UKIPT Coventry: Day 1a, levels 1 and 2 (blinds 50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG 4pm: End of level
It's the first break for the inaugural UKIPT Coventry and it's got be to said that everything is going smoothly so far. Simon Trumper cardroom manager of Dusk Til Dawn has been spotted scoping the action out. Dusk Til Dawn is hosting the UKIPT Nottingham which is the next stop on the tour. Satellites are already running for Nottingham so get on those satellites now! -- RD

3.50pm: Thew going in the right direction
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew has built his stack up from 15,000 to 19,000 in the opening 90 minutes. 'No big hands,' he says before adding. 'Oh I did get aces and got paid a little bit.' No Yo-Yo-ing yet from Julian who as always seems very relaxed. -- NW

3.40pm: Not gaining ground
Lee Gaines is having some trouble with a couple of players on his right, particualrly Paul Baker who has check-raised him on a couple of occasions. Does Baker know who's he's messing with? We shall soon see. Gaines is sat on 13,000. -- RD

ukipt_day 1a_lee gaines.jpg

Lee Gaines, aka BillIvey is having a slow start

3.30pm: News reaching us of the first out
The buzz in the media room is that we've got our golden duck and that unfortunate player goes by the name of Clemence Veenhof. Unlucky, sir, wp nh gg. -- RD

3.15pm: Star Spotting
You don't have to wander very far in the spacious cardroom before spotting a tasty table or two. In fact table one (which presumably won't break all day) could just be the toughest going. It contains Sunday Million Winner and 2007 World Heads Up runner-up Dan 'danistheking' Carter, Sunday Milion final tabler Marc 'Railtard1' Wright and just for good measure Stephen 'Allinstevie' Devlin is also at the table. And next to them table two contains UKIPT Manchester runner-up Jack Ellwood and serial PokerStars satellite qualifier Steve Jelinek. --NW


3pm: You only check-raise twice
On the last hand of the 25-50 level a strange sizeable pot played out between Charles Hopping and Nicholas Clarke. Hopping limped from mid-position and Clarke bumped it to 150 from the button, only Hopping came along for the ride. On a flop of 8♥3♠2♠ Hopping check raised Clarke's bet of 375 to 1000, Clarke called. The J♠ prompted Hopping to check it over to Clarke who fired out a bet of 750. Again Hopping check raised, this time to 2000. Clarke dwelled, even asking Hopping how much he had left, before ultimately surrendering the pot.--NW

2.55pm: Oswton looking worse for wear
Dan Oswton was smashing it up last night at the welcome party and it really looks like it's the day after the night before for the Welshman. It might help him cruise through the ealt level but it might not help him in making any sophisticated multi-street bluffs. -- RD

2.45pm: Brammer already at it
Chris Brammer is the only player to have cashed in every single UKIPT event. Okay, it's only two events so far but that's still pretty good going. Will he make it three on the bounce? We wouldn't bet against it. He's already fishing around in these early pots and just insta-mucked his small 225 river bet after being called on a A♣5♠6♠8♦K♣ board. -- RD

2.30pm: Captain Morgan
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew has been fairly quiet but the action on his table has not. On the river of a Q♠8♣7♥Q♦A♦ board Dan Morgan bet 2400 into a pot of just under 3000, Alex Jackson dwelled up before making the call, Morgan showed K♣Q♥ to scoop the pot. Morgan is wearing a garish multi-coloured hoodie due to a prop bet, he's won £100 for sporting it, but only a profit of £20 as the top cost him £80. --NW

ukiptcov_day 1a_tournament floor.jpg

Play has begun in the G Casino poker room

2.10pm: Playing the circuit
Whether it was planned or not we're not sure but the UKIPT Coventry falls nicely after the Irish Open, which itself snugly hugs the EPT Snowfest. This trio appears to have kept a few American grinders this side of the Atlantic with Lee Gaines, aka BillIvey and Snowfest 5th place finisher Brent Wheeler (€88,000) playing here in the Midlands. I'm not sure Coventry knows what it has let itself in for. -- RD

2.00pm: Cards are in the air
Play has started at the 25-50 level and with a huge 15,000 starting stack it should take a monster set over set or aces versus kings coup for a knockout. Well, that or two Scandanavians to go at it with a nut flush draw versus bottom pair and a gutshot. -- RD

UKIPTCOV_nick wealthall_seminar.jpg

UKIPT host Nick Wealthall is prowling the tournmanet floor (and was earlier teaching in this seminar)

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT