UKIPT Brighton: Levels 7&8 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.10pm: Bag and tag time
Play has ended for the day. 52 players remain and the chip leader looks to be Joe Drummy. Only Drummy and Ben Martin appear to have over 100,000. Tournament staff are currently racing off the green 25 denomination chips. --NW

8.55pm: Late Night Fireworks?
Just 56 remain and with the latest table break three of the biggest stacks in the room - Joe Drummy, Sunil Moti and Richard Taylor - are all seated at the same table. Could there be late night fireworks? --NW

8.45pm: Joe Drummy first through the 100,000 barrier
Joe Drummy currently has a stack of around 110,000 and is the first member of the six figure club. He told us he got a good portion of his stack when he had pocket aces against a player holding king-queen and they got into a raising war on a six high flop. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 20 minutes Drummy will probably bag and tag as overnight chip leader. --NW

8.15pm: As it stands
We're into the last level of today, 65 of the 117 who started today remain. The average stack is 27,700. That's 46.16 big blinds or an M of 17.58 if that's your preferred poker measuring stick. --NW


8.10pm: Moti is running bad
In this last level Sunil Moti has gone from 67,000 to 20,000. That's quite some slip. He lost a chunk earlier (see 7.30pm: Sunil slips) and has just lost another wedge of chips to Martin Holmes. Moti got it in with K♦Q♥ on a 5♥7♦K♣T♦ board to Holmes' diamond and gutshot draw of 3♦6♦. A J♦ bink on the river gave Holmes the pot and a 24,000 lifeline. Moti has dropped to 20,000, which is little more than a starting stack. -- RD

8pm: Big pot at table 12 round two
It folded to the cut-off, Sam Grafton who raised to 1,000. Next to act, Matt Crocker bumped it to 2,600 total. The pre-flop action wasn't over yet though. Jamie Burland moved all-in from the big blind for around 16,000 total. Grafton quickly folded, just as quickly Crocker called, he was the player at risk.

Crocker: A♣K♦

Burland: A♦Q♣

The board ran out: Q♦7♦4♦2♦7♣ Burland flopped a queen and turn the nut flush to eliminate Crocker. --NW

7.55pm: Big pot at table 12 round one
Poker can be a cruel game and the beats seem that little bit harsher the further away from home you are. Costa Rican native Steven Thompson can certainly attest to that. He and Sam Grafton (London based) played a meaty pot, one which eventually saw Thompson passing 23,000 of his near 60,000 to table neighbour Grafton. We didn't see the hand but Thompson recounted the details to us. All the money went in on the flop of [5][7][8]

Thompson: [9][6]

Grafton: [5][5]

Turn: [6]

River: [6]

Thompson said to me, 'I'm tilting so hard right now, I should have 90,000.' He instead has slipped to around 35,000. -NW

7.50pm: Sweet Pain
Rich Pain started the action with a 400 limp under the gun and called a raise to 1,500 from Richard Glading. The big blind along with Pain made the call. A K♦9♣4♠ flop was checked to Pain who bet 1,500. It was enough to push out both opponents out of the pot. -- RD

7.40pm: Philips squeeze?
Rick Trigg opened the action to 1,050 from the cut-off and was called by the small blind before Jason Philips three-bet to 5,000 from the big blind. Trigg mumbled something about squeezing before both players pasesd their hands. -- RD

7.30pm: Sunil Slips
Lee Hanlon just won a 32,000 chip pot from our hitherto chip lead Sunil Moti, Hanlon rivered a set of tens to best Moti's trip queens. There was betting on all streets from Moti (big blind), Hanlon, who was on the button, raised Moti's river lead of 5,000 to 11,00 and was paid off. --NW

7.20pm: Chip counts
We've updated the chip count page check out the chip counts of some of the players in today's field here.--NW

7.10pm: Leaders of the pack
Four players seem to have separated themselves from the pack after six levels of play.

The current chip leaders are:
Sunil Moti: 67,325
Ben Martin: 63,300
Tom Middleton: 62,000
Steven Thompson: 59,000 --NW

ukipt brighton_day 1a_sunil moti.jpg

Sunil Moti is chipleader at the beginning of level 7

ukipt brighton_day 1a_steve thompson.jpg

Costa Rican Steve Thompson is sitting behind a big 59,000 stack

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Brighton: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT