UKIPT Coventry: Day 1a, levels 5 and 6 (blinds 150-300, 25 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.40pm: Flop a royal flush? Must be nice
Picking up K♣J♣ on the button in an unopened pot is always nice but when you flop A♣T♣Q♣ it's hard to believe your eyes. Bernard Maregedze was the lucky recipient and Paul Bracken the unlucky player on the big blind that paid him off (although not too much). Maregedze checked the flop before value betting 800 and 3,150 on the turn an river before showing his hand. Must. Be. Nice.

It's a fitting end to the level as the players leave for dinner. Food for thought so to speak. -- RD

ukipt coventry_day 1a_benard maregedze.jpg

Shouldn't you look happy after flopping a royal flush?

8.25 pm: Aces for Owston
On the last hand before the dinner break Dan Owston won a 6,000 chip pot holding two red aces. He managed to get paid off to the tune of 1500 on the river of the T♠Q♦J♥7♠3♣ board.

8.25pm: Jerome doubles
Jerome Bradpiece moved all-in for 5500 total from the small blind after Tristan Taylor had made it 900 from the cut-off. Taylor made the call, Bradpiece had 8♣8♠ and was ahead of Taylor's A♠4♠. Bradpiece nodded and said 'I'm liking it' as the board ran out 9♦3♠K♣K♦5♠.

8.20pm: Is Ben Dobson the chip leader?
We think that he just might be. He has a growing stack of around 40,000 sat in front of him as we approach the one hour dinner break at the end of level 6. He has Mickey Wernick sat two to his right and Chris Brammer directly in his left with position on him. It should lead for some interesting situations. We'll be cruising the tables at the break to draw up a solid picture of the chip leaders. -- RD

8.05 pm: Movers and Shakers
The bust outs and subsequent table breaks are throwing up a few interesting tables as we approach the dinner break here in Coventry. Corwin Cole has been moved to the direct left of Steve Jelinek and Tom Middleton has joined Stephen Devlin and Dan Carter on table one. In fact Middleton spent about 30 seconds in the tank after Carter had open-shoved his last 7,100 in from the cut-off, however Middleton who has around 23,000 elected to fold. Chris Brammer is on 24,000 and Dan Owston has 30,000. There are currently 131 left and the average is 21,900.

7.45 pm: Unlucky for some
Table 13 in the outer area is stacked full of UK circuit regulars. Sharing a table are Colin Wu, Adam Wilkonson, Rupinder Bedi, Mick McCool and Matt Russell. Wilkonson, Bedi and McCool are all above 25,000. Fortunately for them table 13 is one of the next tables to break. --NW

7.35 pm: Steve Jelinek getting stuck in... a book. The tournament grinder doesn't seem too concerned that he's only got about 15,000 - his starting stack - and is sat at the table reading. The last player we followed doing this was Marc Goodwin at the EPT Barcelona who finished second for €530,000. Maybe not a bad policy after all.


7.35 pm: Cooler alert (again)
There is obviously something in the air here in Coventry. It's another aces versus kings cooler. Now remember that there are about 16 tables in operation here, not hundreds like World Series of Poker, so the chances of running these two big hands into each other in such close proximity is fairly unlikely. But that's poker for you and it was Paul Baker who had the kings to Samo Muhic's aces. Nice spot for Muhic who doubles up to 28,000. -- RD

7.25 pm: Cooler alert
Nicholas Clarke limped under the gun it folded to Rob Sampson in middle position who made it 1050 to go. It folded back to Clarke who made it 3,050 total. Sampson grimaced and cut down his stack to see how much he had behind (a little over 27,000). Eventually he threw out some chips, making it 8,050 total. Clarke pondered for, perhaps, 20 seconds before making the call. The pot was already 16,500 and we'd yet to see a flop. The dealer burned and turned 4♥J♦Q♦ and immediately Clarke shoved his remaining stack in. Sampson asked for a count and as he was dwelling Clarke said, 'I'll show you if you fold,' this seemed to prompt Sampson, who covered Clarke, into action and he made the call for 19,000. Clarke turned over K♠K♦ for an overpair to the board, but Sampson had the biggest overpair with A♦A♥ and the J♠7♠ turn and river were academic. --NW

7.15pm: Brogan v Brammer
Mickey Wernick has moved his growing stack to table seven just three seats to the right of Chris Brammer but this latest tussle wasn't between the two of them. Richard Haile limped under the gun for 300 and was called by Wernick before Brammer raised to 1,200 from the cut-off. Stephen Brogan in the small blind made the call as did Haile before Wernick melted away.

Flop: 6♠2♣8♠
Brogan leads the flop for 1,700 and is called by Brammer.

Turn: 6♠2♣8♠2♦
Brogan moves all-in for around 10,000. Brammer removes his headphones looking more than a little confused about the hand before eventually passing. -- RD

ukipt coventry_day 1a_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer passes to Brogan

7.10 pm: Thew sent packing from Coventry
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew's tournament has come to an end. Jonathan Butters claimed his last 4,000 in chips. Butters raised K♠K♣ to 800 and Julian shoved with T♣T♦ and received no help on the flop, turn or river. At least Julian won't have as far to travel for the next UKIPT which takes place in his home town of Nottingham between the 12th and 17th of May. --NW

7pm: Thew out
Details coming but Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew is out as is Mick Graydon. -- RD

6.50 pm: Honey, I accidentally satellited into a poker tournament
The aforementioned Corwin Cole is from San Diego, California, has almost $500,000 in lifetime tournament winnings, makes instructional videos for a popular website and his last cash was in a tournament for which the buy-in was $15,000. So that begs the question just what is he doing in Coventry? 'I was playing a bunch of tournaments online on PokerStars on a Saturday and entered a £100 satellite to the UKIPT. It was only after I'd won the tournament that I decided to look what I'd won and realised I'd satellited into a £500 tournament in the UK.' Still it's not all bad he's bought the girlfriend along for the ride and a two week holiday in London, saying. 'I'm in Coventry for as long as I need to be.' He's currently got 29,000 so he might be here a while. --NW

6.40 pm: Two rooms
In the last level players started busting right left and centre. There are 153 left and the average is just over 20,000. Currently the play is split between two rooms, all tables are now nine handed and there are 12 tables going in the main poker room and five more in an outer area. Among those situated in the outer area are Mickey Wernick, Rupinder Bedi Jack Powell and Corwin Cole. --NW

ukipt coventry_day 1a_mickey wernick.jpg

Mickey 'The Worm' Wernick is one of the early chip leaders

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT