UKIPT Brighton: Day1a, levels 4,5&6 (Blinds 150-300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.55pm: Break time
In the last hand before the break the unlikely named Costa Rican Steve Thompson limped under the gun for 300 and was called by Sam Grafton before Darren Hendley pushed the price up to 2,200. Thompson then unleashed the check-raise hound making it 5,300. Hendley made the call. Thompson led for 5,000 and was called by Hendley. Both players checked the 6♦ turn and Q♦ river. Hendley showed black queens for a rivered top set but Thompson's second nut flush with K♦K♥. It was painful for Hendley but not quite as bad as it could have been. Thompson is now up to 59,000.

Also, short stacked Dan Morgan is out and we're off to the break. -- RD

6.45pm: Bracken back at it
Paul Bracken opened to 850 from middle position and was three-bet to 2,150 by small blind Stuart Hilton. The flop came down 3♦[10s]Q♣ and Hilton moved all-in for around 8,000 total. After a long dwell, Bracken elected to fold. --NW

6.35pm: Young online pro in 'So sick' shocker
'So sick' is a term that is often used, sometimes worthy, sometimes not. Whether it was or not in Dan Morgan's case is unknown as he mucked his hand but he certainly wasn't happy. Morgan had raised to 800 from the hijack and had been called by Paul Bracken in the cut-off. Both players checked through to the A♥3♠4♣7♠Q♦ river where Morgan bet 1,200. Bracken didn't waste much time in raising to 3,100. Morgan called only to be shown Bracken's nut 5♥6♥ straight. 'So sick,' said Morgan as he mucked his hand forcefully towards the dealer. Morgan was left riffling 3,000 chips. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_dan morgan.jpg

Dan Morgan is down to 3,000 chips

6.25pm: Suck and re-suck
I joined the action with the board reading 2♠[10s]A♥K♥, Matt Thompson had checked to Sid Harris and there was about 6,000 in the pot. Harris bet 2,000 and Thompson called. The river was the Q♣. This time Thompson changed tack and led out for 4,700. Harris announced call. Thompson showed A♠J♠ whilst Harris flashed a king and a ten as he mucked. --NW

6.20pm: Lovgren catches an unbeliever
Sofia Lovgren has been fairly active at her table and managed to eke out a few more thousand with top pair than perhaps she would have otherwise. Lovgren opened for 900 and was called by Darren Hendley in the big blind. Both players checked the K♦7♠3♣ flop. Hendley checked the turn while staring intently at Lovgren who made a 1,200 bet. Hendley called before checking the 7♥ river, stil staring at Lovgren. The Swede waited a short while before quickly grabbing three yellow 1,000 chips and tossing them into the middle. Hendley tank-called.

Hendley: 8♥8♦
Lovgren: K♠Q♠

Lovgren scooped the pot while Hendley didn't seem too thrilled that he was appearing in the blog because of this hand. Hopefully next time we'll be giving you winning coverage, Darren. -- RD


5.55pm: Chatter chatter, natter natter
You would not want to be on table 14 if you had a headache. As well as Paul Parker, who's been known to talk a bit, there's Peter Wood who is a constant stream of chat everytime we walk past the table. He got a double up earlier with aces against kings and we just saw him win a 7,500 pot against Danny Tran. The board was A♠A♥9♥K♠[10s] and Tran folded to Wood's bet of 5,500 into a pot of 7,500. As he did, Wood said, 'good fold,' and showed pocket nines. --NW

5.50pm: Grafton's OOP float
Sam Grafton has been running hot online of late and that confidence can lead you to get out of late in all sorts of spots. Sofia Lovgren raised to 725 from the cut-off and Grafton made the call from the small blind before check-calling the J♦9♣6♣ flop. Both players checked the 4♠ turn and the 6♦ river. 'Pair,' announced Grafton. Lovgren nodded and Grafton showed 4♦5♦. 'It wasn't a float,' said Grafton has he raked in the small pot. What exactly was it then, master Grafton? -- RD

UKIPTBRI_MickeyMay_JPG  26139.jpg

Can Sam Grafton bring his online success to the live forum?

5.40pm: Tom Middleton probable chip leader
Tom Middleton has just over 50,000 chips. The youngster from Leeds told me, 'I had aces against jacks in a 30,000 pot.'--NW

5.15pm: Dempsey Dusted
James Dempsey is out. The Brighton native and WSOP bracelet winner was down to 6,000 when he opened to 750 with pocket jacks. He picked up one caller in the shape of Wim Verhagen who held pocket fives. The Belgian flopped a set of fives and the two of them got the rest of the money in on the flop. Dempsey missed his two outer and is now apparently off to get some sleep to get over the jetlag having only flown back from Vegas yesterday.--NW


4.50pm: Gilles gutted
Gilles Augustus is out and won't be adding many points to his championship leaderboard attempts. We caught up with Augustus who told us, 'First I lost a flop when a short stack pushed with pocket twos and I got it in with AQ. That put me down to 4,500 and I shoved over the top of an aggressive player with king queen. Someone then reshoved with ace queen,' said Augustus. That someone happened to be Sofia Lovgren who is nicely stacking up. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_gilles augustus.jpg

UKIPT Coventry winner Gilles Augustus, probably not smiling as much now

4.35pm: Trigg trucking along
I caught up with Rick Trigg as the break started. Trigg has a stack of around 27,000 and told me about the hand that propelled his stack skyward. 'The player in seat one (Richard Donnan) made it 1,000 at 100-200, and I don't think he meant to raise that much as he'd been opening to 600 as standard. I'm in the big blind with 6♦7♦ and make it 2,600 and he peels. The flop was 2♦3♦[2] I bet 2,400 and he then flicked one blue 5k chip in and after it had landed said raise. So this went as a call, not sure if he was angling or not. The turn was the 8♠I checked, he bet 5,000 and I moved in for 9,600 total and he folded. --NW

ukipt brighton_day1A_Rick Trigg.jpg

Rick Trigg is chipped up nicely


PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT