as he collected the pot. --NW

2.40pm: Back from break


2.25pm: Break Time
That's the end of the second level and the players are on a 15 minute break.

2.20pm: Dempsey doubles
I noticed that WSOP bracelet winner James Dempsey had around 28,000 in his stack and in a break between hands asked him how he got them, 'I made a bad call pre-flop but got there,' he said. 'Go on,' I said. 'At 50-100 I made it 300, next to act (James Oldham) made it 1,000 and was flat called by the player to his left (Peter O'Reilly) flat called, so I peeled. The flop was J♠[10s]3♥, I checked, Oldham bet 1,800 and O'Reilly folded. I check-raised to 5,200 and he jammed for 12,500 total. He had A♠K♠ and made his flush on the turn, but I rivered a 10!' --NW

2.15pm: Burke doubles through Burland
A K♣Q♠9♣ flop is exactly what you want to see when you're in the big blind with jack ten and you're just hoping that someone else has part of the flop. Jamie Burland had raised under the gun to 225 and had been called by the button and Burke in the big blind. Burland had made a continuation bet of 550 which was called by the button before Burke check-raised all-in for 8,000. Burland made the call.

Burke: J♦T♦
Burland: K♦Q♣

'I was hoping that he had exactly that hand,' said Burke who doubled up to 17,000. Shortly before the fog-horned Welshman, who you can literally hear from a room away, had lost a big pot to Burland with A♥T♥ to Burland on an ace-two heart board. Burland had slowplayed aces.-- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_jeff burke.jpg

Jeff Burke is riding the tournament rollercoaster

2pm: Swallow some of your own Medesan
The action was on Fuad Serhan and he had 600 in front of him, two to his left was Alain Medesan, also with 600 in front of him and there was a bet of 1,750 in front of Steven Thompson. Serhan considered his options before folding, but Medesan was not so quick to fold. He eventually moved all-in for 10,950 total. Thompson thought it over for an age before folding, leaving himself with just over starting stack. As the dealer was shuffling for the next hand, Thompson claimed he folded ace-king. --NW

1.45pm: Lovgren's delayed snipe
Sofia Lovgren had three-bet from the small blind and picked up a caller from the button but she waited until the turn of the 6♦9♥4♠4♦ board before firing 1,000 into the 2,400 pot. It was more than enough to scoop the chips in the middle. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_sofia lovgren.jpg

Sofia Lovgren is quietly building her stack

1.30pm: Small pot poker
It's quite cagey here at the moment. Two examples:
On table seven small blind Andriena Nutt and big blind Paul Vinson took a cheap flop. Nutt check called bets of 100 and 200 respectively on the flop and turn before both players checked the river of a 8♣A♣J♠A♥6♣. Vinson's K♦J♣ was good.

Meanwhile on table 14, Bambos Xanthos made it 450 to go from early position and it folded all the way round to big blind Dave Penly who open folded ace-queen. --NW

1.25pm: Augustus feels the chill
Gilles Augustus has already taken one UKIPT title (in Coventry) but his hopes to take a second have taken an early dent. We came to the action on the flop where 4,000 was already in the middle. Chunky 2,575 bets were made and called on the turn before Jamie Burland led almost 6,000 on the river. Augustus grudgingly passed his hand. The Belgian may have taken a hit but he's still got plenty of time to grind back. -- RD


1.10pm: Cooler for Kelly
I didn't see how the chips went in but Patrick Kelly had a pair of kings in front of him and Peter Wood had A♣A♦ in front of him. The board was bereft of kings,straights and flushes and Kelly sent 12,500 of his stack in Wood's direction. Kelly must've been busy early as he's still got around 5,000. Wood meanwhile have 25,000 as jumps to an early chiplead. --NW

1.05pm: Devilish table draw
Table six, if not quite a table of death, is nonetheless an interesting one. In the one seat sits Steven Thompson, he's from Costa Rica and in June he finished 20th in the LAPT event in Lima. He's also final tabled the LAPT event in San Jose in 2008. He's on somewhat of a worldwide poker tour at the moment. He played the PokerStars Estrellas Madrid event, from there he's headed here to Brighton. After Brighton, he's heading to Brazil to play the LAPT Florianopolis and then he's going to collect some more air miles by flying to Portugal for the EPT Vilamoura event. In the five seat is Fuad Serhan, who finished second in a £1,5000 WSOPE event in 2008 and neighbours in the eight and nine seats are Alain Medesan , who made the final table at EPT Snowfest and Matt Crocker, the winner of the PokerStars Summer Festival of Poker freeroll. --NW

1pm: Loud Paul Parker
Paul Parker is known for being fairly loud in two senses; verbal and dress. He's sporting a chequed summer suit and his already getting involved in chat. After having a 350 bet called on the turn of a 4♠T♦6♥T♥ board by Peter Wood, Parker found himself folding on a 2♥ river. 'If you'd bet more I would have called,' said Parker. What wicked webs is Mr Parker weaving? Award yourself a bonus point if you picked up the very oblique Spiderman reference between weaving webs and him being called Parker. -- RD

12.50pm: Tann taken for one
Willie Tann is not the kind of player that's going to avoid getting involved in the early levels of a tournament. Andrew Bullen raised under the gun to 175 and was called by the button and Tann in the big blind. Tann led the 7♠Q♣Q♥ flop for 200 and was called by Bullen. Both players checked the 2♥ turn and the J♣ river. Bullen quickly showed 9♠9♥ to take the pot allowing Tann to get away without showing his hand (Tann had taken the last positive action and would have had to shown his hand first). -- RD

12.40pm: Medesan is in the house
Alain Medesan won't be known by many players down here in Brighton but as a blogger who railed him all the way to the final table at EPT Snowfest I can safely say that Medesan is a threat in this tournament. The Romanian bagged €111,000 for his fourth place finish in Hinterglemm back in March. -- RD

12.30pm: Meet Matt Crocker
Matt, who lives in Bristol won his way to Brighton via PokerStars Summer Festival of Poker. He beat over 5,300 players to win his seat for free. 'It took about seven hours,' Crocker told me before play started. 'The tournament didn't finish till 4a.m and I was starting a new job the next day.' Crocker, who is 23 and works as a software developer added, 'This is by far the biggest buy-in tournament I've played in.' -NW

ukipt brighton_day 1a_matt crocker.jpg

Matt Crocker's already beaten 5,300 players to get this far

12.25pm: Tann loses some early
Legend of UK poker Willie Tann is in the field today, but he's already lost some ground. I joined the action to see a flop of J♥7♦2♣ spread on the table. Tann who had raised from under the gun+1 fired out a bet of 325 only to see it raised by Andrew Bullen (under the gun+2) to 1325 total. Tann made the call. Both players checked the 2♠ turn, before Tann fired a bet of 1,000 on the A♦ river. Bullen flicked in the call and showed A♠[10h], Tann opened K♠K♣. --NW

12.20pm: 'Shuffle up and deal'
Tournament director Toby Stone has announced, 'Shuffle up and deal,' and the dealers have (thankfully) followed his instructions here at the Rendezvous Casino, Brighton. Today's numbers won't be confirmed until the end of level three but we'll beable to give you an estimate before then. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_beach shot.jpg

The £1,000 UKIPT Brighton main event is underway

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT