UKIPT Coventry: Day 1a, levels 3 and 4 (blinds 100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.20pm: Graydon misses the straight flush
UKIPT Mick Graydon has just missed out on a huge pot after missing a gutshot straight flush against James Williams' pocket Aces. When the flop delivered an innocuous looking 6♣9♣3♥ flop both players put the pedal to the metal managing to get 13,000 in each on the flop. Williams did have the look of a man who was calling off his stack against a set and was therefore fairly happy to see just the straight flush draw of Graydon's 8♣T♣. A blank 3♠4♦ passed the 26,000 pot his way.

What a way to mark the end of the level. Players are off on another break and will be back in 15 minutes. -- RD

ukipt coventry_day 1a_mick graydon.jpg

Big flip missed for Graydon

5.50pm: Downtick continues for Thew
I arrived at Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew's table to see 14,000 chips in the middle and a board of 2♣4♥6♦J♥Q♦, Peter Nitzche checked it over to Julian who was clearly agonisng over what to do with his final 7,000. After much contemplation Julian rapped the table and Nitzche rolled over [10d][10c] which elicited a nod and a smile from Thew as he pushed his cards towards the dealer.

5.40pm: On the Up
Haitao 'Colin' Wu is building his stack nicely. On a 3♠J♠3♣ he raised both Mike Lacey and Marcus Bjorklund off the pot with a bet of 3900 after Bjorklund had called Lacey's bet of 725. Wu has around 19000 chips. --NW

5.35pm: Worming his way to the top
Mickey Wernick is going strong on 31,000 and is up there with the chip leaders. There are currently 176 left of the 191 who started and the average is 16,300. Plenty of play left in Coventry. --NW

5.30pm: Another one bites the dust
As in any poker field there aren't too many of the fairer sex here today and we are now one less. Elizabeth Makepeace can't have been too happy when her final 1,200 crossed the line with A♦K♠ on a 4♥K♥Q♣6♣7♥ board in a three-way pot. As well she shouldn't. Thomas Smith turned over 3♦5♦ for the rivered straight. -- RD

5.25pm: Reader request
We had a request for an update on Jan-Niclas Schwade. We caught him just as his table was breaking to find out that he's on 17,700 so his stack is moving in the right direction at least. He's been sat to the direct left of Mark McCluskey, a serial grinder with over $200,000 in live winnings. So that's not so great. Oh, and Julian Thew is down to 13,000. -- RD

ukipt coventry_day 1a_julian thew.jpg

Pensive times for Julian Thew


5.10pm: Small pots, big pots
Dan Owston has been busily chipping away, he won a small 1,500 chip pot against Stephen Brogan. Owston called a pre-flop raise of 450 from Brogan and then bet 500 on the J♥2♥2♣ flop. Both players checked the turn and river of K♥4♠. Owston cheerfully announced 'two pair' and his J♦7♠was good enough to take the pot from Brogan's 9♦9♣.
Elswehere James Atkin is out, he five bet K♣K♦ all-in for 8,500 and his opponent's A♦Q♠ flopped an ace to send him to the rail. --NW

5.05pm: Carter gets it Wright
We knew they'd be fireworks on table one and Dan Carter and Marc Wright just played a 22,000 chip pot. The hand started off with Tony Drew accidentally exposing the K♥ and folding his hand. Dan Carter in early position made it 500 to go and picked up three callers including Marc Wright who was two to Dan's left. The flop was K♣4♠3♣ the action checked to Marc who bet 1250 and Carter was the only caller. The turn was 6♠ again Carter took the cautious option checking it over to Wright who continued to be the aggressor with a bet of 2400 which sent Carter into the tank from which he emerged with a flat call. The river bought the A♦ Carter checked once more and Wright fired a third barrel of 6250, Carter called after some thought and showed 9♦9♥ which started and stayed ahead of Wright's T♣8♣. Carter is up to 27,000, Wright was left with a short stack and is now out. --NW

4.55pm: BigMickG wading in
Ireland's first Supernova Elite Michael Graydon loves a button and doesn't like people betting into him. James Bowey leads into the Irishman on the turn of a Q♦4♥6♣8♥ for 300 and grusdingly folds when Graydon makes it 1,075 to go. Graydon's picked up a couple of thousand on top of his starting stack but no real movement as of yet. -- RD

4.40pm: The best hand in Hold'em
Everytime we walk past Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew's table there seems to be action; the only surprise is that Julian is very much taking a back seat. In the latest big pot Jonathan Butters raised to 400 from early position. Next to speak Alexander Jackson popped it up to 1150. It folded to the small blind, Brent Wheeler, who moved his remaining 4500 into the middle with J♦J♠. Jonathan butted out the way and Jackson made an easy call with A♣A♠ which was never in trouble and the board ran out a safe 7♦7♠T♠T♦3♣. Wheeler had finished 5th in the most recent EPT for €88,000. --NW

4.15pm: Back from break
We're into level 3 after a 15-minute break. Check the chip counts by clicking here or by clicking on latest chip counts on the right hand of the page. -- RD

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT