UKIPT Brighton: Day 1b, levels 7&8 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG9pm: Play had ended: unofficial top five
Play has ended for the day, as the dealers were writing down the chip counts we looked over their shoulders and compiled this unofficial top five.

Oliver Schaffmann: 109,900
Amir Zahir: 79,200
Waseem Ahmed: 79,100
Daniel Rudd: 77,000
Sam El Sayed 76,500

Not far behind are Neil Channing (74,500) and Liam Flood (72,800). Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren was one of 53 players who made it made it through to day two, she has 27,300. The wrap from Brighton is on the way, play on day seven of the WSOP main event got underway about two hours ago, follow the action here. --NW

8.25pm: Watts powers on
Fintan Gavin is out, Steve Watts his assassin. Gavin was down to about 10,000 when he opened to 1,700 with pocket kings. From the small blind Steve Watts made it 3,500, Gavin moved in and Watts called with ace-king, an ace on the flop sent Gavin packing. --NW

8.20pm: Strange sequence of events
Andrew Robson made it 1,400 to go and was flat called by Albert Sapiano and Steve Watts. Next to act Carolyn Gray moved all-in for about 20,000 total. Robson though thought she had only re-raised, so then announced re-raise himself! The others folded and since Robson had verbally said re-raise he had to call Gray's all-in and was in bad shape.
Gray: [A][A]
Robson: [2][2]

The board ran out: [10][4][3][5][4] --NW

8pm: Harvey creamed
Rob Harvey's last chips have been swallowed up by the every expanding stack of Jean-nicolas Fortin. Harvey made it 1,600 to play, Fortin made it 4,825, Harvey moved in and Fortin called.

Fortin: [10h][10d]

Harvey: A♦J♣

Board: [10c]J♠9♣5♥8♠

Fortin now has around 100,000, amazingly he's sat to the direct left of chip leader Oliver Schaffmann who has, if anything, slightly increased his stack in the last level. If Schaffmann and Fortin clash in a big pot it could leave us with one 200,000 stack.--NW


7.50pm: Atherton out
Lee Atherton has just been caught out by Tomas Cibek. 'They'd been a couple of limps when I had 10,000 left and I knew that guy (Cibek) would raise it because he's loose and mad,' said Atherton. And that he did, up to 1,500. 'A couple of players called who I knew were weak so I moved all-in over the top with A♦4♦. He snapped off with kings.' No aces on the board and Atherton was left walking to the pavilion rail. -- RD

7.40pm: Fintan loses a chunk
On the river of a 8♦3♦4♠2♦9♦ Fintan Gavin bet 9,000 into a 16,000 pot. To his direct left was Andrew Robson (who was on the button for this hand) and he took a few minutes to consider his action, during this time Gavin stood up. Eventually Robson called, Gavin said, 'You're probably good, I have one pair.' Indeed he was as Robson had [10d][10s]. Gavin is down to 7,000. --NW

7.30pm: 'What are you doing?!?'
So asked Albert Sapiano mid-hand as the dealer missed that he was still in the hand and started pushing the pot towards EPT Barcelona runner-up Fintan Gavin. The dealer swiftly apologised as Sapiano made the call on a 6♠Q♦Q♣ flop. 'I'm on a flush draw here,' said Sapiano. Gavin led 1,100 on the turn and was instantly raised to 6,000 by Sapiano. Gavin folded and Sapiano showed Q♠J♦ for top trips. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_fintan gavin.jpg

Fintan Gavin came second in the 2008 EPT Barcelona for €792,000

7.20pm: Joe Grech is out
Joker Joe won't be making a repeat UKIPT final table appearance. The Coventry finalist lost his last 3,800 to EPT Deauville winner Jake Cody. The Rochdale youngster is now up to around 33,000. --NW

7.15pm: Channing tables the nut flush again
Neil Channing was mid massage when he casually waved his hand at Andrew Robson to see how many chips he had behind after Robson had led 1,050 into a T♦9♣2♣ flop. It was enough. He made the call as did Simon Tomsett behind him in the cut-off. The T♣ paired the board and brought the flush. Robson and Channing checked to Tomsett who bet 3,000. Only Channing stayed in. The 8♣ was quickly checked by Channing and slowly so by Robson who tabled J♠Q♥ for a straight. Channing's A♣3♣ nut flush trumped it though and he raked in the tidy pot. -- RD

7.10pm: The top five
Here're the top five stacks in the room as level seven gets underway. Keep an eye on the chip count page, we're currently working hard to get it updated.

Oliver Schaffmann: 108,650
Sam Al Sayed: 73,050
Amir Zahiri: 65,000
Jean-nicolas Fortin: 64,850
Carolyn Gray: 50,150. --NW

7pm: Oliver Schaffmann now massive chip leader
Oliver Schaffmann won a massive pot from Maximilian Heinzelmann just before the break and now has a massive stack of 108,650. During the break Schaffmann did an interview with UKIPT host Nick Weallthall and we sat in on it to get the details of the hand. Heinzelmann opened to 650 and next to act Schaffmann three-bet to 2100 total with A♣Q♣. The big blind called the 2,100 with about 5,000 behind and Heinzelmann also called, he covered both players. The flop fell 3♥K♥A♦, both players checked to Schaffmann who bet 6,500, telling us, 'This isn't exactly the worst flop for my hand but I still didn't want to play a huge pot.' The big blind folded but Heinzelmann check-raised to 13,500 total. Schaffmann, who described Heinzelmann as having been 'active', elected to peel. The turn was the 5♠, Heinzelmann led for 13,000. Schaffmann said, 'This bet really didn't strike me as being for value as it was pretty small and would allow me the right price if I was on say a flush draw. So at this point I think his most likely holding is a heart draw possibly with the ace of hearts. I decided to call, I don't think there's any point in raising here and at this point I'm fine if the river goes check, check.' The river fell the 4♣ and Heinzelmann set Schaffmann all-in for his last 27,000. 'In my mind the turn and river didn't change anything, if I'm ahead on the flop and turn I'm still ahead now, I've pretty much discounted ace-king as I think he'd have isolated the short stack with ace-king.' Schaffmann did make the call and Heinzelmann mucked. --NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_oliver schaffmann.jpg

Oliver Schaffmann finished second at the UKIPT Nottingham and has now taken the day 1b chiplead

6.50pm: Final day 1 hurdles
The players are back in their seats and riffling away like excited crickets. There are now just two levels left in the day. Oliver Schaffmann, runner-up at the UKIPT Nottingham, is the day 1b chipleader - details to come. -- RD

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT