UKIPT Brighton: Joe Drummy is day 1a chipleader with 117,500


'He said there's a storm coming,' said the gas attendant to Sarah Connor at the end of The Terminator translating for the young Mexican urchin who had just hustled her out of $4 for a Polaroid picture. If the same craggy old petrol pumper ambled up to us and whispered it into our collective ears we really wouldn't be surprised. The weather both inside and out of the Rendezvous Casino here in Brighton has been blustery. Although neither weather front has tipped over into the truly stormy both have shown the promise of thunder and lightning to come.

ukipt brighton_day 1a_sitting down.jpg

Steve Thompson (seated, foreground)

A total of 117 players sat down to contest the £1,000 main event shortly after noon today for day 1a and play started slowly over the first few hour-long levels. Some chips exchanged hands but as the blinds ramped up around level 4 we saw some areas of high and low pressure emerge and they mainly seemed to be centred on the unlikely named Costa Rican Steve Thompson and Brit Sunil Moti. Both of these players emerged at the end of level 6 with 67,325 for Moti and 59,000 for Thompson. We obviously can't legally blame these two for creating an electricity surge that could have shorted the internet service we were using but the Rendezvous server was knocked out for some 90 minutes earlier in the day.

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WSOP bracelet winner James Dempsey didn't make it through

Both Moti and Thompson ran out of bluster in the last two levels finishing the day significantly lower on 26,000 and 21,000 respectively. World Series bracelet winners James Dempsey and Willie Tann were two of the most notable players to get caught up in the swell and washed out of the tournament. When one pressure front drops another is always likely to emerge and that one pushed Joe Drummy (117,500), Ben Martin (98,500) and Bambos Xanthos (79,100) forwards to the front of the pack.

ukipt brighton_day 1a_joe drummy.jpg

Chipleader Drummy has gorged himself on PokerStars 180-man sit-and-gos

Twenty year-old Drummy hails from Hertfordshire doesn't play much live, not a surprise given his age, and normally plays under the name pokerjoeyd on PokerStars where he plays up to thirty 180-man sit-and-gos at a time. Although his online experience has got him far, from an £8 re-buy to a £108 freezeout to here, the big hand that bagged him a lot of his stack was fairly straightforward where he got in a raising war with AA against KQ on a [4][6][2] flop. Must be nice. He added that he had significant 'three-betting and four-betting history' with the other player.

While Drummy goes through to day 2 as day 1a chip leader other notable mentions include American Bill Seber who finished with a top three stack of 81,000, forums favourite Rupinder Bedi (64,800) and new rave hoodie sporting Sam Grafton (27,000) who had 50,000 towards the end of the day and summarily bluffed half of them off to Seber.

ukipt brighton_day 1a_rupinder bedi2.jpg

Rupinder 'George' Bedi is building yet another UKIPT big stack. Is it his time?

We come back tomorrow for day 1b, which we expect to top the 117 starting field of today, to see players such as Team PokerStars Pros Julian Thew, Jude Ainsworth and Victoria Coren join the fray, as well as UKIPT Leaderboard captain Michael Hill and UKIPT Nottingham victor Andrew Couldridge. They'll be a Q&A session with Julian Thew and Jude Ainsworth at 11am in the Oriel Bar here at the Rendezvous Casino where you can grill both of them about life in and out of poker.

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Rick Dacey
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