UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, levels 17&18 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.10am: TIME!
This tournament has been very low on the calls for 'Time!' but we have just had one such shout aimed at the face of one Tony Lee. On a 9♠T♥6♠ flop Beuachamp led for 45,000 and Lee tanked while glancing at the payouts page. Time was called and Lee folded closely followed by John Spinks who can barely keep his eyes open. Neil Channing - who is playing a £5-£10 cash game with James Dempsey and Paul Zimbler just yards away from the main event - was on the smae flight back from Las Vegas as Spinks and co. The poor lad looks shattered.

That's the end of another level as the blinds ramp up even higher. -- RD

12.05am: Chop it up
We were alerted to an all-in and call situation by tournament director Toby Stone. However both players - the at risk Jonathan Campbell who had shoved for 15 big blinds under the gun and Ben Martin - both had ace-king suited (hearts for Martin, clubs for Campbell). With only the river to come Campbell was freerolling, any club was good for him, but it was a 5♠ meaning they chopped the pot. --NW

12am: Lee dodges the bullet
Local player Tony Lee got in 77,000 preflop against the A♥8♣ of William Beauchamp. A critical double up for Lee. --RD

11.55pm: Gant makes mysterious pass
David Gant and Waseem Ahmed have played a mind boggling hand that involved a perplexing fold. On a 5♦2♦2♥ board Gant check-raised Ahmed's 30,000 bet to 95,000 and then tank-folded when Ahmed moved all-in for an additional 30,000 or so. A few players at the table looked a little confused but to be fair to Gant Ahmed did show pocket aces. --RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_david gant.jpg

David Gant refused great odds on a call and was shown pocket aces for his troubles

11.45pm: Gant doubles through Campbell
David Gant made it 40,000 to go, Jonathan Campbell slid out two towers of blue chips, totalling 200,000, which was enough to set Gant all-in. After some thought Gant made the call:

Gant: J♣J♦

Campbell: K♦K♣

Flop: Q♣J♥8♦

Gant let out a cry of 'come on,' as he spiked his jack.

Turn: 6♦

River: 3♣

Gant's stack was counted down and it was established he had 169,000 total. --NW

11.40pm: Price out in 14th
Local boy Oliver Price got it all-in against William Beauchamp (again) but was relying on hitting just one overcard when he tabled Q♣8♣ against Beauchamp's 8♠8♥. He missed and is out. Price had shortly before lost with sixes to Steve Thompson's pocket nines to double the Costa Rican up. -- RD

11.30pm: Spinks bests Beauchamp
William Beauchamp made a live mis-click as he meant to raise under the gun to, we think 18,000 but only put out a bet of 13,000 so it went as a minimum raise to 16,000. It folded to the big blind Jon Spinks who flicked in the extra 8,000.

Flop: K♣6♠9♥

Spinks check-called a bet of 16,000.

Turn: [10s]

Spinks checked, Beauchamp cut-out a stack of blue 5k chips but eventually checked behind.

River: 7♦

Both players checked again and Spinks announced, 'Queens,' and showed Q♦Q♠ to win the pot. --NW

11.10pm: Overshove from Beauchamp
Oliver Price was left in a very difficult spot on the river of a 2♠7♦2♦6♠5♠ board when Beauchamp moved in for 180,000. Price had check-called 14,000 on the turn and Beauchamp decided to polarise his range with an uber push. It smelt like a value shove to us. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_will beauchamp2.jpg

William Beauchamp put Price to the test

11.10pm: Chip counts
We've updated the chip counts page the current top three are:

Tomas Cibek: 520,000
Andrew Youens: 485,000
Ben Martin: 385,000

Stay with us all the way through to the final table. --NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4000-8000, ANTE 500

10.50pm: Grafton collects £2,850 for his 15th place finish
Sam Grafton got it all-in against William Beauchamp in a battle of the blinds leaving his tournament life hanging on a knife edge (okay, a coinflip situation but you get the added drama, right?).

Beauchamp: K♦6♠
Grafton: T♥J♥

The board ran out K♠5♣8♣5♣4♠ and Grafton was sent to the rail in 15th. It was a solid performance but he'll still be kicking himself for passing to Bill Seber's 7-high bluff. We're now on a break. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_sam grafton exit.jpg

Grafton played an aggressive game putting most of his opponents on the backfoot

10.50pm: Stephen Thompson doubles through Sam Grafton
Stephen Thompson and Sam Grafton got it all-in preflop with Thompson the at risk player with his 37,500 stack.

Thompson: 5♥6♥
Grafton: A♣J♣

Grafton had an enthusiastic cheering section who begin shouting for a queen.

Flop: [10s]2♥3♣

Turn: 9♠

River: 4♦

Bink! --NW

10.45pm: Richard Taylor eliminated in 16th place winning £2,850
It folded all the way round to Andrew Youens on the button and he raised to 15,000, in the big blind Richard Taylor moved all-in for around 90,000. Youens called and his pocket threes stayed ahead of Taylor's [6][7]. --NW

10.40pm: Not the correct Price
Oliver Price has doubled through William Beauchamp with J♣K♣ versus A♠J♠ on a K♦Q♥5♠Q♠K♠ board doubling up to 140,000. -- RD

10.30pm: Taylor loses a big one
Czech Tomas Cibak opened to 13,500 and was raised to 22,000 by Richard Taylor. Cibak then moved all-in for 230,000 total and Taylor grudgingly made the call.

Taylor: 9♠9♣
Cibak: J♦J♣

The flop blanked out with no two-outer for Taylor and Cibak tops up to around 460,000. Taylor has been knocked all the way down to around 130,000. -- RD

10.20pm: The tale of a card protector
The photo below is of Stephen Thompson's card protector and he was kind enough to tell me the story behind it. 'My wife Natalia bought it for me just before the LAPT Lima event as my previous card protector - a ninja - had fallen off the table and broke.' The card protector is a coffee seller and being from Costa Rica, you'd figure it'd be an apt protector but, 'I don't like coffee, in fact I hate it,' said Thompson. -NW

A coffee collecter all the way from Costa Rica

10.05pm: Blinds are up!
It's still teh last two tables and we haven't seen a knockout for some time now. Many players are 40 to 60 big blinds deep so it's going to be tough for players to bust unless they really want to get their stacks in. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_john spinks.jpg

John Spinks is one of the players starting to feel the fatigue

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT