UKIPT Brighton: Day 3, levels 20&21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.25pm: Break Time
Level 21 has come to an end and players are on a 15 minute break. --NW

4.20pm: The July nine
With the re-draw to nine players here's whose sitting where for the rest of the tournament.

Seat 1: Tomas Cibak
Seat 2: Bill Seber
Seat 3: Jamie Burland
Seat 4: Waseem Ahmed
Seat 5: William Beauchamp
Seat 6: David Gant
Seat 7: Andy Youens
Seat 8: Jon Spinks
Seat 9: Jonathan Campbell

Chip counts to come. --NW

4.15pm: Final! Well down to just one table anyway
We're down to nine players here in Brighton and they're currently re-drawing to one table of nine, although the final table will officially be eight players. Anthony Lee was the player to go in tenth place, Jon Spinks doing the damage, here's what happened.

Lee shoved all-in for 108,000 from the button, Bill Seber folded the small blind and Spinks checked his cards. 'Oh god,' he said, 'Can I get a count please?' After getting the count Spinks cut out the 108,000 from his stack and saw that he'd have about 130,000 back should he call and lose. He chose to call. Lee said 'Good call, you're ahead.'

Spinks: 4♠4♦

Lee: 6♠3♠

'Hold for god's sake,' said Spinks when he saw the hands.

Flop: 2♣A♥5♥

'You don't want to make a set,' said Bill Seber to Spinks.

Turn: 7♥

River: A♦

Lee wins £4,450 for his tenth place finish. --NW

4.05pm: Burland and Cibak going at it
Jamie Burland and Tomas Cibak have been having a lot of battles with three-betting and four-bet shoving from the button and small blind. Burland is getting the best of it at the moment but a mammoth pot could take place between these two. -- RD

4.05pm: Youens looking tilted, Seber looking majestic
Andy Youens is looking visibly tilted at the moment. He's shaken his head at someone on the rail in exasperation and been forced to fold a couple of three-bets. Okay maybe Bill Seber isn't looking majestic but that's how he's playing. He's just won three hands on the bounce at his table and both his raises and Texan drawl are flowing across the table with little resistance. Will Beauchamp raised to 34,000 from the button and was called by Tony Lee in the small blind. Seber squeezed it to 184,000 and both players passed. Seber, who has almost half-a-million dollars in live cashes, seems to be the most at ease player at his table. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_bill seber.jpg

Bill Seber's stack is growing Texan-big

3.55pm: Stuck in reverse
Andy Youens has not had a good day so far. The chipleader who recently doubled up David Gant was recently all-in and at risk of elimination. The action went raise UTG from Youens to 30,000, three-bet from small blind Tomas Cibak to 83,000, Youens all-in for 270,000 and call from Cibak.

Youens: A♠[10s]

Cibak: A♦Q♣

Youens got out of his chair as he prepared to learn his fate.
The board ran out 6♥6♦K♣6♣9♣ the players chopped the pot and Youens sat back down. --NW

3.35pm: Steven Thompson eliminated in 11th place
It folded round to the button and Bill Seber made it 36,000 to play. Next to act Stephen Thompson moved all-in for 194,000 total. Seber asked the dealer to drag the 36,000 in so he could work out how much extra it was, he decided that he was getting a good price and called.
Seber: Q♥Q♠
Thompson: 2♣2♥
'Quack quack,' went the rail, referring to the fact that pocket twos are known as a pair of ducks.
The board though bought no help to Thompson running out 7♣5♣J♦3♠[10d]. One more elimination and we'll be re-drawing for the final nine.--NW

3.35pm: Meeting his maker - Dimps is out in 12th
Dimps Maker is our 12th place knockout. He had open shoved for 160,000 - just ten big blinds - with Q♣Q♥ and had been called by Seber in the small blind. The Texan turned over K♥K♦ for a dominating pair. Maker got no help on the 4♦T♥J♣T♣3♠ board and left to the cash desk to collect £3,900 to a round of applause. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_dimps maker.jpg

Maker's queens ran into Texan Kings

3.25pm: Summer of shove
Jon Spinks has not ran well today. He's got a one move stack at the moment and he's doing that one move fairly frequently. Just now he moved in under the gun for 110,00 exactly. It folded to Dimps Maker in the big blind who dwelled. Maker looked skyward, counted out the 110,000 from his stack, looked at what he'd have left if he lost (about 75,000) and dwelled some more. Eventually he passed pocket threes face up saying, 'I'm 50% at best.' Spinks was at it again shortly afterwards shoving his stack in from the small blind and forcing a fold from William Beauchamp.--NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ANTE 2,000

3.20pm: 'Basically you're never doing this light, are you?'
So asked Andy Youens to David Gant after Youens had raised to 26,000 under the gun with K♠Q♠. Gant had shoved from the big blind for what looked like 180,000. Youens looked like he was folding but something clicked somewhere and he made the call only to be shown A♠K♥. It wasn't a great situation to be in especially when he faded the queen. Gant is up to 360,000 playing big pot poker. -- RD

3.10pm: Clunged still in charge
Andy Youens, who goes by the name of 'Clunged' on PokerStars (Will is his favourite Inbetweeners character by the way) has if anything increased his stack today. He's not really played any major pots, he's just been chipping away. --NW

3.05pm: Ben Martin is our 13th place finisher winning £3,900
The action went raise from Jonathan Campbell from the cut-off, shove from Ben Martin from the small blind and call from Campbell. Martin had slipped to around 150,000 and was the player at risk.

Campbell: A♠Q♦

Martin: Q♥J♥

Flop: [10s]7♣9♠

'Martin has an open ended straight draw,' announced tournament director/MC Toby Stone.

Turn: 6♥

River: 2♦

Martin shook hands as he left the table. --NW

3pm: Not going well for Spinks
Today is not going as planned for John Spinks. He'd already lost one flip to Dimps Maker when he got in this cooler situation. Tony Lee shoved from the hijack and was called by Spinks.

Spinks: J♥J♣
Lee: K♦K♠

Spinks was less than happy to see the kings and blurted out that Lee was slow rolling him but in hindsight I think it was fair that he wasn't as he did say that he was ahead before turning them over. It was sheer frustration from Spinks who is down to 100,000 after the board ran out A♥Q♦T♣2♦A♠. -- RD

2.50pm: Jamie Burland gets the boots
David Gant opened to 32,000 under the gun and was flat called by Waseem Ahmed in the cut-off. From the small blind Jamie Burland three-bet to 81,000, leaving himself a total of 143,000 behind. Gant flat-called the 81,000 and Ahmed got out the way.

Flop: K♠8♠4♥

Burland bet out for 48,000, Gant thought for a long time before moving all-in, Burland snapped him off.

Burland: A♣A♦

Gant: [10s][10h]

Turn: K♥

River: 5♦

Burland doubled up. --NW

2.45pm: Stephen Thompson really likes his card protector
I must apologise to Stephen Thompson, his wife and anyone he knows on Facebook, which may or may not be the whole of Costa Rica judging by the amount of vitriol that came Stephen's way from those close to him. I made a post yesterday about his excellent card protector, a figure of a coffee seller and it seems there's a little confusion over a quote he gave me. He doesn't hate the card protector, he loves it, but he does hate coffee. Hope that clears it up, sorry Costa Rica for any confusion but mostly sorry to Stephen. --NW

ukipt brighton day 3_coffee seller.jpg

Stephen Thompson's excellent card protector, that he loves!

2.25pm: Seber shoves 115,000
And is called! Seber turns A♦K♣ and Beauchamp shows 4♠4♣. Seber hits an ace on the river to double up to 240,000. -- RD

2.25pm: Maker makes it
We have had our first all-in and call ladies and gentlemen and it was courtesy of Dimps Maker who shoved from the button and was looked up by John Spinks in the small blind.

Maker: 8♥8♦
Spinks: A♦Q♠

Spinks picked up a draw on the turn with 2♠6♠T♥J♦ but a blank 2♣ on the river saw Dimps double to 260,000. Spinks is down to 240,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_dimps maker double.jpg

Early double up for Dimps Maker

2.20pm: And they're off!
Play has started for day 3 as the players make a frenzied dash for the final table. -- RD

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT