UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, levels 15&16 (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG 10pm: Three-way raising war
William Beauchamp started the action with a raise to 11,000 and Sam Grafton made a swift three-bet to 27,000. John Spinks then waded in with a hefty four-bet to 70,000 asking a huge question of both players. It was one that neither wanted to answer and they both passed without too much fuss.

Jonathan Campbell also managed to double up to 230,000 with kings to queens which handily made a huge quads hand just to rub salt in the wounds of Andrew Youens. Blinds are now up so check a fresh post coming soon. -- RD

9.55pm: Chip counts at the final two tables
Here's how the final two tables stack up:

Table 1:

Benjamin Martin: 345,000
Jamie Burland: 365,000
Tomas Cibek: 130,000
David Gant: 270,000
Andrew Youens: 550,000
Jonathan Campbell: 121,000
Richard Taylor: 370,000
Waseem Ahmed: 200,000

Table 2:

Sam Grafton: 200,000
Anthony Lee: 170,000
Bill Seber: 280,000
Stephen Thompson: 130,000
Dimps Maker: 200,000
Johnathan Spinks: 280,000
Oliver Price: 125,000
William Beauchamp: 235,000

9.45pm: A bit about Bill
Bill Seber is from Houston that's a hell of a long way from Brighton. 'I was in Tallinn about a month ago and just started trying to win some packages to PokerStars events. It's a cool way to travel and play poker, I've been to Stonehenge. The package covers your entry and hotel and most of the plane fare! I'm trying to satellite into the Villamoura event (EPT event in Portugal August 28th to September 2nd), but I want to win this one first.' He's going well at the moment on 280,000. --NW

9.40pm: Taylor getting very active
Richard Taylor seems to want to play every single pot at the moment.

Hand 1: Taylor three-bets into David Gant's 12,500 open and is swiftly shoved on by Gant. Taylor mucks just as quickly.

Hand 2: Taylor three-bets Jonathan Campbell's early position 13,500 open to 30,000. Campbell mucks J♦J♠ face-up.

Hand 3: Taylor takes the opportunity to open-raise to 12,000 and sweeps the blinds. Was he particualrly targetting Gant in the big blind? -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_richard taylor2.jpg

Is Taylor running hot or simply attacking other players' hopes of making the final table?

9.30pm: Gant doubles again
David Gant had barely doubled up once when he got all his chips across the line again, this time against Sid Harris. Gant was the at risk player for 111,500 although Harris only had him covered by about 15,000.

Gant: A♦J♠

Harris: A♣K♣

The board J♥4♦[10h]9♦8♥

Gant let out a 'get in' as he won the pot. Harris who was now very short was eliminated shortly afterwards again he held A♥K♣, Tomas Cibek holding A♠8♠ and flopping a flush on a board of [10s]3♠5♠9♦4♣. --NW

9.20pm: Dimps has no need to bink against Spinks, but does anyway
Dimps Maker was all-in for his last 75,000 against John Spinks.

Maker: K♣K♥

Spinks: 9♣9♥

The board of 8♣K♥[10c]4♣Q♥ a bit of overkill for Maker. Spinks remarking on the turn, 'I think I might lose this pot.' --NW

9.15pm: Gant Doubles
David Gant has doubled through Tomas Cibek with A♥3♦ against 9♣2♦. Gant making a full house on the A♦2♣7♣7♦A♣ board. Gant is now up to around 110,000.--NW

9pm: Well that didn't take long
First hand back from the break and we've lost one. Rick Glading is the man out his [10h]8♥ losing out to Waseem Ahmed's [10c][10d]. Glading's shove was for 45,000. --NW

8.50pm: Forks down, chip up
The players are back from the buffet and ready to play down to the final table. Tournament director Toby Stone has annouced that play is scheduled to start tomorrow at 2pm but may start later if it runs late tonight. --RD

8.50pm: Chip counts updated
We have updated all the chip counts so click here to see how the last 19 players are doing and click here to see the payouts. -- RD

8pm: Beauchamp turning tricks
In the 30 minutes or so before the dinner break, play tightened up considerably, few pots made it to the river, the street of no return seemed to be the turn. Two examples:
1. Pre-flop Ben Martin raised, William Beauchamp three-bet and Martin called. On a flop of 9♥7♣6♣ Martin check-called a bet of 27,000, before folding on the 3♠ turn to Beauchamp's bet of 70,000 into a pot of circa 120,000.

2. Beauchamp was involved again, flat calling Waseem Ahmed's pre-flop bet of 12,000 in position. On the Q♥K♣[10s] flop Ahmed checked, Beauchamp bet 25,000 and Ahmed called. The turn brought the 7♦ and Ahmed check-folded to Beauchamp's 55,000 bet. --NW

7.55pm: One-hour dinner break
Level 15 has come to an end, the players are now on a one-hour dinner break. --NW

7.50pm: Grafton pwned by Seber
Sam Grafton has just had a little storm off after laying down a big hand down to Bill Seber who was bluffing a Q♦3♦8♦9♣A♣ board with 6♠7♠. Seber had check-raised the turn to 37,000 before blasting out a stack of blues on the river, which we figure to be some 65,000. Grafton actually left the tournament floor before Seber even showed the 7-high bluff. -- RD

7.35pm: Marius out
Marius Lietuvninkas got it all-in with [a][2] against Waseem Ahmed's pocket queens and failed to suckout with a bullet or running deuces. He's bagged some points as well as a good cash finish. Another sterling performance by the Lithuanian who also chopped the £100 side event last night. That's some solid play. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_marius lietuvninkas.jpg

Marius has taken the lead of the UKIPT Leaderboard

7.25pm: Marius doubles up, then doubles up Glading
Marius Lietuvninkas has had a roller coaster of a day. He's overtaken Mick Hill at the top of the UKIPT leaderboard and done it by grinding it out the hard way. And just when it looked like he was building a stack, he lost it again. He doubled through Ben Martin with A♣9♣ against K♠[10s] to get up to around 50,000 (only a quarter of average) but then in short order doubled up Rick Glading. The latter's all-in was for 24,800.

Glading: [Ks[2♥

Lietuvninkas: [10h][10s]

The board: Q♦2♠6♣2♦7♣.

Ouch. --NW

7.15pm: More four-betting entering the arena
There have been a couple of knockouts post-break in the shape of Kirit Patel (22nd - £2,200) and David Maudlin (21st - £2,450). Since then play has got a little cagey despite there being a healthy amount of three- and four-betting (or unhealthy depending on how you're looking at it). Tomas Cibak and Rupinder Bedi have both been players that have been four-bet off hands. -- RD

7.05pm: Stacks
We got chip counts of all the remaining players during the break. If you'd like to see the players by chip order click here. Below is how the players stack up by table:

Table 16:

Marius Lietuvninkas 35,000
Waseem Ahmed 80,000
Andrew Youens 290,000
William Beauchamp 270,000
Stephen Thompson 290,000
Rick Glading 45,000
Ben Martin 370,000

Table 17:

David Maudlin 23,600
Jamie Burland (CHIP LEADER) 395,000
Tomas Cibek 285,000
David Gant 65,100
Sidney Harris 59,900
Jonathan Campbell 202,000
Kirit Patel 42,000 (Now out)

Table 18:

Sam Grafton 230,000
Anthony Lee 170,000
Bill Seber 275,000
Rupinder Bedi 193,000
Dimps Maker 91,000
Jonathan Spinks 225,000
Oliver Price 94,000
Richard Taylor 250,000 --NW

7pm: Back from the break
There are just three tables left and twenty-two players. Jamie Burland is riding the chiplead - just getting that confirmed right now. Full chip counts to come. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_ jamie burland.jpg

Jamie Burland is riding high with the chiplead

ukipt brighton_day 2_rupinder bedi2.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT