UKIPT Brighton: Day 3, levels 22&23 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG7.20pm: Dinner time
The remaining six players are on a 45 minute dinner break, Jon Spinks is the current chip leader with 1,100,000. The tournament staff are doing a full chip count and we'll post them as soon as we get them. --NW

7.15pm: Andrew Youens falls in 7th
Overnight chipleader Andrew Youens has just been knocked out by John Spinks. Beauchamp opened the pot for 51,000 and Youens moved all-in for 417,000. Beauchamp didn't look best pleased but his decision was taken away from him by the fact that John Spinks moved all-in behind him.

Spinks: A♥Q♦
Youens: K♠Q♠

The board ran out A♠8♥5♦J♣5♠ and Youens bowed out to a round of applause and takes home almost £10,000 for his final table placing. Well played, sir. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_andy youens.jpg

7.05pm: Bill gets some back
Bill Seber raised pre-flop to 70,000 from the cut-off and was flat called by big blind William Beauchamp. On the Q♦J♣4♥ Beauchamp check-called a bet of 80,000. The 9♣ fell on the turn, Beauchamp checked and Seber moved all-in for 361,000 total. Beauchamp asked the dealer to spread the pot as he debated his move. Eventually he decided to fold. --NW

6.55pm: Jonathan Campbell is out in 8th (£7,750)
Campbell had looked like one of the at risk players for some time. Where most players had been sat with towering stacks Campbell had barely a single yellow 1,000 chip to back up his chunky 25,000 ones. The yellows, which are being used for the antes, are a clear indication of how active players have been and Campbell and Waseem Ahmed have been yellow-lite for some time.

Campbell shoved from the button with K♥9♥ and was called by Seber in the big blind with A♥8♥. An ace in the window of a A♣5♣7♦2♦J♣ board all but pushed Campbell out in eighth and no miracle runner-runner was served. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_jonathan campbell exit.jpg

Jonathan Campbell

6.45pm: Three bets doing the job
We're not seeing too many flops here, most pots involve an opening bet of around 50,000 followed by a three-bet and a fold from the original raiser. --NW

6.40pm: Beauchamp bashes up Bill
Will Beauchamp has been pretty active at the final table thus far and he and Bill Seber have clashed in a few pots. Perhaps that had an influence on the following pot:

Beauchamp made it 51,000 to go from utg+2 and Seber, in the big blind was the only caller. The flop was J♠K♦J♣. Seber checked and Beauchamp carefully placed 51,000 over the line, a bet Seber called. Both players checked the 9♦ turn. The river fell the 6♥. Seber checked once more, Beauchamp thought over his bet size and eventually settled on 200,000. Seber took a long time to make his mind up, looking variously like he was definitely calling, then looking like a fold was on the cards. Eventually he called and Beauchamp showed A♠K♣ Seber tapped the table and said, 'Nice bet, nice hand,' before mucking. Beauchamp is now the chip leader.--NW

6.35pm: Yielding Youens
Andy Youens is looking a little frustrated again as he's probably been the most three-bet player at the table and the last time it happened (by Beauchamp) he insta-mucked by tossing his cards with a dismayed huff. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

6.25pm: Seber won't let it go

Bill Seber is still talking about the hand where Will Beacuchamp ovrebet the river and is asking Beauchamp what he had, 'I'll tell you after the tournament,' replied Beauchamp. --NW

6.20pm: The world is enough
From the cut-off Waseem Ahmed moved all-in for 174,000 and was quickly called by the big blind Jon Spinks.

Ahmed: [10h]J♦

Spinks: 9♦9♠

Flop: A♠8♥A♦

Turn: K♣

As Andy Youens said after the hand, 'You {Ahmed} turned the world,'

River: [10c]

After the hand Jon Spinks had about 415,000 left. --NW

6.15pm: Active Cibak creates carnage
Tomas Cibak has been playing a lot of hands. A 351,000 small blind shove into Bill Seber grabbed scooped blinds then he three-bet all-in over Andy Youens' 40,000 open for 380,000. Shortly after it was Cibak that started the action with a raise to 42,000 from middle position. Seber three-bet to 157,000 from the hijack and the action folded to Beauchamp in the small blind who moved all-in. Seber made the call.

Seber: A♦K♥
Beauchamp: A♣K♦

'Give us a red flop, please dealer,' requested Seber. No dice for the Texan as two unsuited black cards dropped on the flop and the pot was chopped. -- RD

6.00pm: Campbell doubles through Tomas Cibak
Jonathan Campbell moved all-in for 207,000 from early position and next to act Tomas Cibak isolated, moving all-in over the top, everyone else folded.

Campbell: Q♦9♠

Cibak: A♠J♠

Flop: K♦Q♣9♣

Campbell went from worst to first by flopping two pair but Cibak had outs.

Turn: 3♣

River: J♦

Campbell doubled, Cibak is down to around 400,000. --NW

5.50pm: Some final table hands
Here are a few hands to give you a flavour of the final table action so far.
1. Bill Seber raised to 55,000 from the cut-off and was flat called by Will Beauchamp from the small blind. They checked all the way down on a 5♦2♠4♠3♦8♦ board before Beauchamp fired an over bet of 300,000 on the river. Seber kept on repeating out loud, 'Three hundred thousand,' before passing.

2. William Beauchamp made it 41,00 from the cut-off, next to act was Andy Youens he moved all-in for 367,000 total, everyone passed.

3. Jonathan Campbell moved all-in for 270,000 from the button and the blinds both passed. --NW

5.30pm: Final table profiles
Play is underway and these are the final eight all chasing that £65,400 first prize payout.

Tomas Cibak, 20 (543,000)
Prague, Czech Republic

Online pro Tomas Cibak plays 30-40 hours a week at PokerStars where his biggest score, some $10,000, has helped fuel his two hobbies: drinking and clubbing. Healthy pursuits for any twenty-year old... Tournament specialist Cibak has showed some aggressive flair in this tournament with what must be the highest four-bet shoving range of any player.

ukipt brighton_day 3_tomas cibak.jpg

Tomas Cibak

Bill Seber, 63 (832,000)
Houston, Texas, USA

Proud Texan Bill Seber has been playing poker for more years than most at this final table having made some major scores earlier in his career with a $142,587 pot-limit win in 2004 and a $177,610 score in 2005. Seber had worked in manufacturing all his life but when the industry went south his poker hobby became a post-retirement passion. The grandfather of three has picked out 'Darth Vader,' aka William Beauchamp, as the key threat of the final table. He was keen to thank PokerStars for laying UKIPT packages as he wouldn't have been able to play the event by seat-only qualification. Seber's live tournament winnings total $481,107.

ukipt brighton_day 3_bill seber.jpg

Bill Seber

Jamie Burland, 25 (480,000)
London, UK

Jamie Burland is a young poker pro returning to his playing roots here in Brighton. Burland was a business student here on the south coast where he cut his teeth on £10 rebuys, some far cry from the £1,000 main event that he's final tabled. Burland plays 8-10 hours a day online where his best result has been a £10,000 score. He has plenty of railers here including none other than Neil Channing. His final table feat is all the more impressive when you consider he played day 1a straight off the plane from Las Vegas where he went relatively deep in the WSOP main event getting knocked out on day 3.

ukipt brighton_day 3_jamie burland.jpg

Jamie Burland

Waseem Ahmed, 30 (225,000)
Birmingham, UK

Waseem has been playing poker for three years and considers himself a live player. He's self-employed and considers poker a hobby. He's married and has some friends here railing him. He loves to play hold'em and Omaha and his best result to date is this result in Brighton. He likes to travel a lot so if he wins today he's definitely going to visit Las Vegas!

ukipt brighton_day 3_waseem ahmed.jpg

Waseem Ahmed

William Beauchamp, 19 (689,000)
Bristol, UK

Will is a 19 year-old from Bristol who is currently studying economics at Cambridge University. He likes playing both live and online but doesn't have a favourite type of game, comparing that choice with having to 'pick your favourite child!' His biggest achievement to date is final tabling this event, which is one of his first ever live tournaments. His party trick is twitching his ears, though given how far he has made it in this tournament we can only assume he can control it sufficiently for it not to have become a tell!

ukipt brighton_day 3_will beauchamp.jpg

Will Beauchamp

Andy Youens, 28 (298,000)
Gillingham, UK

Andy has been playing poker since 2003 but has really ramped up his volume in the past 12 months combining playing two to three nights a week with his job as a senior sales advisor at Bose. He has a fiancé - Natalie - and a 14 month-old son Frank. And they're tying the knot next month. He prefers online poker but loves the tradition of live poker. Online to make money and live is a hobby he says. His best results are online he finished second in the PLO8 SCOOP (M) event for $25,000 and took down the $109 turbo cubed event on PokerStars for $40,000. Youens used to be very into drama and aged 18 he was a professional actor/drama teacher and helped run a Theatre Company. He once played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar.

ukipt brighton_day 3_andy youens.jpg

Andy Youens

Jonathan Spinks, 21 (523,000)
Exeter, UK

Jon first started playing poker three and a half years ago, his Dad got him into it and his brother plays too. He's a professional player and plays a lot on the live circuit travelling to various events. In fact Spinks flew back from Las Vegas and landed on day 1a of this tournament. Inbetween the travelling he finds time to play high stakes tournaments online. His biggest cash is $85,000 in a WCOOP event, he won a SCOOP event in 2010 and recently finished 11th in a $1,500 event at the WSOP.

ukipt brighton_day 3_john spinks.jpg

John Spinks

Jonathan Campbell, 25 (253,000)
Brighton, UK

This local lad has just qualified to be a teacher. He used to play full time but is now a semi-professional player. He loves teaching and in his spare time plays golf. This is his first UKIPT event, his biggest cash to date was in a €1,000 side event at EPT San Remo in 2009 where he cashed for €60,000.

ukipt brighton_day 3_jonathan campbell.jpg

Jonathan Campbell

4.50pm: David Gant is our ninth place finisher
Second hand back from the break we lost one. Will Beauchamp raised to 44,000 from the button, David Gant, in the small blind looked like he was going to raise but instead just flat called.

Flop: 2♣3♠[10c]

Gant open shoved for 215,000, Beauchamp sighed and called. Gant was the at risk player.

Gant: A♥[10d]

Beauchamp: A♠K♦

Turn: 5♥

River: K♦

A cruel river card means we're down to eight and the official final table. --NW

4.50pm: David Gant is out in ninth
Details to come as the true 8-handed final table begins. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_david gant.jpg

4.40pm: Seber leads the final nine
With the re-draw to nine players here's whose sitting where for the rest of the tournament.

Seat 1: Tomas Cibak - 549,000
Seat 2: Bill Seber - 850,000
Seat 3: Jamie Burland - 490,000
Seat 4: Waseem Ahmed - 241,000
Seat 5: William Beauchamp - 370,000
Seat 6: David Gant - 341,000
Seat 7: Andy Youens - 322,000
Seat 8: Jon Spinks - 430,000
Seat 9: Jonathan Campbell - 360,000

Check the chip count page to see the up to date counts. -- NW

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT